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  1. I can't with these social keyboard warriors thinking they are doing something with a petition.... I guess people have nothing better to do.
  2. Quite an interesting video, good luck with the channel! Just a heads up, it would be nice to check and fix the audio for the next videos, some of them are mostly for the left side when you're speaking, and basically no audio from the right (using headphones here).
  3. Even Mariah's remasters are better, and that's not saying much. Some of them they even managed to make it 4K, like Boy (I Need You) and it looks pretty good.
  4. In a world where Ariana Grande is Britney, Madison is her Jessica Simpson. She's talented and very pretty, and she gives **** vibes way better than Ariana, which I just can't find **** at all. I feel like she needs something to stand out, being pretty and **** isn't enough I guess. but I don't know what could it be. Maybe if she could dance, but it's not something that is in today's pop stars. Overall the album is very so so, it lacks identity honestly. It goes from Ariana, to Melanie Martinez in Blue, and it gets better only after half the album is done, by track 11 and forwards. The songs that stand out are: Selfish, BOYSH**, Baby, but that honestly doesn't define the album at all, these songs are quite distinctive from the rest of the album. She's so pretty in this. It's a very good look for her.
  5. The choreo and the remix aren't that special imo, the choreo is very Hold It Against Me. I feel like this style of choreography, where is mostly posing, works better when the other dancers are not doing very quick movements and being all over the place. That's why I can enjoy the original VMA Gimme More choreography, everyone is at the same pace with movements all around.
  6. And to think that if she hired an actor which was autistic all this bad press wouldn't be happening, but I don't think anyone would be whiling to be associated with this garbage. As for people saying that it should be okay for an actor to play an autistic role, I don't think the problem lies in that but the fact that there are autistic actors who could do the job as well. When the whole film is about this subject, having a person dealing with that in her/his life might make the acting part more believable, instead a caricature like it is in this case, and would bring a lot more awareness to the topic. I don't follow Sia's career, so I can't comment on her relationship with Maddie, but I don't think Sia will have much of a career after this mess.
  7. Good for her if she felt sorry and needed to apologize, but I'm not sure how I feel about the bandwagon of making everyone apologize or be accountable for every little thing. I understand how hurtful things were but it's not like any of those apologies are going straight to Britney, and it seems like the fanbase wants to make everyone who might have hurt her apologize but might not be taking in consideration if she is fine and already over these things. I take Perez as an awful example, he was vile and way worse than Sarah in so many ways, but she ended up having him as the guy for Freakshow in Vegas, and the Circus Tour opening. It's all very conflicting to me, to be honest. We know she can take a joke, she even used the boobjob rumour and accusations as a joke in SNL, so I don't know how Britney really felt that night about Sarah's "jokes". We know she was crying backstage, but so many things were happening that night that it's hard to really know.
  8. Thanks for making it, it's just all very sad. And to think that this is probably not even half of the bad things people said about her, but most of them are just lost media right now (not sure if this is a bad or a good thing). Those who witnessed her struggles in 2007 remember how bad things were, but not only that but throughout her career with inappropriate interviews and stuff.
  9. @SlaymeMore 3:35 Joel Mchale fat shaming her, but the whole video was hard to watch. Kathy awful joke about her Britney's mental health If you look around 2007 pretty much every in late night show the hosts had something awful to say about her.
  10. I feel like someone should make a compilation of all the awful things said to her, specially during 2007, and post on youtube or make a thread on twitter, it most definitely would go viral and people would notice even more those awful and unprofessional people.
  11. The only thing they have in common besides the name is that they are more in the sweet side of fragrances. and most of them have fruity notes (I believe only In Bloom is more floral? I'm not sure). As for the name not being Intense Fantasy, this is not a new fragrance with a new tag name, like Glitter Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, and many others, this is an intense version of the original Fantasy. The notes are the same besides some new additions. As why they keep releasing new Fantasy fragrances, it's just how fragrances works. 212 by Carolina Herrera has more than 60 different versions since 1997 (from 212 VIP, 212 ****, 212, 212 Ice, pretty much all of them having a female and male counterpoint). So yeah, expect more and more Fantasy to come. I'm actually surprised she never came out with Male Fantasy or something like this.
  12. To be honest it took a long time for them to do an "intense" version of Fantasy, it's something that pretty much every fragrance company does. The company probably has a contract for releasing at least two fragrances or flanker per year, so it has nothing to do with Britney working or not, they are just using her name. You all can expect at least one more Fantasy or a new Prerogative until the end of the year.
  13. I still don't understand the hype around the girl and the song, it's just nothing groundbreaking for the success that it's getting. No hate on her, I'm just curious to see what's catching people's attention so much.
  14. The remix is great! Love it! Kinda interesting that there is not a layered vocals.
  15. Not a huge fan of her first 3 albums to be honest, maybe with them being available on streaming services I might try to revisit them. En éxtasis was the first album I heard from her, since she promoted a lot in Brazil because of her telenovelas back in the 90s, and it's bop after bop. Piel Morena, Amándote, Gracias a Dios, and so on. En éxtasis, Amor a la Mexicana, Thalia and El ***to Sentido are my favorite albums of her. The fact that she's still relevant and releasing bops is awesome.
  16. My top 3, very random I know, but it tackles the basics (teen bop, power ballad and **** upbeat song) Hurt Vanity Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
  17. So she didn't do what she was paid for? Jk, that was very sweet of her to say those words.
  18. I think it would only work if it was a total re-branding for her, like the end of the c-ship and then drop an album full of personal songs and stories, that might not even be THAT personal, like a low level such as Why Should I Be Sad?. It might get some attention, but not sure if would be successful and get a lot of copies.
  19. "Talent" was never a requirement for people to become famous tho, if that's the case a lot of pretty actors and actresses but talentless wouldn't have a job, the same for singers out there. I personally don't care for this girl since she's more of a troll than a personality or whatever, but I don't think this is a fair thing. I can't say much about the US 'cause I'm not from it, but every time I see things like this happening because of nudity I can only imagine that those people who complains about this kind of stuff doesn't even take their clothes off to take a bath. So many issues are important but GOD FORBIDS A WOMAN PROMOTES HER S** PAGE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN. I guess we brazilians are too liberal.
  20. This is why Internet is not a place for kids, they want to make it as much as "kid and family friendly" but this is a grown up place.
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