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  1. I say this is a fictional story. Of course, everyone knows that after all the public hype about guardianship, she's going to be a box-office magnet. But you don't have to be an insider for that. And of course it is positive for Britney when she knows that she could quickly recover financially.
  2. Britney needs some time to herself first. Personally, I believe in a comeback before she turns 45.
  3. They should all be brought to justice and burned at the stake. Judge Reva Goetz failed as a judge all along the line. She had a moral and legal duty to protect Britney from injustice.
  4. Britney now has to fear that there will be copies of her bedroom performances. "One night with Britney" could soon become a sad reality. I hope Britney will sue everyone for everything they have once Britney is free. Incredible that something like this is possible in a civilized constitutional state.
  5. The rest of Britney's family are seriously insane. You have massive cognitive disorders
  6. Britney wouldn't exist without ABBA. Like Britney, Agnetha put her children above her career.
  7. It is absolutely unprofessional for him to comment on Britney's case. his mother put her hands on her lap for 3 years and did nothing for britney. Logically that the Fan Base does not send love letters to him and his mother. It was always emphasized that guardianship was "voluntary". Now Britney wants to voluntarily end the matter immediately. ;-)
  8. kleinbritney


    This will not be a march through for Rosengart. It can all take years. But he clearly represents Britney's interests. We should be glad that she finally has her own lawyer.
  9. Judge Reva Goetz was white did we love her? No, we don't differentiate according to skin color. We differentiate between right and law. When the whole world unclusive hundreds of lawyers say this guardianship is unlawful or at least absolutely questionable, a judge cannot disagree.
  10. I've always said that her mother is no better than her father. At the time I was even glad that Lynne didn't become Britney's guardian. The whole family only has dollar signs in their eyes. Every soap opera is a joke against it
  11. The fact is, Britney made so much money in her career that she couldn't have spent it. I think it's impossible that her father stole all the money during the guardianship. The money was probably stolen before the guardianship or they speculated on the stock exchange with fatal consequences. Or they never paid tax on it. And it's on a numbered account somewhere.
  12. I would be much more interested in where all of her money has gone since the beginning of her career. It was during this time that she undoubtedly made the most money. The money she earned under guardianship, on the other hand, was peanuts.
  13. This is just an advertisement for their Hustlers Club. You know Britney won't do that. And they wouldn't pay millions for a couple of nipples either.
  14. The picture has been on the website for ages. Cher should tell her to remove the picture. When they have no business contact.
  15. A silly little list. Who sponsored them ? Is this really about the greatest music videos of all time? I do not think so.
  16. Britney was always surrounded by scum. But the biggest junk is undoubtedly in the courtroom. Because they should have seen through the bad game. For this, the judges are generously rewarded and have extensive powers to pronounce justice. Nothing was ever checked or questioned. In fact, it's a miracle that Britney hasn't completely gone nuts. No one survives such a powerlessness in life.
  17. If Britney ever answers fan questions, that should be on your agenda . The other side is sure to read along. however Britney likes gossip about herself
  18. I've been accused of not being a fan. I'm just someone who considers the consequences of such photos. Public opinion is very important in Britney's case. Now if people turn away and say they haven't learned that would be the best card Britney's father can play. Many fans don't seem to want to understand that. Britney is in a situation where she should think carefully about everything.
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