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    Britney stan since ‘98. Godney, Beysus, and Rihanna, a/k/a the HOly Spirit are the Goddesses of Pop. This is NOT an opinion. These are FACTS! Disagree? Debate your old bald headed grandmother 😘
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  1. To everyone saying “Make Me” is y’all deaf? MATM is a TERRIBLE song and has sucked from the original premiered at the NFL opening night performance in September 2003. ITZ is a classic and MATM is one of the few songs on it that are flat AWFUL. Y’all’s lack of taste is scary. Trying to say Make Me is terrible when it was a bop isn’t giving what y’all thought it was trying to gave.
  2. I can agree to an extent. If the artist just says ignorant, obnoxious **** (Kanye, for example) are one thing but evil, vile predators that used their influence, money, and power (R. Kelly, obviously) to r@pe, torture, and enslave young Black girls should be completely cancelled. Every streaming sight and store should remove any media by him and release a statement announcing said removal along with a very stern and clear denouncement of the monster as a whole. Anyone wondering why this hasn’t been done yet, especially those that don’t live in the U.S., our Constitution considers any defendant innocent until proven guilty so, until R. Kelly changes his plea to guilty or is found guilty in a court of law, the big companies that stream and sell his media (e.g. YouTube, Spotify, Shazam, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.) it is more than likely due to this Constitutional clause but will more than like likely play out as explained above. PS - A serious and heartfelt thank you to anyone that actually read this entire comment. I have ADHD but write important legal documents many days in my profession so, while I am good at putting my thoughts down in a relatively chronological order, I can’t just write a short paragraph and call it a day, lol. Anyhow, I know people hate long replies so, if you took any of your precious time to read all of this I genuinely appreciate you and you made my day 💜
  3. Eh, formerly hot. Being a hateful, problematic ***hole has made him age like milk. We love to see it 😍
  4. Lmaooo. This is not even close to a “battle” and the fact that Christina is winning is sad. Beyoncé is the greatest entertainer EVER. PERIOD. Like her, hate her, I don’t care but the proof is there. Not even 40 and 43 awards away from also becoming the most awarded artist of all time. Stay mad!
  5. This is so beautifully written from the heart and says what every longtime Brit fan thinks and feels. Kudos on such an iconic comment, Britneylandia, BRAVO and thank you!!!!!❤️💜❤️💜
  6. No shade but this hostile, holier than thou, superiority complex is the exact reason why so many people detest veganism/vegetarianism. I’m sure you’re a super nice person and I’m sure you mean well but coming off so sanctimonious and short isn’t making any of us lowly, slovenly carnivores any more apt to pick up a carrot instead of a ribeye.
  7. Same. That was the part I actually lol’d. Ari seems like she is legit hilarious.
  8. This....is....awful! Sounds like every generic dance track overplayed at Pride. Thank Gaga she didn’t keep this beat, that awful bridge, or the super MEH! second verse!
  9. Lord Jesus, Fix This! The expert level skulldragging shade you just unleashed was EPIC!
  10. As usual, I absolutely agree with you, Jordan! It’s 2020, Brit and Christina are almost 40 years old. Shame on that troll for using such a great campaign to promote rivalry and division. I truly cannot figure out why people enjoy creating feuds and petty drama with fanbases, stans, and their ultimate goal, the pop stars themselves, which is insane and sick. I am all I’m on moving the #JusticeforBlackout date, Jordan, and, not that I know that reason it was set for June 8th I will absolutely NOT participate if it isn’t moved. Period.
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