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  1. Ok. Well, I am officially a Johnny Wright stan lmao! It really makes me think...... what if he stuck with her instead of going to Justin??? I think he would have been able to handle her supposed bipolar disorder in a way that would take care of her mental health while still keeping her career successful. He prob would have gotten her treated before it could really be a public problem. Would they're future success be flipped? Would Justin have faded and Britney continued her reign before settling down. Would they have gotten back together?? Would Britney have found an A list instead of Kevin Flopline? sigh.
  2. I don't anything about him, educate me please lol. Britney needs people that genuinely care and will fix her career.
  3. This is prob one of my fave impressions of her. It got me wondering... how different things would be if Britney ended up singing the ultimate break up song instead of Justin. He prob would've never succeeded in a solo career and her the song would've been another hit for her hmm.
  4. unfortunately is an old interview around 2002 i think
  5. I'm curious, do you guys think she would not have lasted with Kevin and her career would be completely different if this injury did not happen and she continued the tour? I feel like the stress would still drive her to partying
  6. legends attract legends wonder why it never happened tho
  7. So my friend and I were wondering how the Gimme more VMA performance would have looked like if primeney did it and I wanted to ask you all... if you could create a britney VMA performance to any of her songs or recreate the gimme more performance how would you envision it? the set, choreography style, costume, everythannng. Personally, I would love to see how primeney would do a womanizer and/or piece of me VMA performance. it would be epic
  8. I found it so obvious that Kim wanted to have a kid with him from the jump and get him to save her "career" since ppl were turning on the kartrashians after the fake 72 day marriage she made 14 mill off of. i hate this family so much lmfaoooo
  9. This thread was posted just 17 days ago and I thought it was interesting since in my mind I never think of straight guys listening to Britney so it's kinda cool to see their opinions. Of course, some could be gay too lol. Most of them rave about toxic which is why I think Britney needs another toxic, a song that can appeal to everyone.
  10. I think the hit songs and coverage around Femme Fatale made people like myself go back and see what else she did/ why she's so huge.
  11. I was born in 2000 and my sis was born in 1995 so she saw more than me. My first memory of her was when she shaved her head and the whole umbrella thing. I only vaguely remember it as I was 7 years old and randomly saw it on the news before my parents flipped the channel. Its funny bc I clearly remember my sister saying "ugh she's so weird now. oh and now she's wearing a pink wig why'd she shave it in the first place??" and my mom saying "don't watch that stuff, its bad" or something like that. Then, I remember her gimme more video coming out and my sister blasting it in our room. I remember being weirdly attracted to her and thought she was so hot and cool even tho I was just 7 yrs old and dancing to the music. So I guess this was when I began to recognize who she is and began to like her. Its funny how you guys were introduced to her thru the "school girl virgin britney" and i was introduced to her by the "blackout stripper britney". Circus came out and my sister and mom were so confused bc they thought she went off the deep end for good. Womanizer came out and I was intrigued. I was so young but I saw this confident women with so much PRESENCE. I think this is what stars lack today. Womanizer was def the baby one more time of my generation. It introduced her to us more as an artist not just some tabloid girl. If you seek Amy was huge to us as well. I remember being SO confused about the music video lol. I remember the glee episode of her and my sister freaking out over the songs and then she freaked out on me because I didn't know the songs lol. This made me wanna go back and see her material. Femme Fetale is when i was old enough to stan. Before then, she was Britney the girl with the awesome songs on the radio and cool music videos. I fell in love with the femme fatale album all of it. I remember dancing around to it and Im pretty sure it was at this point where i started to look into her music, interviews, docs, and life. I thought wow this woman is the whole package. For some odd reason I actually liked Britney Jean (i hate it now) . This was around the time I found exhale and my obsession really started bc I was exposed to a lot more of her. It also could be because I really wanted to see her succeed more. I feel like being a stan who didn't get to see her on top of the world is so frustrating bc we know shell never go back to that but we wanna see it happen in our lifetime so bad. and it feels like we're the only ones of our generation who actually knows she CAN sing she WAS the most influential person in music she DID dance better than anyone and she DID make history. Everyone else thinks she just made some catchy autotuned songs and its so untrue and maddening to prove wrong. Last year during my senior year of HS, i started talking to this girl i new for a couple of years more bc we had classes together for the first time. Before then, we were just acquaintances. Well, I found out she was also a Britney stan and neither of us could believe it bc we both never met one. Ever since then we defend her and obsess over her together. We even saw her at Radio City last summer. We got the tickets like the night before lmfaooo. We never thought we would go but I figured she's never in NYC it might be our only chance to see her in the flesh.
  12. My friend and I were talking about who in Hollywood would be compatible with Brit and who we could picture her having a happy ending with if she got with them during her prime. If Britney never dated Justin Floplake or got with someone else after the breakup instead of Kflop who would you choose?
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