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  1. 2020 has been a huge year for a lot of things. Hopefully it also means Trump is out and Britney is on her way to freedom.
  2. Lol this list has been around for ever. Good to see it updated with more current albums. This is the first time she has ever been on this list!! Good to see people in the industry voting for blackout as one of the best ever! - I can’t believe how many Kanye albums there are in the list. The industry loves him - LOL at no Justin Timberlake albums. Wow has he fallen off. Must suck to NOT be loved anymore. -Beyoncé has a destiny child album and Beyoncé and lemonade in the list -glory will never be on this list. Sorry it may be a fan fav but it didn’t change or impact the industry. - I kinda wanted oidia or itz to make the list as well. But the fact that she made it at all is a victory. - some albums age out while some stand the test of time and trends. Congrats to Blackout!
  3. Cute. She has some old school bops back in the day.
  4. It’s crazy they are teenagers. I still remember when they were born. I can feel the teenage angst in the photo Lol
  5. Larry was the one allegedly ready to throw Britney back on stage after the “wellness” break last year. It’s naive to believe he wasent apart of this media game. He set up a lot of these narratives of Britney in the media. I do believe Britney has a better relationship with Larry than her dad James. But they both have the same tendency to act aggressive (in their own way) when Britney is not under their control or does what they want. IMO I don’t think he is good for her anymore. He did his job but it’s over. If Britney just wants to be semi retired, have another baby then release a 10th album of songs she wants to do then that’s her prerogative. I don’t see Larry ever being on board with that. A documentary that exposes the c-ship will not be positive to anyone in the c-ship including Larry.
  6. Every woman has the right to say no. It’s also problematic to call Britney Spears a racist when she can’t defend herself under a conservatorship.
  7. He is a snake who knows how to play the game. I don’t see him ever retuning to Britney’s team. It’s over. But he will probably escape all the c/ship drama. Even tho he was complicit.
  8. FTR doing a free handstand hold and handstand walk is VERY difficult. What a superstar!
  9. How are they a professional business? As if they don’t have a copy? yet James insist Britney can’t make good decisions. Seems her choice for the estate is a much better one than his. It’s also shocking Ingham has never seen the Tri star contract? Has he seen her Vegas ones? Record contract? What is the c/ship actually doing for her? What a joke. This c-ship has failed Britney in so many ways and yet the media and public continue being told a narrative that it saved her and is good for her.
  10. How about James should pay for his lawyers now that Britney wants someone else in charge. It’s crazy how she is paying for both sides and he is aggressively stalling for what another 1-2 years to stay on as co-conservator? Force Britney to Go to trial for this just to remove him? What a disgrace, he is draining his own daughters money. I doubt this will reach actual trial. I don’t think James wants his abuse allegations discussed in court so I suspect he will eventually step down. But imagine all the waste of money on this for another year or two? What a failure.
  11. Good to see Penny deny Jamie’s motion to seal documents. His petition was pathetic compared to Inghams. James and Lou’s tactics are DIRTY and desperate. Shame on them.
  12. True. We don’t need them. Court docs are being released and Britney stans are posting them. Why click on TMZ just to hear propaganda against her? They have been recently exposed as having a toxic work place.
  13. It’s a slow process... but at least this is finally moving forward. Just wait till the trial to remove Jamie (probably next year) that will be juicy.
  14. True but where was the process to increase her pay? where is the evidence of billable hours? Where was this reported in her finance report and did judge Penny approve this or James just decided? Isn’t this what her c/ship is for? Lou Taylor just emailed him and James approved in a reply. What happened to James saying the court knows where every penny is spent & needs approval. That bs.
  15. This guy just suggested Jamie Lynn be conservator... He probably thinks James Spears is a concerned father who saved her. The fact that there was never a professional conservator in the first place was a huge problem for Britney. Suggesting another family member who is not qualified is ridiculous. Unfortunately we are gonna see lots of people come out now and give their opinion when they don’t really understand the difference between managing Britney Spears and a controlling c-ship that stripped her autonomy and civil rights.
  16. James needs to step down and go live his last years alone. Leave the c-ship. How much more pain can he bring his daughter, her sons and the family? The more aggressive he gets the more truths that come out.
  17. I wonder if James indicated to Kevin that Britney wasn't allegedly taking her medication back in 2018 & the custody was reduced. Before he put her in the institution. We know James uses the custody to “discipline” Britney.
  18. Britney talking about her sons and the abuse James did is her ticket to kick him out of her c-ship. Lynne needs to speak up about the abuse too. It’s truly disturbing the dynamic between Britney & sons via K-Fed and James. In their own ways they manipulated the kid situation to suit themselves and their needs. Truly sad.
  19. Ridiculous list. OIDIA is one of her best era ever and a diamond album at that. Tour, look, media coverage, hits, videos, Vocals, promotion performances, interviews etc She was setting the new standard for new pop stars that would come to follow Her. Show some respect.
  20. Well it once again confirms that what Britney wants doesn’t matter. It’s truly sad that Jamie is this way with Britney. He is cold, unsupportive of her feelings, needs and wants. The gas lighting and dismissive actions he continues to take towards her is really difficult to understand from his end. I don’t feel love or care from him ever. It’s controlling and dictatorship. Let’s hope Judge Penny supports Britney’s needs and awards her change in her c-ship.
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