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  1. Thank you to the person who had this livestream to hear what Britney said. Made me cry at the beginning how confident she was. I just hope now that this is all out she can be heard and actions taken.
  2. One thing that doesn’t make sense is she is referring to the documentary In A way that she knows what’s in it which means she’s watched it. However it seems a bit doubtful that she is on holiday and watches something like that on her vacation time.
  3. I do think he is genuine. As other people who have said he is way more driven than Kevin. He is indeed well spoken. I watched a new interview from yesterday on Instagram where he was asked about his quarantine with Britney and they way he portrait everything was so well said that he said enough to satisfy the person asking but not give too much information that it will be something that can go against him from the conservatorship
  4. Thank you for clarifying. I did feel sad when I saw Leanne on the rali being upset how they keep arguing about the same things and nothing ever changes. I understand that with this type of court hearings things take time but it is that extra frustrating seeing how many facts have been discovered by the Free Britney Movement and hardly any of them have been disclosed at the hearings. makes you wonder who exactly is at fault at not bringing the real issues forward
  5. The issue I see with today’s hearing is that at the last hearing they had approved Bessemer as co conservator. Was it then said that the next hearing (meaning today) will be about how equal the power will be? Or was it brought as an issue a few weeks ago when Jamie actually petitioned to have more control than Bessemer ?
  6. Yea the rally. And also basically said everyone was in on getting rid of the attorney that was on the NYTimes documentary. And that they had a list of attorneys that they will appoint only to famous people
  7. Lisa just said that back then there was a black list that the judges had of attorneys to not be given permission to be appointed as attorneys for conservatee
  8. Even if she asked back them for Jamie to be sole she is asking now for him not to be so this is irrelevant
  9. I was trying to join the meeting but it says I’m not authorised :( anyone else manage to get in?
  10. This actually worries me. Helicopters circling... of course she is going to stay home. And they will increase security. I really hope with all this positive attention free Britney is getting doesn’t put her in the same boat as in 2007 when paparazzi were following her too much.
  11. It’s nice to see him speak out but the fact this paparazzo managed to find him hours after he posted the insta story scares the **** out of me. I really hope they don’t start chasing Britney and him again
  12. Was going to post that one. It’s such a lovely song and it’s so ahead of it’s time.
  13. It made me a bit sad seeing how close Felicia was with Britney and how fond she is of her but it just seems they have cut her out of Britney’s life which seems so unfair.
  14. I never knew the story behind this so thank you for sharing. One thing that makes me sad is seeing the passion and creativity that was and maybe still is within her and seeing how the label or whoever stops her from being the artist she wants to be. I really hope that soon enough she will be free to persue her own passions.
  15. I love Selena and her songs. Love the last album. But this song is so boring I feel like doesn’t have any memorable melody and is somehow flat. I hope the rest of the album will be a bit different.
  16. I still can recognise someone with their mask on. I mean Jadens face is not fully visible but he looks like himself. Also Preston here looks the same as in the picture that Lynn posted a month ago where you can see similar facial features and they just don’t look to me like he would look.
  17. Im still not able to recognise Preston. He looks like a completely different person. I love Britney's ponytail.
  18. Wait she said it was in the works for her to be a Bond girl! I never knew that.
  19. To be honest there is this blog called Exposingsmgblog that has also said all this. I saw a video of one of the last award shows Selina went to and she did seem a bit woozy getting and walking off the car so I am thinking some of this might be true
  20. To be honest I’m trying really hard to see Preston in that person but I am having so much trouble, I would say that’s not him. But then maybe he is not as much visible as Jaden and if I see him straight in the face he will be recognisable. Jaden is indeed a copy of Britney
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