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  1. I would like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Bloodshy and Avant to create something for them. They way the song can have both that Janet & Britney feel/swag to it! Idk how Britney & XTina would sound? Unless Xtina is just singing the hook and chorus?
  2. I would actually really be here for Britney and Ryan Tedder, I love OneRepublic and his work as a songwriter! I'm surprise that they never worked together before?
  3. Yea JT solo career he can thank Britney and Janet for. At least if she would have gotten Britney instead of JT she probably wouldn't have been blackballed. After all it was JT that wanted to outdo Madge, Britney, X & Missy VMA performance. I can't stand JT I never cared for him after what he did to both my girls Britney and Janet. I may enjoy some of his songs but that's about it imo he's the definition of culture appropriation. The way he just let JJ take all of the heat and never once came to her defense was cowardly among other things. I can definitely see Madge on Early Mornin too, I think that would probably have been better! However now that I think about it it probably would have been better if they got in the studio together and came up with something together. They could have done it after the VMAs but they're schedules would've have had to match up.
  4. U know you are insufferable when Britney shades you online. 😂 That was a great read too! lololol I would have LOVED Janet on MATM and looking back it probably would have made more sense since Janet is the better dancer and the song being about dancing.
  5. She has to be able to perform like primeney if she's going to do a feature with Janet and Beyonce. I don't want either to upstage her besides that I'm all here for it! Both are BEASTS on stage Janet at her age can still do her iconic routines. I love Gaga her but her music career is weird. Most artists get better and better with time but with her it seems like as she progressed in her career her albums got worse with each release. Which is baffling cause she's hella talented? Her last album I only liked one song Alice and not enough to listen to it again. However I will say her Adult AC stuff I LOVE like Million Reasons and Shallow, I think her last album should have went more in that direction. Janet, Beyonce got better and better with each release and Britney did as well with her 1st 5 albums but her life circumstances got in the way of her creative ability which is understandable imo. But Gaga the decline in the quality of her music deteriorated pretty fast. It's almost as if she used up all of her ideas in the few 2/3 yrs of her career. Sorry for going on a TANGENT like that. 😂
  6. I really help she can get out of this conservatorship soon hopefully within the next yr. There has to be LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. I mean this has been going on for almost 14 yrs now. smh. I love her deep voice too during The Baby era too. One of the reasons why I loved the song Perfume was because she sung in her natural tone on that song! Heres a song that's from The Baby sessions that never made the album that sounds like a classic 90s R&B record feat R&B Full Force!
  7. I was thinking about Drake because he's such a streaming giant but I don't know if that would come off as desperate for a hit? I agree Britney hasn't had many good collabs. Tho I enjoy her remixes with Fabolous on Break The Ice, Lil' Kim on GM remix, Pharrell on Boys remix and S&M remix with Rihanna. AND of course Boom Boom (I Got That) Feat The Ying Yang Twins! I HATED Pretty Girls, MATM, Slumber Party Remix and Make Me was good but her team could have gotten her a better rapper than coked up G Eazy. 😭
  8. I do too feel like Glory was a step in the right direction. I'm dying for her and Bloodshy & Avant to get back together. She's to them what Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is to Janet!
