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  1. I agree, that's probably what it was. But when I think about how much money Team Con is pocketing and how random people (aka Jodi) can argue for $50k a month for security...y'all could have spent the money to put on a more high-budget show on the POM tour No shade to Britney but all the shade to her wack team that cut costs on things that mattered more than how much money they were making
  2. I liked Zoey 101, but not necessarily because of her (didn't care for her on the show but liked her by association since she was the main character). After that, I only cared for her because she was Britney's sister. Like, "oh, sure, I'll check out this random song because she's Britney's sister and I wanna support our Queen's family." And now? That rat can choke
  3. I wonder if maybe Britney might want to do more of a stripped show, where she sings live, interacts with the crowd, etc. (vs. the hard choreo). I also feel like dancing might be hard for her, especially since I'd imagine a lot of people would be like "well now that the conservatorship is over, she's performing because she wants to so we better see Primeney level/dancing!" I think focusing more on vocals would be an interesting change artistically, and I'm sure it would create a lot of buzz both within the fanbase and in the GP. It seems like Britney has wanted to sing live and explore music that challenges her vocally (maybe in part to say F U to naysayers who say she can't sing). Regardless, all I want is for Britney to be happy - whatever that looks like for her. She's dealt with way too much BS and has spent way too long having to put her own needs/wants aside, and I hope fans would understand if she retired and went rogue the minute she's free.
  4. Yeah, she definitely looks annoyed/upset. Maybe because the interviewer brought her sister up? And then you can tell how hard she's trying to look happy right after. Her fake smile when the interviewer talks about JL being back on TV says it all.
  5. We should all stream the underrated bop of an album Britney and get it to #1 so that our Queen knows that we, too, are proud of her
  6. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMdg1eENh/ He posted a tik tok about the Zoey 101 reboot maybe it’s a stretch but whatever I’m glad her former costar used the hashtag (I don’t think it’s his first time showing support, either)
  7. I'm a flop fan...where is this from?! Makes me so happy seeing Britney holding a kid since she loves children
  8. The way I literally GASPED with the dance breaks, the LOOKS, the s** appeal...I'm sooo excited, Normani is such an entertainer and I'm glad she's finally releasing more music.
  9. To be honest, I always thought this was Team Con trying to paint the documentary in a bad light since it was getting a lot of attention. But I could be wrong!
  10. Agreed...I think he's one of the few people who have worked with Britney that constantly gush about her and show support (I know nearly everyone she's worked with says good things, but he's so consistent lol), and I'm here for it. I think Britney's fans give him a lot of crap for BJ (which I admit I actually liked when it came out ), but I feel like Britney's team messed up what could have been a better album. I mean, S&S was awesome, so...
  11. Which flop fan wrote that JL was on "Brightest Morning Star"? But yes, **** JL for barely speaking up for her sister but continuing to use her name and success for her own gain. Disgusting.
  12. God it makes me so sick that Team Con continues to dangle the c-ship ending in front of Britney like a carrot every few years. Such a sh!tty bait and switch, but what do we expect from a corrupt group of people seeking to keep Britney under their control? This makes me so sad...like the woman just wants simple things - like being able to spend time with her damn kids. As Wendy Williams said, death to all of them
  13. Mr. Jones III, if you're reading this - respectfully, I will give you the sloppiest slurp slop of your life if you free our Queen
  14. Not surprised. Basically sounds like, "lol, you're not involved and you don't have concrete evidence, bye." I figured they'd probably not take our complaints seriously since we're outsiders looking in, unfortunately. Still, wish the damn CA Bar Association would do SOMETHING given all the noise surrounding Britney's case
  15. Interesting! I thought texts didn't hold because it can be tricky to prove the other party was actually the individual who sent the message. Didn't realize it was a two-step thing. Thanks for educating me
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