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  1. This. Her new lawyers need to keep bringing this up! It’s sad Sam Ingham did nothing when this happened. James had to step down as Personal Conservator but They still let him control the narrative and continue as Estate conservator. They should have called this out from the beginning. Corrupt all of them.
  2. This and he and everyone involved is in too deep here. I think it’s no coincidence the lawyers he has asked to come back are only ones that were involved in the c-ship already. They don’t want fresh eyes on the case. Clearly there is negligence left and right with her estate.
  3. This is why c-ships need reform In California. Britney’s estate is being taken advantage of.
  4. Frustrating that it was approved. It once again how conservatorships need reform. James is shameless. He and his team of lawyers are holding on to dear life aka their careers here.
  5. Lynne needs to put James in his place. Scream at him. Tell him to go back to Louisiana. Shame him for the abuse he has caused her and the family. File a restraining order against him. Tell the courts how his abuse still affects Britney. Stop being polite. It’s time to fight dirty. This conservatorship is an actual JOKE now. What a waste of her money. These lawyers don’t care how long they delay it.
  6. If Sam Ingham had Britney’s best interest she would be out of the c-ship by now. He blatantly told the judge she didn’t have capacity to hire her own independent council. This is the reason she still has him. He has earned 10k per week ever since. He only now is doing “something” yet it reeks of his own best interest. If he was good he would suggest Britney speak to Loeb and Loeb and that why work directly with HER. If he controls the narrative it’s not good for Britney once again. That’s what Lisa is talking about. Sam needs to be held accountable here.
  7. He is trolling. Fans shouldn’t give him attention.
  8. To watch: Surprise Witness Instagram James Hearsay Brief 2. Around 25:00 mark Lisa joins the chat. Lisa confirmed a lot about what we know. She says she joined the free Britney movement as she saw us intuitive and on the right path. She confirms Sam Ingham has been improper for many years. He has been writing reports telling courts what to do with c-ships for too long. -She said James has great lawyers. In His recent filing they slam him and they are right. Sam has been letting James do whatever for many years including putting Britney in a institution etc and Sam did nothing. - Lisa says Sam’s behaviour is exactly what is wrong with the probate court in California and that Britney case will eventually lead to change.. -Britney has never had proper independent council. Her rights were violated. (As we know she has tried ) -Lisa says Sam is demonstrating that he doesn’t know what he is doing. -Lisa wants to write an article explaining that Britney has been exploited in court. -She predicts The new lawyers will file to terminate James as conservator. They will then start allegations against James. However Sam Ingham has approved almost all of James request and accounting until this year. Lisa questions the new law firms loyalty. If Sam Ingham is deposed will they stick by him? So then where does that leave Britney? Sam is in too deep here. He is covering himself. -Judge Penny may continue to go along with Sam. -Lisa says both Sam and James should resign and go the **** away! -Britney should write a declaration. It was really good. Fans should watch if you want to know the ins of the court.
  9. Lisa is a smart woman. The video is on Surprise Witness IG. Sam Ingham has been in this since the beginning. He is out for himself with trying to control the narrative. All of them are complicit in this. An absolute tragedy to Britney’s freedom.
  10. Typical James Spears move. Manipulation and the gas lighting! She has NO capacity! No wait she does! It’s all hearsay! Is James trying to downplay his strong hold on Britney the last decade +? Please. This is a stall tactic. Just respect her wishes James. How ****en hard is it?
  11. Exactly. They think using a hard iron fist will get out of this mess. Old, corrupt and out of touch. Still doing the same thing they have for the last decade. They don’t get it. Britney being free is what made her iconic: her fans know what’s going on now. This will never be the same. It’s over for James and Lou.
  12. This chapter is ending. Slow. But it’s ending. She is entering new Begginings.
  13. I like the song but it’s not a stand out. Video is cute and she looks good.
  14. Apparently she did. When she went to the court and spoke to the judge in 2019. That lead to the big investigation but we haven’t heard much about. James lawyers kept pushing it back, James then attacked Preston got a restraining order against him and her doctor died suddenly.
  15. Ita. Johnny Wright was there for her first 3 big albums too. Larry gets too much credit and at the same times escapes criticism. Fans and the industry still protect him. He runs and hides when **** hits the fan and probably has been the TMZ mouth piece over the years. Coward. Adam seems to be doing well right now. Managing Miley Cyrus. Larry hit the jack pot with Britney.
  16. Thanks for the breakdown of the podcast. The c-ship impacting Britney’s right to have a child? That’s highly problematic. Gross abuse of power over a woman.
  17. Great reading. You are in tune. If I can give you feedback? I watch a lot tarot reads and it’s good to show the cards on the floor or a desk. Gives us something to look at: even just you shuffling the deck and pulling the card. The background music was distracting. We need to hear your voice to hear the questions clearly. Keep it up! I enjoyed your two videos you have posted. I do readings on Britney a lot too. I get the same vibe too.
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