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  1. Full rehearsal of one run . Has live vocals. Didn't see any threads about this. Fyi, this is the one with Justin on From the Bottom.
  2. Weird question. But imagine it's 2000 and it's the height of the Oops era. it's midnight and you're watching CNN or MTV or something. Then through some time warpy thingy, you see, "Framing Britney Spears" or "Controlling...." or "Britney Vs Spears". What would the reaction be like? How would the Britney loving world react back then?
  3. Honestly the doc had too much panning shots that could've been used for stuff like more lou taylor attacks.. or perhaps investigation on the corruption of the court... oh well.
  4. Like Britney in a cage, which we do know is something that she wants to be depicted in (from Make Me).
  5. You racist much? I think the video is very very shallow and has many things missing or outright wrong (Bryan Spears, really?) But the Kanye connection is there, the Kardashians have allegedly tried putting him in a conservatorship as well plus the black box security connection is there too. Anyways, they failed at their attempt at intersectionality (very very shallow mention of disability rights if any). If Britney already has it that bad, imagine non-famous poc with more disability than her.
  6. It's really creepy but unsurprising that there are infiltrators in the B-army. Team-con fake stans. Bleghhh
  7. We know that at least black box is willing to use gun as a threat. Who knows what threats were given to Sam for non-compliance. Either way, the key takeaway from the Doc should be on Black Box + Robin + Lou + State of California + Jamie.
  8. What came to mind learning this is Britney citing Max Lucado as her favorite author via a twitter Q and A back in 2013. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/news/britney-spears-cites-extreme-anti-gay-marriage-preacher-favourite-author-8924564.html I smell Lou Taylor all over this. They were forcing Britney their brand of Christianity after Britney's turn to Kabbalah.
  9. Can someone explain to me what's so "Bizzare" About the Dance Videos?
  10. I hope this won't be a framing Britney Spears 2.0. The bare minimum for this doc to be of any interest is if it discusses both Lou Taylor and the role of the State (Remember, like the Police force was brought on to get Britney back in 2008, even with the usage of helicopters. That's a lotta public funds used). It isn't that necessary for anything thats new to stans to be shown, But what is crucial is for the whole big picture of the Britney story to be shown to the GP because as of now, what the GP knows is that it is primarily just a Jamie Spears thing which is very lacking on the whole picture.
  11. It's in the same place as the "When your eyes say it" music video and the pregnant version of "Born To Make You Happy".
  12. The Subject matter of Criminal lends itself to so so many shippings vids.
  13. It's Viacom, viacom gonna continue to be ****ty viacom on YouTube. Tbh tho, its surprising that stuff like the whole VMA 2000 show and multiple performances, or 80s MTV feeds are still up on YouTube.
  14. Interesting how they considered (it seems) at one point to use backing vocals for Satisfaction, but ended up completely live for the actual performance.
  15. Do we have any footage of this? Oops Tour Sin City Rap
  16. So the most recent one is Lonely care of Britney serving live vocals via Instagram. Before this, it was Touch of My hand and Breathe On Me as included in the BBMA 2016 performance and all subsequent POM shows. What's the next Album only song from before the current era that's gonna becone relevant, performance wise, or Britney talking about it, or just any other ways...
  17. It's such as shame the game had only 5 songs, when the 3 prior dance games by the same devs Metro Graphics, which are Bust A Move/Bust a Groove, Bust a Move 2/Bust a Groove 2 and Dance Summit 2001:Bust a Move, had 12, 12 and 8 songs respectively.
  18. Cool podcast, can't wait for the future episodes on the other songs. As for That's Where You Take Me (and Anticipating), these definitely aired on Myx in the Philippines. I can believe that these aren't official, but its probable that these were not fanmade but made by the network. There's no existing footage (yet) of a myx recording of anticipating and that's where you take me. The closest equivalent we do have a Myx recording of is "Brown Eyes" by Destiny's Child. A non-single album cut from the early 2000s that was HUGE in the Philippines during the time. I'm only basing of comments for brown eyes too but it seems that this video was put on by Myx itself.
  19. As for Anticipating in the Philippines, it definitely charted at least on radio. Here's an archive of the charts from a radio station in the Capital Region from January 2003. https://web.archive.org/web/20030203014817/https://www.rx931.com/charts/?ID=64 I couldn't find archives for the months where That's Where You Take Me would've supposedly charted. As for Myx Charts for Music Videos, the the best I can find are forum posts or facebook posts, none official from Myx itself.
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