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  1. Nobody is talking about JT rn tho. We’re talking about Madge & how she sucks the life out of younger more relevant artists. 😭 Madge comes off very desperate to stay relevant and successful. It’s kind of sad to watch tbh.
  2. I’m very familiar with Madges career. I even read the book that her brother wrote about her and everything. I can’t believe you started off their similarities with them both being “blondes” and neither one are natural blondes 😭😂😭 That further proves my point that Britney was more so compared to Madge cause they both were white “blondes” as you said. Also Madge had a dry slump in the 90s Janet, MC, Whitney and Celine were all SLAYING Madge mercilessly and it wasn’t until ROL that she got back to the forefront of Pop music. Nobody was talking about who’s bigger between Janet and Madge tho? I thought we were talking about which one was a bigger influence on Britney and it’s clearly Janet! From Britney performance style, her fashion (jeans and her belly shirt while performing is so Janet), her videos etc all reminds you of Janet not Madge. Britney wasn’t overtly ***ual like Madge was she was more classy with it like Janet was. Ntm both Janet and Britney was child stars they got their start really young. Also I would say that Janet was bigger than Madge in 1998. Janet was the 2nd biggest artist of the 90s after Mariah.
  3. Imo it’s a boring bland album aside from Frozen and ROL. I know this because I have listened to it a few times to see if I was hearing it wrong and I just don’t care for it. I listen to all genres of music and all eras of music too going back to the 60s. So I’m not one that only listens to Pop or dance music. Imo Confessions is her best album. That album just flows so well and the way that the songs all flow into one another I really like.
  4. I would love for her to write a book one day and maybe do a short series about her life. I don't think a movie would be long enough to document everything that has happened to her. You can really feel Janet emotions and pain when she's singing or performing this song .. I always wondered why she never made this song a single tho? Its just so damn flawless! Janet may not have a voice like a Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin but when she sings songs like this she really knows how to make the best out of her voice.
  5. Madge did use Britney & multiple times too, she also used JT and Nicki Minaj too! Oh and I totally forgot about Gaga cause she discarded her so fast I forgot it happened. Those are my opinions and I'm not changing!
  6. I always have too. TBH I don't see many similarities between Britney and Madge I think the media mainly only compared the two because Britney is white and Janet is Black. Even tho Britney always cited Janet as an influence more and the similarities between Janet and Britney are much more clearer. Janet also has never latched onto younger artists for relevancy the way Madge has in the latter part of her career. 😭
  7. That honestly would have been EPIC and totally out of left field from what they were expecting too. It would have been easier for her to pull off too. A lil off topic but I feel like the 07 VMAs did hurt her confidence a bit cause on the M&Ms tour she was still fluid in her movements and she still had it ... even tho she wasn't giving it 100% U can tell it was still there!
  8. She was a ROCKSTAR during that performance! I was just thinking about that a few days ago. She was partying all weekend, drinking and got on stage probably drunk or under the influence of something. ICONIC performance none the less!
  9. I can't with you all just letting his thread FLOP like that, FIX it Jesus! 😭😂😭
  10. IDC what U all say BJ has some of her best mid tempos and ballads. Perfume she has never sounded better singing in her real natural tone on that record. I still get SLAYED from that song. Sure some of the songs on there like Til It's Gone, Bodyache, Chillin With You & Alien (Alien 1st verse is good but the production isn't good and neither is the song after the 1st verse) could have been left on the cutting room floor. I never got the hype over William Orbit tbh, I mean ROY is a boring BORING album aside from Frozen and ROL. 😭 The album just doesn't have any songs that have that big single feel and that is what it's missing imo. Now that I think about it she should release the original album and the songs she had with Mike Will and Hit Boy before it became "Her most personal album" and she should also release Femme Fatale original album before all of the Max Martin and Dr Luke tracks!
