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  1. I was listening to this album on repeat last week and I was falling in love with it all over again! I think it’s a great summer album also. I was listening to everything from her vocals to the instruments and I was just in awe! Def my fav Britney album. DYWCO should have been a single… would have been huge I think!

  2. 11 hours ago, DougFrmBrazil said:

    Honey, Reese is being petty in that comment that’s why she’s being criticized here. Every week a new celebrity is using Britney to make a headline about themselves. 

    Britney is being exploited for personal gains by other celebs.

    That’s the main issue here. Everyone says know how they relate to what’s happening to Britney. 

    FreeBritney should be the new Me Too.

    Hunny no, just no.

  3. 19 minutes ago, DougFrmBrazil said:

    At least, Britney never yelled to an officer “do you know who I am?” or has a mugshot.

    Who cares! She was going through bad time. What if I were to stay "At least,  Reese, never had a public break down and shaved her head and went psycho" And I don't mean it, I'm just using that as an example. People are terrible here. Don't say anything bad about Britney but let bash everyone else. People obviously haven't learned anything in regards to document because they sure do love to drag other celebrities through the mud at any opportunity.

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  4. When it comes to songs about her ex’s I really don’t know what the big deal is. It’s not like she names them or says this song is about so and so (Except for Dear John) the only reason we know or believe that these songs are about so and so is because the media was so obsessed with who Taylor was with at the time and just assumed. I mean look at how Ellen would hound her during her interviews to get answers. People wouldn’t care if she wasn’t so big of a celebrity. Does she always help herself? Nope. But artists write break up songs all the time and some even full break up albums. They’re just not under the microscope that Taylor is in. Taylor wrote 2 full albums that were mostly just stories and not personal to her and people still weren’t happy. The girl can’t win.

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  5. 45 minutes ago, Britney'sBish said:

    Imagine if it were a man re-recording and re-releasing songs about trashing all the women he's been with.

    Imagine if it had been someone else releasing a song about Taylor, the outrage and meltdowns she'd have.


    She's always been problematic trash, but her stupid white fans refuse to see it.


    Yet if Britney would release songs about her ex you’d be praising her

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  6. 14 hours ago, jordeezy said:

    I advise ANYONE in or going to Hollywood to learn about Britney's case. 

    Except you don’t need to watch to learn about it. And this doesn’t just happen in Hollywood. We just know about it because this happened to Britney. I’m sure you would even say that if it were another celebrity. Britney’s situation is terrible and I want nothing more for her to get out of it but stop acting like what happened to her is what you sign up for when you go to Hollywood because her situation is unique.

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  7. Again, many comments on here are disgusting. Just because she's rich and has resources, doesn't mean she's lucky. She's obviously been through **** and she's tacking narrative of her story and putting her truth out there. Good on her. I'm so sick of people comparing situations (not just hers) to Britney. One doesn't make one worst than the other. Stop with the "well she's not Britney" "well she's not in a c-ship". Individual people, individual lives, individual stories.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Hooked-On-Knee said:

    There are so many things about this paragraph that would sound much more appalling if you replaced gender identity with race or orientation. :watrusayin_britney_xfactor_confused_shocked_surprised_um_what:

    Other than your takes on trans people, I agree with everything else you said. :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

    My biggest issue with that paragraph for me was the "me, me, me and I'll do what I want and please and f@ck everyone else" vibe. Just respect the person. We'll never fully understand someones thought but having a conversation is a start. And disagreeing with someone is ok. I've worked with a youth who was transgendered (male to female) and I always made the effort to go by "her" and her chosen name. I remember talking with her once and referring to her as a him, than apologizing about it and feeling bad because I respected her and didn't want her to feel hurt. Did she feel hurt, no (at least that's what she made me believe). Should I feel bad about it? Not really, it was an honest slip up. It's an adjustment for everybody involved and you can't just change your habits at the snap of finger. It takes work to rewire the brain.

    I remember I used to say something about a certain race once, in regards to something I had notice, when people of a specific race were immigrants, and I remember a close friend of mine snapping at me saying "stop saying that, it's racist and it's not a good look" and I remember feeling offended at first, then ashamed, and then remorseful. Those that make me a bad person? No it doesn't. On that day, I was educated. Did I ever say that again? No. But do you know what that situation did to me? I learned to think before I speak. And I don't mean to think to make sure I don't sound racist. To think "ok this is your thought right now. Is it okay? Is it harmful? Is is Racist? Why? Is it cultural? What's the reason behind it? Why does it bother you? Why shouldn't it bother? and soooo many more questions and I'm able to educate myself. If I'm not sure, I look it up, I ask question but most importantly, I'm respectful about it.

    At the end of the day, that's all that matters. Respectfulness and understanding. Take the time to listen before you judge and be open to having discussions and be open mind to changing your opinion when being challenge. Don't be scared to be challenge BUT BE RESPECTFUL! We don't have to have all the same opinions but we have to be respectful to one another. And yes I know, sometimes it's easier said then done but things aren't always as simple as saying your ABC's or counting your 1, 2, 3's.

  9. 51 minutes ago, Oxic said:

    Ok so you literally named 3 women who were harassed by the media, and your solution to that is that they have to remain silent and "classy", because according to you it is "normal" that the media want to push this famous women down, and they have to accept that :clownery_makeup_meme:. That's the problem sweetie, the fascination of the media and the people for destroying celebrities who are women, and the fact that nobody does nothing. I'm glad Kate was able to handle that, because as you said the palace had to make statement, but the question is why didn't the palace help her in the same way that it did with Kate? Why in these 2 years did they turn their backs on her and not defend her? That is why Harry and Meghan decided to withdraw and seek help elsewhere, because the Royal Family was busier trying to protect Prince Andrew with lies from his ***ual accusations, instead of helping Meghan with her mental health. 


    Or why all of sudden won't their child have a titled or be protected?... This kinda does scream race. It's sooo shady.

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  10. This album is growing on me... I was obsessed with So Good and probably drove everyone around me crazy with having it on repeat. This album, I listened to it during work yesterday morning and was like it's alright, but purchased it anyways because it's Zara. Listen to it a few times yesterday and I was like "OK, here we go" (driving is where this album got me). Now this morning, I have it full blast on the sound system and I'm loving it. It actually does have "So Good" vibes, just change the music a bit and it would blend so well together. She deserves to be bigger than she is. I'm not saying she's the Britney of her generation but she would definitely have the potential if people would pick her up and if the music world still worked the same as it did then. She's a true pop artist in and out and there are not many like her, in this generation, releasing real pop music like this today!

  11. I actually quite enjoy Zara and this song. And I do find her voice to be very recognizable. I remember when her song WOW was playing in a commercial, I knew right away that it was her and went looking for the song right away. There is something about the way she sings (that I don't know how to explain) along with the clarity of her voice that makes it so recognizable to me and sets her apart from others. The girl has many bops and it's time people pay attention to her! 

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  12. I have to be honest with you guys. I was at first hesitant to share this digital booklet on exhale:embarrassney:. I was made to believe that exhale was an awful place and I wasn't ready for the backlash I would possible receive but I was 100% wrong:dorkney:. You guys have been AWESOME!:CPKney: And exhale is not as negative as people make it sound:saycheese:. For the most part, exhale is a pretty positive spot to be at minus a few trolls who are rude!:o

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