  9. Let's not get drastic now. While her situation is no doubt horrible, I don't think U can compare that to 400 yrs of slavery and oppression. Millions of Black people was murdered during that time and enslaved for generations after generations. It really grind my gears when I see some fans say this. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  10. Yea celebrities get paid very good just to post or tweet about a product. Sometimes they can get paid upwards of 250K or more, not bad for 1m of work. Britney IG is very weird and something definitely seems off by a lot of her posts. I don’t know if it’s her or her team that’s posting this stuff to make her appear that way .. so they can keep her in this conservatorship so they can continue to use her for her money and connections? Speaking of money it’s crazy how much her net worth have went down in a matter of 2 yrs. Britney a few yrs ago was worth over 200 million according to Celebritynetworth.com and also Forbes. If she doesn’t have control over her finances then where is all of her money going too? Britney doesn’t appear to spend a lot of money on jewelry, cars, clothes and 100K Hermès Birkin bags like most celebrities do. I said it before & I’ll say it again EVERYONE that’s involved in her conservatorship and that’s benefiting financially needs to be investigated by the FBI. Everyone from her Father, the lawyers, the Drs, the judges, whoever is handling her money and assets everyone! I’m not a betting man but I’m almost sure it’s some illegal **** happening here. And I wouldn’t be surprised if money was deposited into certain Drs and judges accounts to keep Britney in this awful situation for almost 14 yrs now. This whole thing is disgusting and I just hope Britney can soon get some kind of control over her life. I can’t imagine me being 35 and having to ask for permission to spend my own money, who I can’t and can hang out with, not allowing me to see my kids etc etc. I would probably never forgive my father for doing this to me either and he would be ex’d out of my life and cut off financially. Just my 2 cents on this awful situation.
  11. Idk but I noticed that the other day when I was watching some of her performances. Like someone already said I think they upload them every yr around VMA time.
  12. You thinking something like a Lady Marmalade or Bang Bang?
  13. It’s been almost 5 yrs since Glory and a lot have changed in the industry since then, Hip Hop has practically took over as the no1 genre in the US. Which songwriters/producers/artists would U like to see Britney work with on B10? Far as songwriters and producers I would say Babyface, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (I’m surprised she never worked with them before), Pharrell, Hit Boy, MikeWill, DJ Mustard and Bloodshy and Avant. With Britney as EP and Pharrell (He wanted to EP Britney Jean) so he could get her some features! Far as artists I would say Lil Wayne (Wayne loves Britney and both are from Louisiana and it makes sense) and Eminem cause they both came from the same era and both were huge and it should have already happened. Snoop would be great too he always has showed love to Britney! I would also say Cardi or Megan either one would be dope but I would rather Cardi .. I also wouldn’t mind another Lil’Kim feature. Who do U want to see The Princess of Pop work with on B10?
  14. Man I can’t believe it’s been 20 yrs, wow time sure flies.
  15. I think she's more than capable of releasing a meaningful record after all of this C-ship stuff is over with.
  16. Facts! She can sing Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and I think she could also do Rock/Pop Rock too. Here she is covering Otis Redding 1965 hit and she sounds really amazing! I agree with you about her not being too happy with her albums past Blackout except for Glory. U can tell she didn't really care for Femme Fatale and she certainly didn't care for Britney Jean. Every album post Blackout she has been trying to go more into the R&B/Hip Hop direction but they keep blocking her. She would have been ahead of the trend too as Hip Hop and R&B is on fire specially Hip Hop. I hope this yr she can get some of her freedom back and take control of her career.
  17. WOW that would be EPIC!! I honestly never ever thought of that before and I been listening to a lot of JJ lately too. I think with her Dad out of the picture and with a whole new team, that would actually be possible. I feel like her team & label has held her back a lot. They always try to keep her in this kiddy bubblegum pop box but they don’t realize that all of Britney fans are grown. We basically grown up with Britney in the early 00s and we want music with more substance and meaningful lyrics not saying that we don’t love her club bangers. Britney is so versatile and it pisses me off that her dumb *** label/team never took advantage of that. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  18. I agree Confessions >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ROL. madonnasaur stans will just have to deal. 😭
  19. I was just saying earlier that while Janet may not have a voice like Whitney or Aretha Franklin but she can sing. I love her ballads and mid tempos .. they are so soothing to listen too! Every singer don’t have to scream at the top of their lungs like Xtina to prove that they can sing!
  20. That’s what I was about to say. I would much rather Britney have her own version of The Velvet Rope then Ray of Light. The Velvet Rope is a much better album, I think ROL is EXTREMELY overrated imo.
  21. That’s what some people tend to think but that’s not always the case. I mean just look at Xtina? 😂 Janet ballads/mid tempos are very soothing and calming to listen too with your candles lit and just enjoying the vibe and good music!
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