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  1. I think some countries like Russia do not educate people about this and it is really difficult to change attitudes without education. I spent some of my childhood growing up in Lithuania before I moved to the UK and I remember how they used to teach us in school to accept everyone. This is why I always had those views. However, the majority of people belonging to the older generation in Lithuania are homophobic because they were conditioned to think this way. It is changing though. Slowly, but changing. While the majority of young people (well everyone I know and I am a straight female) are accepting. Obviously these numbers are sad though... As long as it is not 100% - not good enough.
  2. We have no immunity to it, so it spreads really easily. Moreover, a lot of people don’t even have symptoms and spread it without knowing.
  3. The mortality rate is so high because of the high numbers of elderly people in Italy. Also, stats indicate that 99% of those who died in Italy had pre-existing conditions.
  4. Unless they permanently close all borders, they will keep on getting cases and will keep on closing schools everytime they get a few. The virus cannot be contained anymore. Here, in the UK, they just allow it to spread so we can hopefully get herd immunity. How will other countries cope though? Close everything every time there is a case because someone with the virus from the UK or whatever travels there? This is not sustainable...
  5. Covid19 doesn’t really kill you in a matter of days unless you are old and have pre-existing conditions. So most people (over 95%) will recover in a matter of days, while AIDS is a life-long disease that doesn’t have a cure (even though nowadays it is manageable while constantly taking medication).
  6. Why did your gov shut down schools so early? Isn’t it going to have massive economic impact? It will probably spread anyway so it is weird that some countries are overreacting.
  7. The flu is also constantly mutating. This is why vaccinations don’t always work,etc. Also the deadliest strands of viruses tend to ‘destroy themselves’ by killing the host and themselves. No need to panic. It is too late to contain it, it is likely here to stay. Some people will die unfortunately, just like some people die from flu or even complications caused by the common cold.
  8. I think there was more focus on the other dolls this time in the video, previously they wouldn’t even show them individually. However, they should have made the background vocals louder.. I heard the isolated vocals version and you can actually hear the others. Not so much in the final version though...
  9. This is only if they break the bone which is needed when people want to completely change the shape of their nose! I had rhinoplasty to refine the tip since my nose is natually small like Britney’s. I had no brusing and only needed to wear bandages for a week. After a week I looked like before the surgery and it took about a year to see the final results since swelling tends to stay for a long time...
  10. Me too, I find it difficult to imagine how it will look with so many guys and only two girls...
  11. I think people are just nitpicking. Considering that there are at least 2-3 dancers who are minorities.. Tbh, I really don’t think Britney cares about race when auditioning people.
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