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  1. Just watched the whole thing. Thank you so much for putting this together. You’re definitely talented and hope your videos get more exposure. With that being said, I’m gonna have fu&%ing nightmares after the stalker grabbed his cheeks and made that terrifying face directly at the camera in the beginning lol very frightening!
  2. Yassssss at Britney ruling the Exhale charts!! As she should! But I’m interested to see what the top 10 threads not related to Britney are. I still remember that iconic Charlie Puth “thirst trap” thread 🤣🤣 A mess…
  3. I knew it! A scream fest at the end as usual. I did enjoy the song up until the end tho. The song is giving me Havana teas, but the video gives you an edgier concept which I liked. I agree with others: why didn’t she sing beckys part? That was my fav because of the lyrics and the change in the beat was fire. Anyway, it’s a 6/10 for me. I doubt I will listen to it again tho. Hope it’s a smash hit, Xtina deserves it.
  4. I feel like her and Kygo would make some real magic. Just a few examples of what she could do flawlessly!
  5. The gays if the song is “great” but it doesn’t chart well: “Charts are irrelevant these days!” Also gays if a “great” song actually charts: *proceeds to point out every single chart achievement possible that will benefit their argument* 🤣🤣
  6. Omg I was such a big fan of these guys. Always thought they were edgier than one direction lol With that being said, this song is generic AF and a pass for me. But they have a lot of potential for sure.
  7. This is amazing!!!!! The melody, her voice and the emotion!!! Yes it’s a bit the same thing she serves, but only she can get away with that. It will be a huge hit, and you can go ahead and bookmark me. I also think she’s very aware that she serves the same concept, which is why she takes lengthy breaks to not annoy us. I kinda want my boyfriend to break up with me so I can enjoy it even more!!! 🤣🤣
  8. If you’re a Britney fan and you voted for BOMT or GM, Imma need you hoes to turn in your stan cards immediately. The nerve!!!!!
  9. Honestly both sides have valid points. I just can’t with the high school drama and people not taking accountability. They’re looking for someone to blame and at this point it’s exhausting… ugh.
  10. Wow! I get that he called you ignorant…but you literally just told someone that their existence is ‘stupid’, and that they are a piece of $Hi7! We need to all take it down a notch. Opinions are valid, and we should be able to debate these issues as adults. #Love
  11. Ok first of all she looks gorgeous! And the song itself is cute and I would go as far to say it’s actually a bop. HOWEVER… the visuals were trying way too hard in trying to give hip hop vibes, and it is most definitely serving cultural appropriation. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how this was approved. And also a P. Diddy cameo? Is this 2002?? Lmao
  12. I think they spelled “Robbing” wrong… See what I did there? Lmao 😉😜
  13. This snatched my wig!!!! Loved the track, and her Disco album was amazing.
  14. The issue that I have with Xtina (I know no one asked me lol) is that she rarely knows how to apply the right amount of vocal energy into her tracks. For example this “Santo santo” reggaeton track. She’s once again using her high pitch “belting” voice 90% of the time. It just doesn’t go well at all. Specifically with that type of music, it’s all about the **** mellow tone of voice that compliments it so well. The Becky G girl on the same track is doing it right. Those are my two cents. And the frustrating part is that she can definitely adjust this because she did that flawlessly in that “say something” duet ballad she sang. She didn’t overdo it, and it sounded spectacular!!!!
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