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  1. Look i agree with you, but it's imposible to humans to live without kill-eat somekind of animal, that's how nature works and that's why your teeth have this form. I know that there are pills that can give u somekind of proteins and vitamin b12, but it's not the same and you can't force everyone to follow this diet. Also a vegan lifestyle actually costs a lot of money and in the poor countries people die because they don't even have the money to eat meat, imagine if the have to buy protein pills. Humans are also animals and if a hungry lion see you in savanah it's not gonna think if you "undestand the concept of family". I know that there are slaugther houses that don't respect animals, but the reason is that they have to produce a big ammount of food, so many people brake the law (i don't say it as an excuse). The only solution to this problem is to reduce the ammount of meat that we eat, the mediterean cusine is a good example(eat meat max 3 times in the week).
  2. For me its only about the enviroment, because even the plants or the microorganisms that live on them is a form of life, we could be actually vegans only if we were plants and we could use photosynthesis to gain energy. Until that time comes, we should just reduce the ammount of meat we eat.
  3. Actually the rich guys are the ones that eat those animals, because they think they will be lucky or will be immortal. The majority of poor people in those countries eat vegetables. I agree that we have to reduce our meat eating habits in the west world, so we can reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere, but on the other hand its not only the proteins that we need as humans but also vitamin B12 that we can get only by consuming meat. So the problem is more complicated.
  4. yes i know, recently i saw a tree cut it roots and come to me, also i notice that sunflowers maybe chase sun
  5. yes my fellow meat eater tou are rigth, but i always throw them in the end
  6. ok maybe i am not from a rural place , but i am not the one that flex his abs, also that's what goverment want you to believe
  7. iam not going follow your instructions, you bloody agent , i am not gonna be a slave of the system
  8. pls language, why are you so mean with me , is just my opinion , dont be mad and also serious anwsers
  9. what if i *** you down?


  10. yes, of course, but also dinosaurs existed before humans, why do you think they exist? are you an agent?
  11. I have this theory that vegetables are actually fake food and its made by the government the only real food its meat , and there is a very trustfull facts about it, but i am only gonna share only one with you. You cant control the chemicals that they put on vegetables because airplanes spray them even if you plant them on your backyard, but on the other hand you can control what you feed your animals. (I am not against vegan community) or like i call them agents of the goverment. I link a really good greek meat recipe below, that you can actually can cook once a week , because its very good for your liver.
  12. yes i know that, bolognese is the most common pasta in greece i almost eat it every week, we called it μακαρονια με κιμα
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