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  1. First, the RCA should publish an opinion on how they feel about Britney and the guardianship. Britney is the greatest superstar they ever had after Elvis. And they don't give a **** about Britney
  2. Yes, but you have to say that Britney is only now going all out. She could have ended guardianship much earlier. We know she was afraid for the children. now this is no longer an issue because the children have grown up.
  3. As soon as Britney's own attorney is approved by the court at 1.30pm (LA time) today, I hope that in the same second he will pull the completed application for termination of guardianship out of his pocket and slam Penny on the table.
  4. As her guardian, however, he is obliged to act in Britney's best interests. If the court agrees, he has no chance of denying this lawyer
  5. if they allow their own lawyer now, they should have done so in 2008 as well. This decision will push the judge to her limits. She opens the door to a lawsuit against the guardianship and its beginnings
  6. I am sure Britney will be back. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/music/story/2021-07-01/britney-spears-conservatorship-comeback-return?fbclid=IwAR1RcPXikwWuaomEN6yqI1villr1T9kdSaDhopU_1eX9Yf_gDt3bk8z4eIc We won't let britney retire without a farewell tour.
  7. Well I think the majority of the public opinion was in favor of guardianship. Your team could simply present itself as a “savior”. And the complete comeback proved them right. The fans were kids back then and had absolutely no idea what guardianship meant for Britney in the first place. Even among the fans there were only a handful who were always against guardianship. Lol Man was even an enemy on the Britney forums of the world if you came out as an absolute opponent of guardianship. the betrayal of her fortune has likely been going on since the beginning of her career. Is there an accounting requirement in the USA for such a long period of time? In Germany, after 30 years, you could still see where the money went. Nobody really believes Britney personally wasted that inexhaustible amount of money.
  8. Britney is depressed because she is under guardianship and not the other way around. She will blossom as soon as she is free and can hug her children when she wants. You're drawing completely wrong conclusions like the damn doctors. They always assume Britney is sick. And I say life made Britney sick.
  9. But he is not a lawyer who specializes in guardianship. So I think he will generally question the guardianship and its beginnings. That should bring another avalanche to roll
  10. I bet Britney started refusing medication back in 2019. That was the starting point of her involuntary rehab in 2019.
  11. Britney should stop all medication immediately so that she is clean. Under no circumstances should she trust the doctors of the guardianship.
  12. The will for freedom has always won in human history. And yes Britney will make it. It's just a matter of time
  13. I'm afraid the whole family, including Federline, will go through talk shows or write books when Britney gets the power back over her finances.
  14. Jody can protect herself if she just resigns from her mandate. It takes a few minutes and does not cost anything. ;-)
  15. Where was Lynne in the custody battle? Where was Lynne in 2008. Where has Lynne been in the past 13 years? Guardianship sings faster than the Titanic and Lynn clings to her daughter. Will Britney forget everything? We'll see who she speaks to after guardianship.
  16. Women in positions of power are a disaster. She has zero empathy for Britney. Britney has everything a woman could want. But look at the old emances that rule Britney's life. they are all jealous of Britney
  17. There is still a dear God in the world. he takes care of Britney late, but now with all his might. ;-) Ingham just wants to save his neck. He knows full well that there will be a guardianship review. Yesterday I wrote that he was going to resign and I was right.
  18. finally an equal opponent to Lucifer and Papa Spears. I'll order a Tesla in a moment
  19. of course he has to make this request. I'm as excited as everyone else about how he explains it. It is not enough to say that Britney wants to end guardianship. The rationale will be very interesting. He certainly won't write that guardianship was illegal from the start. He has to prove with facts why Britney no longer needs guardianship. And since he was always a double agent and played into the hands of the other side, he will not incriminate himself. Maybe he'll resign.
  20. Basically, this petition must be justified to end the guardianship. He will find a way without incriminating himself or his fellow lawyers. Or does one of you think he is really stupid. if this application is denied, britney will remain under guardianship for many years.
  21. This article is making headlines around the world right now and is set to cause another quake in guardianship.
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