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  1. This has always been one of my favs! I workout to it all the time! Never understood why it wasn't a single because it is amazing
  2. I was totally gonna say this exact same thing! Seems like she doesn't want to completely disappear...
  3. Yes those meds did make her gain weight and be bloated but somehow she pulled it off and kept losing the weight and always looked amazing! That's a hard thing to do but she did it. It really is a nightmare and non of us had any idea just how bad it was for her. Yes, let's pray she gets away from her creep father and all of this mess so she can have a normal life again. She definitely deserves it!
  4. I think maybe after a few years of being free to do what she wants that she may return to the stage again. She's always loved performing but this conservatorship has kind of ruined it for her since she was always forced to do what she's told. If she has the choice to do what she wants, she will probably be back after she's had some time
  5. To have been so abused and heavily medicated over the years, she has done amazing! She is super strong for having to put up with all she has and go on stage and act like everything is ok. Not to mention, I'm her age and you don't feel like you did in your 20's so it's not as easy to move like that as you get older even if you are fit. I've also heard that depression medication can change your brain and also age your body inside and out. Besides, she could literally stand there on stage for a whole show and everyone would pay to see her because she's so iconic.
  6. As much as I would love to see her come back and blow us all away, she needs time for herself. Didn't these people listen when she said she wants to have a baby? Like seriously, she's a human being who hasn't had her own life for 13 years. What is wrong with people?!
  7. I'm Britney's age and there are very few songs or artists that I like now a days but I thought it was just because I was getting old so kind of makes me feel better a lot of yall think the same thing. If Britney was there, she would definitely made it to where more people would have watched, especially her being in the news so much this year with the conservatorship. It may not have been as many as previous years, but she was one of the only things that made people actually watch the show.
  8. Is it just me or does she look extremely young in the video? I think she looks amazing! So happy for her!
  9. He never liked Britney before, except when she was on his show a long time ago when she was younger. He said some awful things about her and now he's all about her because it's the trendy thing to do. Dudes a jerk!!
  10. I think she looks amazing and I wish my *** looked like that but I wish she would wait until after she's free before posting stuff like this. Who knows what they will try to use against her still in court. Things are looking good now and in her favor but better to be safe than sorry. I just want her to be free and then it will for sure be safe to post whatever she wants
  11. It's a pretty cool website, especially the pics of the month. Yeah some of it may be a but farfetched but I do think they have a lot of good points on their articles. The thing that was most interesting to me on this one was the double eyeballs in the video. I've seen that in movies and videos before so it totally makes sense. Also, the whole IV thing is kind of creepy too and we all know how medicated they forced her to be
  12. I love the song but I think there are a lot of references in the video about her being under control. Don't hate on me but check this old article out that talks about some of that. Pretty interesting. I also think they had her on some heavy meds at this time because her eyes looked so vacant and strange and not like her at all. https://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/britney-spears-mind-control-and-hold-it-against-me/ Also, most of the parts of the article pertaining to the video are towards the bottom so scroll down if you don't want to read the top part
  13. I totally agree! He may be attractive but always seemed kind of self absorbed and thought really highly of himself which in a way kind of makes him unattractive and the fact that he cheated on jen instead of just breaking it off first makes him an ***hole
  14. That's very true but I do wonder who is editing these dance videos. The music is cut in weird places and so is her dancing and it's cut so much that it makes her look kind of crazy. The other thing I worry about is in some of her past videos she looks distressed and keeps looking down and to the side as if she is being forced to film some of this stuff. These are all just opinions. She might be doing it but it just seems off to me
  15. I know a lot people won't agree with me, but I'm not so sure she is in charge of her instagram account even though they say she is. It just seems strange to post so many almost nude pics especially since she isn't free yet. I'm starting to think someone is trying to make her look bad so that they can stay in control of her life.
  16. I always feel like every time I see someone spell her name wrong, that they aren't a true fan. It's like the most basic thing and a real fan knows how to spell it correctly
  17. Wow! He's an even bigger a@@hole than I thought he was! I admit I did listen to some of his stuff but I think I'm done with that now and I'm sure his apology to her and Britney was fake. He only did it because everyone is on his a@@ right now. What a *********!
  18. I know it all sounds really crazy but I totally believe it too!
  19. Pretty sure she's performing a satanic ritual since that's what everyone in the illuminati / music industry has to do. She's not the only one who does weird stuff like this. She's just one of the only one's who puts it out there for everyone to see. Didn't she post a pic of a room where she sacrifices chickens too? This is just sick!
  20. Why did my word get blocked up there^^^ Since when is s e x y a bad word?
  21. Britney's debut was bigger and her video was also kind of scandalous since she was young and super **** for that time. She was everywhere you looked. So happy I got to live through that and wish I could do it again! Don't get me wrong though because Mariah was pretty big too when she came out but nothing compared to Britney. Mariah Carey's MTV unplugged was the first cd I ever owned and is still one of my favorite's to listen to. She had several hits but I don't remember seeing her all over the place like I did Britney.
  22. I can't believe it's been that long since it was released! Seems like just yesterday
  23. I think it was good! Better than I can do for sure. Can't wait to see more vids
  24. It drives me crazy! Like come on people google it if you're gonna talk about her.. geez
  25. I remember watching all of this stuff back in the day. Everyone needs to see this so they can understand how horribly she's been treated over the years! It makes me sad to watch this. Anyone would have freaked out the way she was being followed all of the time and most people probably would've done a hell of a lot more than hit a car with an umbrella. Anyone else could shave their head if they want but because she did it they had to speculate on why. That VMA's performance is more legendary and memorable than 99% of the performances since. She's such a sweet and humble person and it's unreal how everyone in the media just attacked her and made fun of her. She wasn't even remotely fat and them making fun of her weight is crazy. This would never be tolerated today. It hurts my heart that such a sweet, talented wonderful person had to go though all this and is still being held a prisoner to this day. I pray she gets her freedom
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