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  1. She’s just edgier, it’s harder to check all the boxes with her. I dig it tho
  2. Eminem gets away with it because of his absolute undeniable genius. Bops aren’t enough. You have to do it masterfully
  3. Ugh, you need to rewatch it with an open mind. It’s so beautiful, and the ending is amazing ugh… I cry every time and I’m not a Gaga Stan lol
  4. I think if she would have used stronger less nasally vocals for the song, it could have gone straight to the top 10. It’s such a bop at its core but the vocals sadly make it less amazing.
  5. I love this comment so much. My thoughts exactly. Nicki has cemented herself as a legend, years ago. She was a pioneer in rap. Seems like after Cardi became the shiny new object, people have forgotten this fact. But they can’t take it away from her no matter how hard they try 😂
  6. I see they allow her to have a phone, an old *** one but a phone. Love to see her driving
  7. Taking advantage of her roots? That’s what everyone does! Lmao. That’s like saying you don’t like Beyoncé because her music sounds “black”. Sounds like more of a “you” issue.
  8. She smashed it and y’all will deal. She’s not the first talented racist and she won’t be the last 😂😂😂
  9. Oh, I feel she’s going to come back completely reimagined but the Britney we know and love. I feel it DEEPLY. She is a true artist and an artist must create.
  10. What a glorious day to be a Stan. Ugh love hearing her voice!
  11. Something blatant from FF that stands out to me is the “I can almost feel the lace” bridge on upndown. Is there a thread where people have dissected FF and figured out which parts are myah? That’d be super interesting
  12. Bruh I’m sure she misses wearing a mask and not being recognized. She’s probably just trying to hide her face
  13. I watched her episode with joe rogan on Spotify and tbh, I like her. She might seem like she’s spiraling from an outside perspective but really she’s just finally celebrating herself the way she wants to. Of course she has said some dumb **** recently but I’m sure we all can agree that that’s human. She looks incredible and I wish her nothing but happiness!
  14. All the size queens commenting need to sit down and prepare your ******* wigs for takeoff.
  15. Ngl I feel bad for her. She was just to sweet for the industry right now
  16. I haven’t listened to her in a while. I’m thinking we’re aging out of the stuff she’s made 😂 she needs to make a grown album. Something personal, where you can hear the pain in her voice. But that’s just me 🙋🏻‍♂️
  17. I hear till the world ends now and I’m like, “god how did I like this song?” Lol at the time I kind of felt it was very Kesha and generic but still liked it because it was Brit and it was at the height of dance on radio. So I would literally just like everything that made me dance. Now tracks gotta try harder for me to shake it.
  18. Real talk, it must be overwhelming to be in a relationship with someone of that caliber. Like damn.
  19. She’s belting more, where as with her Older work, it was bits and pieces of belting but with mostly pop vocals. I think she mastered her pop vocal, I wish she’d bring it back.
  20. Think of it from a mother’s perspective. She knows music and singing brings Britney joy. She’s not saying it in a “go work, make some money” she’s saying it like “remember the talent you have, let it bring you joy again like when you were young”
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