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  1. Britney is giving more energy and hitting the moves more than Dua has in her whole Future Nostalgia era haha. TBH the only thing wrong with this performance is that the choreo is primarily trash, apart from some good sections here or there. She looks hot, her body is amazing, he hair is hot like this (minus seeing tracks).
  2. I'm 31 and been a fan since I was 9 in '99.
  3. Normani has released 2 singles as a solo artist over a 2.5 year period? Yes both the videos were pretty slick, but she's acting like she's a legend which she isn't... She's super talented when stuff does come out, but girl, you're not there yet.
  4. This comment hits different now after her testimony "I'm tired of being ALONE, I'm tired of feeling ALONE, I am LONELY"
  5. Why is James Corden literally attached to, and ruining everything. Someone needs to tell him it's ok to say NO to a project...
  6. She is totally gaslighting by being like 'She is my sister, do you not think I support her?!' not once in that statement does she show actual empathy or upset at what Britney said, nor does she say she agrees with the movement to Free Britney. If this were sincere, she would have said she agrees with Free Britney, or said any comments on the actual stuff Britney said. Also, she has benefited from the CS for YEARS, she is the trustee to her estate as of 2018, and we've all seen the court docs showing all the expenditure she has on Britney's dime. What a liar, trying to save *** sicne there's a change.org to get her dumped from her only source of income (other than Britney's stolen funds)
  7. I never in my entire life thought that I would agree with this horrible human! But at this point, if Trump was saying FREE BRITNEY I would probably like and share...
  8. Her looking the same as 2005 and me looking like a smacked *** and I'm almost half her age - Gwen spill your vampire secrets.
  9. Finally her second single is being released 95+ weeks after her first one. Interesting marketing technique...
  10. I feel like I'm back in 2004, 15 years old and on the cusp of Emo Pop take over a la Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne & Paramore. #RockOn
  11. This is so cringe. And it feels so bad to even comment on someone's body/surgery that is so clearly mentally unwell and insecure... It's so sad seeing her go from this beautiful woman to one that is drawing validation from false representation of herself. Like when all those pap photos of her came out last year and she denied they were real, when they were paparrazzi'd, she's not famous enough for people to invest in editing to be bad, and to do multiple versions of them across multiple days... It's almost like looking into the future of what we are creating with such heavy reliance on filters, and celebrating people that alter themselves so much beyond recognition. In the words of Britney, I hope Aubrey 'Goes to the light' and gets the love and support she needs to be ok... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8709787/Aubrey-ODay-seen-unfiltered-photos-hanging-hotel-pool.html
  12. this is laughable... as if JT would be bothered, he thinks his phony insta-pology is suffice.
  13. Random one, but from Danity Kane's failed DK3 original concept 'I Would Be Nothing'
  14. I will never get over the Blackout era website with the album voting. Tbh I kinda wish Blackout was named 'OMG, Is like Lindsay Lohan, like, ok, like?'
  15. Madonna looks like she's about to dislocate her jaw and eat my baby like a snake.
  16. Watch this post be deleted and replaced with photos Lou, Jaime an emoji and a sunset.
  17. I feel like such an old man.... but all her songs sound literally the same to me.
  18. What I wanna know is if this will become cannon now? So many people prefer this version, lets just pretend Joss version didn't happen.
  19. I can understand some of the sentiments. I have seen people that do not support or believe in the LGBTQI+ community but will use gay gifs all the time... and I'm like, if you don't support the community or the people, why leverage what the pieces you deem acceptable?
  20. Everytime I see or hear something new about this shady people it makes me feel sick. I don't understand how us as regular people can see all of these issues and yet the courts move so slow, and delay, delay, delay court hearings... There should be immediate suspension of those that these allegations are against. Especially now there is Bessemer involved it would have no negative impact to Britney's 'care' if Jaime etc. were suspended entirely for a short period while full investigation occured. WHERE IS THE MONEY?
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