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  1. Britney knows what's up. And sometimes she says things flat out and gets very direct, but sometimes I feel like she's being very tongue in cheek about it - like in this post. "It" being her situation and what she's going thru and experiencing. And I'm here for it. I personally feel like it shows she's very aware of the discussions happening around her and she has so much she would like to tell us. But sometimes she just give us these tidbits and captions that kinda have a wink wink to'em. And I feel like that's very much the Britney way if doing it. And I'm here for it. I cant wait til she's freed and can let it all hang out
  2. Guys, what I feel she's saying in this post is... She's lying or making up a story about going to a reggae party. She put on a dress and stayed at home, because that's all she can/ are allowed to do. That's why she mentions the "went out just two times in Vegas... unfortunately I'm not lying". Shes telling us she is not free to go out and do what ever she wants. She has the dress, but no where to go. Meaning she's not allowed or able to go out. So she put on the dress and showed it of in her house. So the reggae party is just made up, in like a obvious way. Shes making a point with this post.
  3. I love the fact that britney found her straight to say, fuxk you! Ya'll know what - **** all of ya'll ****ers have been living of me and never gave a damn. Fuxk off!!!!!!!! Free britney. Sometimes family is not for ever. And in this case it's not. Fuxk this people.
  4. Honestly! This really made me laugh. This was the funniest thing she's put out in a long time. And it made me feel so at ease. Cause it was just so real and silly. And props for recognising her on impact. My queen❤
  5. BOMT Crazy Stronger Can't make you love me Oops... Slave Toxic MATM Womanizer Work Work So basically the hits. Fake fan
  6. That quote is baffling to me. This just proves that she is well aware of whats going on andbest for her, and capable to make dissisons about how she would like things to be run. How can she be able to make such reasonable suggestions about the conservertorship - if she is so unwell that she in need the C-chip in the first place? *sorry if this doesn't make any sense. Not my first language
  7. There will always be trolls on the internet and I'm sure they fill up her comments. But I do believe that many (including myself) of her fans/stans are way harsh on her. And are some what partial in the criticism she is mentioning. We can be so mean sometimes because we hold her to our own individual standard of how we want britney to be, look and act. Some of us are stuck in the past, some of us wants her to be the ultimate superstar supreme 2020 pop star. But she is just a women living her life. She has given us so much. The trolls won't go away. But we - who adore her could at least back of with the comments, the endless long discussions about this or that. I'm always going to be team #freebritney. I have my suspicions to. But unless it is love you're going to leave in her comment section, well, then you can just... Leave Britney alone Love you all. But love her more.
  8. Thats not a good song. Could not see our self (all of us) banging our heads to that at her show in 10 years. Basic song of the moment. Just saying, and had to say it.
  9. https://www.tmz.com/2019/09/18/britney-spears-court-conservatorship-jamie-lynne/ Someone involved in the case tells TMZ, there will be "major surprises" in court. What's happening?
  10. This is a case for the FBI. Cuz it's one of her fiercest songs ever, duh.
  11. Oh my god, yes! What u see (is what you get) is one of those songs I just rediscovered. And it should have definitely been in my top 10. Im a flop fan
  12. 1. Womanizer 2. Work ***** (this always gets me pumped up before i leave for my shitty job) 3. ...Oops! 4. Make me 5. Stronger 6. Do something 7. Break the ice 8. Hold it against me 9. BOMT 10. Just luv me This was hard
  13. Yes... but let's keep in mind that we can't freak the **** out and go ape shut the moment we get new info. Let's play this cool. We got to have faith in the facts we are presented. Let's not drag Sam lutffutuffi in to it, her sister, mother ect. We can do this guys with out being ********.
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