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  1. Britney refuses to work in oppressive countries, even through imagery. True feminist icon
  2. The original Mood Ring is flawless, however the Wuki Remix starts of strong and sounds fresh... until the chorus hits. It sounds like a dated, trashy 90’s EDM song. No one dances to that type of music anymore.
  3. Any woman would be lucky to look half as beautiful as Britney at any age in her life
  4. Wow, this video just stole my virginity I wanna see this creative energy (and hip movements ) put into something more worthwhile.
  5. Anyone dragging her fashion choices obviously doesn’t understand the current state of fashion. Nostalgia is in. 90’s fashion is in. Even some early aughts pieces are coming back. What she wears hardly differs from what teenage girls are wearing now. I think she looks really cute and youthful
  6. She looks radiant as ****. “Coming back looking delicious Yes, I know they wanna kiss me Now I hold them at attention ‘Cause new Britney’s on a mission.” On a mission to gain her autonomy back, free herself, and fire Larry
  7. This is her response to Larry saying she may “never perform again.” Slay us, dancing queen!
  8. He’s back tracking, I see. Trying to save his ***, I see “I look at her almost like I look at my own daughter. Really?? Would you leak details about your daughter’s mental health to TMZ? It’s very emotional for me Yes, Larry, getting fired is emotional
  9. Yes, that person’s name is Larry Rudolph. That’s why he’s feeding information personally to TMZ to make her sound unstable and to jeopardize her professional reputation. He knows his *** is getting fired as soon as the conservatorship is ended. So he’s trying to take her career with him.
  10. Great job, Jordan. I feel like your reports on this situation have been under appreciated, but they’re really good. @breatheheavy
  11. Right?? He knows the house around him is on fire and he’s taking her career with him. This speaks volumes about the situation and him as a manager.
  12. This is disgusting. How much more transparent does he need to get? It’s all about the money. Britney is fighting to end the conservatorship that gets him a reliable paycheck, and now he’s sabotaging her career. He knows that if she ends the conservatorship that she’s firing his ***. “As someone that is guiding her career,” he shouldn’t EVER be feeding information to TMZ that could jeopardize her professionally. Time to cancel Larry
  13. Well, hopefully B10 will be released once she’s free. I just want her to thrive in every aspect of her life. Personally, professionally, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  14. I mean, you guys can do what you’d like. I think that it’s more important, now, more than ever, to support Britney in every way possible. Including when it comes to her career. This woman has been through enough. She deserves every good thing imaginable.
  15. Britney has been named a gay icon. We all know that Britney would not knowingly donate money to these organizations. But we all know that if we don’t financially support her career, it will harm her. That’s a fact.
  16. Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me that you’re hoping for a flop for B10?? This fan base that cares SO MUCH about relevancy, charts, and numbers is now advocating for a total sabotage of Britney’s career? Absolutely not. I do not subscribe to that. I could give a **** less about charts, but I would never intentionally try to harm her career or her professional reputation. Regardless of what’s happeneing now, this is still Britney’s livelihood and her passion. And as evidenced by her recent work schedule, homegirl was not overworked for cash. I understand not wanting to support the conservativorsbip, but you can still support both the #FreeBritney movement and her career. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. Supporting Britney IS supporting her career. Periodt.
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