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  1. Omg I'm already emotional this morning and this made me cry. Sooo happy for you!!!
  2. I feel like she's just exhausted and wouldn't want to dig into this further. Maybe the changing legislation is enough "payback" for her? Whatever she does, I hope she does it because she wants to, not because she feels obligated to continue revisiting the last ~13 years of her life to shed more light on this issue simply due to her huge platform.
  3. This is so sweet! Thanks for emailing her. I hope she feels more support than backlash as I'm sure this feels like a lot of unnecessary drama/attention for the company I love that this is a company focused on mental health - seems only fitting they'd cut ties with Britney's abusive leech of a sister!
  4. This is so good! I love how the style is so different from the original song but then she weaves it in with a few lines here and there with a much more similar style. Thank you for sharing this
  5. That's how I feel about politicians in general. Oh, and the super wealthy...they're all involved in some serious shady s#it and all just cover up for each other
  6. Our Queen making history again...just wish it was under different circumstances/for different reasons
  7. As Britney once said, "Three is a charm, two is not the same"
  8. Y'all this interaction is toooooo much but I'm sitting here reading it like
  9. Not to give her a free pass, but I think her even being in this situation and sharing her testimony in court brought a LOT of attention to issues most people didn't even know existed. I feel like she unintentionally already helped with this cause. I can see Britney not really doing much publicly regarding conservatorship abuse because she doesn't like that kind of attention, but also because it must be so traumatic for her. I know victims/survivors of other types of abuse sometimes find they want to devote their time/energy to the type of abuse they endured - and all the power to them! - but I just don't see Britney wanting to revisit the 13 (and hopefully that number doesn't go up that much, if at all) years of conservatorship abuse she endured.
  10. He was my childhood crush...I see young me had good taste Nick is still hot af
  11. True, but I'd argue Briney/BOMT have a larger following But any nod to our Queen is appreciated! Go "You"!
  12. I'm conflicted because I wish Britney won the vote under different circumstances (aka not while trapped in a conservatorship)...but maybe this is good publicity and extra pressure to Free Britney? Also, if Britney is offered the cover and then Team Con tries to sabotage that...
  13. Aw how sweet I know Britney's situation is about Britney and her freedom and isn't really about fans/the movement, but it's so nice to hear someone talk about how glad they are the movement shed light on the situation. I feel like Britney fans were mocked and laughed at, especially in the beginning when we didn't have as much evidence, so it's cool to see someone recognize the work her fans put into exposing Team Con!
  14. Pls did he delete his insta or something? I can't find a profile under that name (says user not found)
  15. This. This is what makes me furious. To have limited their time together during important years in his development likely has affected their relationship (don't want to say for sure since I don't know them personally, but this is probably the case based on what we know about relationship-building). I just hope that when Britney is free, they can make up for that lost time.
  16. I'm sorry but who is the ICONIC person in the crowd doing the arm thing during the "Work, Work" part (the bridge? Idk) of Work *****?! Because that would absolutely be me doing Britney's choreo
  17. To be fair, Dua quickly spoke out against DaBaby (I'm assuming that's who you're referring to?) and his comments via Instagram, saying "I'm surprised and horrified at DaBaby's comments. I really don't recognize this as the person I worked with. I know my fans know where my heart lies and that I stand 100% with the LGTBQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance around HIV/AIDS." (source: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/pride/9606907/dua-lipa-responds-dababy-homophobic-comments/)
  18. Maybe she could've supported herself instead of taking advantage of her sister's abusive situation Lol Blake is trash. That comment was totally unnecessary (and the fact that the crowd cheered on that comment? What is with country music fans and their superiority complex? And this is coming from a country music fan). Also, if I recall correctly, JL walked out shortly after because of that comment. She's still trash though. I'm cryinggg what are those sunglasses?! And yeah 0 stage presence lol
  19. She posted a Tik Tok earlier today using one of the currently popular trends and wrote "#FreeBritney"!
  20. I agree, that's probably what it was. But when I think about how much money Team Con is pocketing and how random people (aka Jodi) can argue for $50k a month for security...y'all could have spent the money to put on a more high-budget show on the POM tour No shade to Britney but all the shade to her wack team that cut costs on things that mattered more than how much money they were making
  21. I liked Zoey 101, but not necessarily because of her (didn't care for her on the show but liked her by association since she was the main character). After that, I only cared for her because she was Britney's sister. Like, "oh, sure, I'll check out this random song because she's Britney's sister and I wanna support our Queen's family." And now? That rat can choke
  22. I wonder if maybe Britney might want to do more of a stripped show, where she sings live, interacts with the crowd, etc. (vs. the hard choreo). I also feel like dancing might be hard for her, especially since I'd imagine a lot of people would be like "well now that the conservatorship is over, she's performing because she wants to so we better see Primeney level/dancing!" I think focusing more on vocals would be an interesting change artistically, and I'm sure it would create a lot of buzz both within the fanbase and in the GP. It seems like Britney has wanted to sing live and explore music that challenges her vocally (maybe in part to say F U to naysayers who say she can't sing). Regardless, all I want is for Britney to be happy - whatever that looks like for her. She's dealt with way too much BS and has spent way too long having to put her own needs/wants aside, and I hope fans would understand if she retired and went rogue the minute she's free.
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