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  1. We have speculated that when Bryan stepped in to be tour manager Britney thrived. Now with Jodi being her personal conservator the same thing is happening. Respect her wishes and keep James out of her affairs and business. It’s pretty clear.
  2. Jamie going right to the manipulation tactics. Britney deserves to hire her own lawyers. Do an audit. Then settle it. End the c-ship. It’s over.
  3. I can’t wait for the fans to analyse how her father and Lou Taylor runs her estate. James did that Interview with Page 6 saying he has to submit and get approval with court so he can’t be “stealing money”. Well here it is. Make it public. All the money dealings. This ain’t about her or her kids private info. It’s about her estate and your need to Control it.
  4. I can’t help but think that they have something else planned. We know James and Lou are idiots. But they are gonna try and hold on for dear life now..
  5. Yeah not long after this interview dropped. James removed his petition. I wonder what went down. What the conversation was about? Wallet was a terrible choice. Ingham ripped him into pieces with his petition. This interview shows that he has nothing else to offer. He should have stayed retired.
  6. I’d always taken what billy said with a grain of salt. There have been several people Coming out making sensationalism comments about Britney but with no real context. I understand why fans had asked people of her past to comment but it’s clear that this approach is the wrong route for free Britney. He amplifies the conspiracy and the joke of it all. I wouldn’t be surprised if team Britney spoke to him.
  7. If he is going to continually accept the questions about Britney and make a comment say he wishes her the best or he supports her voice and wishes being heard? There are huge problems with probate court and c-ships. That are being clearly highlighted with how Britney got into a permanent one (under dementia Clause) wasent notified 5 days of the filing and still can’t even hire her own legal council. At least Sam Ingham is finally doing something probably under the free Britney HEAT the last year. Hiding behind the “we don’t know” and “trust the process” is stupid and a good reason this has gone on for as long as it has. Her family has seen Britney’s career as a family business. well here is the scrutiny and being held accountable for running her life and estate. Lance needs to stfu honestly. He always just talks about Justin and Britney’s business it’s annoying.
  8. I read a blind item that suggested the reason there is no album is because her voice is shot. I’m hoping that’s not true. Maybe she is just more into her make up and fashion empire.
  9. Songs ok. Song and video is good. I feel like the chorus isn’t catchy enough.
  10. I’d be surprised if it was Larry who was considered her “manager”. There is no doubt someone strong is behind Britney right now. She has made the biggest moves in the whole c-ship in the past 6 months. Maybe it’s someone from record label.
  11. Well then.... MotW proves this to be true. I think he is good at writing to song that’s being put together but his vision and his creativity is very limited. MotW was pretty much the real Justin and that’s hugely disappointing with his image and the songs. So Boring. Britney was good to him. She let him release CMAR Video and supported his solo career. I hope one day he at least apologies for his behaviour. She deserves that at least.
  12. He cares about raising his 6 kids and keeping that check. So technically he is like her team c-ship who also care about keeping the control and getting a guaranteed check every month. So what is he gonna do once Jayden hits 18? Is K-Fed that dad that asks his rich kids to share their money once they hit 18? or is he gonna manage their “career” and get a percentage? can’t break the wheel. Sad really.
  13. That’s a good point. Makes it even more clear why Lance is ignorant and “trusting the system”. The probate system will make Britney pay for both sides of her court battle and let James Delay and fight every motion she makes about HER wishes. This system is against the conservatee from the get go. He is an ******* to say that twice now. Seems Lou Taylor is a much bigger player and bigger villain that we ever imagined. She has her hand in many celebrities pockets and business. She has manipulated James and JL completely.
  14. That’s why the discussion is needed. Locking the thread is not educating a mass of people of what Britney is truly going through. She is refusing to work (making her 10th album) because of her legal battle. I’m sure the users like here eventually see the truth. You can’t deny what is happening to Britney. Locking the thread is wrong.
  15. Well said. Staying silent is gross negligence. We have to stand up. Pop justice should know better and do better.
  16. Yes. I see a 10th album eventually. A book & or documentary too. I think it will do better than BJ and Glory as well. Cement her place as a pop legend. But honestly that doesn’t matter until she is happy and is doing what she wants to do. She is doing the right thing refusing to work right now and I 1000% support that.
  17. Ita I can’t believe they moved her into the comeback corner? That’s ridiculous. If that’s the case 75% of the topics in the main forum should be moved too. The attitude they displayed at anyone who asked why Britney was in the comeback corner is very Team Britney style. Aggressive and dismissive. They hated discussion about her c-ship. Well guess what? Artists having legal battles over them in the industry is a very real thing. It’s so important to expose abuse in the industry not silence it. PJ had the same Attitude as the “it’s Britney *****” podcast. Disappointing and pathetic.
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