  11. After the conservatorship? Man this song is so POWERFUL 🙌🏾 I was just bopping out to this and thought how amazing this would be if Britney did a record like this after the conservatorship. Just a one off to get her feet wet again after all of the chaos and everything from the conservatorship. I imagine she has a lot to say and has probably been doing a lot of writing and I can't think of a better way to express yourself then through your music and art. Janet has always been very great at that and Britney has at times too EveryTime, Someday, Touch of My Hand, All That She Wants etc. Do you think something like this would be good for Britney and how do you think the public would react? I remember when Janet did this performance back in 1998 everyone and even myself thought that she was going to do something uptempo but she went totally left and performed this song and KILLED it!
  12. I think Femme Fatale may be my favorite Britney album post Blackout. FF has some serious BOPS on there and I still play it a lot! Man what I wouldn't give for 2004 Britney to perform HIAM, TTWE and Inside Out. 🙌🏾
  13. That sounds EPIC but I feel like with that we'll be asking for too much. You know everything is so microwave now and the labels don't take the time anymore to do stuff like that. I mean they don't even do artist devolvement anymore. smh!
  14. WOW. I didn't know it was that rushed 😳 No wonder Brit was over that era and gave ZERO ****s 😂
  15. Yup Jive is awful and held her back a lot. I found on Youtube Britney vocals from Nellys 2004 hit Tilt Ya Head Back and reportedly Jive didn't want her to do it and that's how Tina got on the track.
  16. Was U a fan during that time? I remember Britney saying that Circus was going to be more "urban" than when the album came it was pure pop. The same thing happened to Femme Fatale and Britney Jean too. She had some songs with Hit Boy for BJ and if even talked about it too With Femme Fatale she had to re-record the entire album per Jive records not being happy with the album. I remember Darkchild saying that he did 2 songs for Britney and one was with Travis Barker but we never heard the one with Travis Barker. If U notice from Britney when she started getting creative freedom up until Blackout Britney albums were going more and more in the R&B/Hip Hop route then Circus came and killed all of that imo. Here is Hit Boy below in the 2 vids talking about Britney manager coming up to him and asking him to produce for Britney yet we never heard those tracks before! He produced Ni**** In Paris for Jay & Kanye and a bunch on they Watch The Throne album and that's what made him pop off as a producer and he has worked with Beyonce, Jlo, Nicki and Rihanna and a ton of Hip Hop artists, he is a very talented producer! He also said that he wanted to work with Britney and produce a album for her. I remember Pharrell saying that he wanted to EP Britney Jean yet we got stuck with Will I Am. 😭 I'm trying to find some links now about Pharrell saying that he wanted to produce Britneys upcoming album which was BJ. I know its some fans on here that remembers this more clearly then I do.
  17. I agree again. I love Pink and her music is always good but she's not exactly exciting to me if that make sense?
  18. I like some of the songs and still play Unusual You, Mannequin, Blur, Kill The Lights, the 3 BT's that weren't available in the US and I just played Womanizer and Circus is playing rn. The rest could have been left on the cutting room floor and I totally forgot that Teresa was the one that did the track listing for Circus. Also coming off the heels of Blackout didn't help either and Britney promised a more R&B/Hip Hop record and when Circus came it was a pure Pop album. Its crazy cause she promised the same with Femme Fatale and BJ and someone always **** her plans up. That another reason why I'll be glad when she's free cause she'll be able to make the music that she truly wants too and be the artist that she wants too and not what someone else wants her to do.
  19. So no one is thriving over there, got it! 😂
  20. I would be here for that! I just discovered that Bloodshy & Avant produced Trouble I had no idea and it makes it even more crazy that it wasn't included on the standard tracklisting. Like who the hell was the A&R for Circus that put that awful album together? It was so many other great songs that could have made the finished version!
  21. Are any of them thriving? I know Atlantic has a lot of heavy hitters like Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Ed Sheran, The Rollingstones they have a lot of big players, Interscope does too but IDK who RCA has? 😭
  22. RCA is the pits man. Who is even on that dreadful label? Hopefully when the Chsip is over she can fire her entire team and leave RCA!
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