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  1. Not a huge fan of training dogs to be vicious so they can be used for protection purposes. I don't trust their judgment enough & have seen too many owners unable to gain control once they've decided to attack someone. I feel like we'll end up seeing a lawsuit or 2 in the future involving Porsha.
  2. How about people just grow up in general & stop wishing death to ANYONE? It shouldn't be normalized or deemed acceptable. People deserve more than a silly Facebook ban for saying such things.
  3. I'm sorry, but I honestly think that Amanda needs the conservatorship. It's almost disrespectful to even compare her to Britney.
  4. The ONLY acceptable response to this question is that we want B10 to sound like whatever the heck SHE wants it to sound like. Let her truly be free, and support her no matter where that takes her. She's earned it. I'm so tired of people wanting another "Britney" or "Blackout 2.0" or constantly talking about when she was at her peak compared to new performances. Can't people just love & appreciate her for who she is today, regardless of what she's accomplished in the past? Imagine constantly being told by your fans that your new work isn't as good as it used to be. I don't care what she does going forward....I will 100% be there to support her. Going forward, her happiness is all that matters.
  5. I *hate* this type of marketing. Wanting people to buy the same album several different times is just disrespectful to the fans. Not only do other countries get exclusives, but sometimes even within the US, certain stores get exclusives. Demi Lovato's newest album has like 3-4 different versions just in the US.
  6. Hmmm... Beyonce started the era with "Formation"...an anthem empowering women of color to join her in her quest for taking no more bull **** from anyone. She had been pushed too far but she was back with vengeance so people better just take a step back & get out of her way. Other tracks talked bl**tly about how the person closest to her in her life had hurt her. They worked through her anger & explored options for the future. They explored her self empowerment to make her own decisions & let everyone know that **** was going to change. My question was whether SHE might make the same type of album. Would it be something SHE would want since she obviously has a lot of emotions built up. Apparently some of you thought I was asking what you would personally like to see.
  7. Am I the only person who read Britney's Instagram post tonight & wondered if she'll want to put her anger into her music once she's free? I started thinking about it & wondered if she might have her very own "Lemonade" album... 🤔 Keep in mind it's just a question. If she doesn't want to record again then that is fine...I want her to do whatever SHE wants to do.
  8. I love Aqua! They're playing a couple tour dates in Canada this year & I really wish I could go! There's like 4 other bands that are supposed to be there as well that have songs I like too!
  9. I stumbled across this on YouTube & don't remember seeing a post about it. Thought some people may be interested...
  10. The US is fully open & operational pretty much everywhere. The CDC has relaxed safety guidelines including for large arenas which are WAY bigger than a Vegas club.
  11. Wish I was closer to Vegas! Sounds like it could be a fun way to celebrate Britney & the demand we're making for her freedom! Will you live stream at least part of the event for everyone who follows your TikTok? The site creator, @Jordan Miller is actually in Vegas... maybe an official Breatheheavy event?
  12. Knowing everything we know about Britney... I don't think she'd go into details about the bad parts of her situation with her kids. They are the biggest loves of her life & anytime she does get with them...she'd want to make it special. We all heard his mother's testimony & were horrified. If we're to believe he has even more into about it than what she shared in those 23 minutes...it's hard to believe that he would be telling anyone to chill. That's essentially what EVERYONE involved in the conservatorship has said, with only a few people in her life defending her & what SHE has said.
  13. If she doesn't move out of the country I think she should just move to a mansion right on the beach in Maui. I think she'd love being there full time.
  14. He said he auditioned but didn't get picked. Auditions would have obviously came at the beginning before she spent the next couple months rehearsing with the dancers who were actually picked. Then when she refused a certain move & the show was cancelled...they put her on lithium. He had nothing to do with her by then.
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