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  1. They have control over her money and other things so Idk how that would work? Something to think about tho. Didn't that raper director Roman Polanski flee to Europe to evade law enforcement? Thats what U mean to a country with no extradition laws to the US?
  2. How are U going to fight something and U can't choose your own lawyers? Cause the person that's overseeing everything is going to make sure U get the BEST lawyer money can buy. Conservatorships in CA are completely unethical and it seems are designed to keep U in this thing once U are in it. These politicians don't care about the American people they only care about their own self interests and lining their pockets with our damn tax dollars. These conservatorships needs to be investigated and all of the people that's currently in one .. their cases needs to also be investigated too. For a while I been saying everyone that's involved and that's benefitting financially needs to be thoroughly investigated everyone from her Father, The Dr's, The Judges all of them that oversaw her case & specially the one that 1st signed off on this, her conservators besides her Dad, the people that's holding her money, Lou Taylor EVERYONE! When her Dad 1st got her in this didn't he alleged that Britney had Dementia? All of this is allegedly cause U know them DEVILS be lurking. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  3. I was thinking about getting a iPad I got a great deal on one for $170 8th generation with 64BG however I was thinking do I need one with a MacBook? I recently bought a 2020 MacBook Air and I already have the iPhone XS Max (I refuse to buy another iPhone until I really need one or until they WOW me and drop something new but I don't see the latter happening anytime soon) since Steve Jobs passed away Apple has been cruising and haven't released anything innovative since the iPad. Anyway do U think I should get
  4. I honestly don't even think Britney cares. She has way bigger fish to fry then to worry about stuff like that, stuff like that is always going happen when U are a celebrity let alone a superstar like Britney! IF Lynn wanted to do more then she would have made a move by now. Its been almost 14 yrs and to me it seems that her family is complacent with how things are going on. Its truly disgusting tbh and I'm sure Britney takes really good care of her too. They all are eating off of Britney man I'll be glad when she out of this c-ship and cut her leeching father off. Its crazy cause at 1st we we're all praising Jamie for getting Britney life & career back on track and he could have been the hero in this story instead of taking advantage and letting this play out for 14 yrs.
  5. 16 is the age of consent so he was good on that. Thats something that has to change. Its a ton of women out there that aren't good mothers to their children and the men are the ones that's really there for them and doing everything. Britney seems to be the only good Mother/parent in that awful family smh.
  6. I think the better question is where would she be if she had competant parents and a strong foundation? A Dad was a drunk and abusive and Lynne was a stage mom and seems like she was more of a "friend" to Britney than her "Mother". Look at say a Beyonce, Taylor Swift or a Janet Jackson they all had a very supportive family and foundation that help them navigate the shady music industry. I don't think a lot of people understand how shady & dangerous the music industry can be at times. U go from having nothing and being nobody to having millions and having people at you beck and call and deposable and millions of people around the world knows U now. That can be a lot to deal with specially as a young teen or young adult. I wouldn't want to be famous I can't imagine never having any privacy, can't go anywhere and be discreet, don't know who to trust, U basically are a prisoner in your home and studio. I remember Eminem talking about what it is to be Superstar on that magnitude and said the same and how it can be really lonely at times also.
  7. So since he has a background that automatically disqualify him from having primary custody? Meanwhile JL can neglect her child and that's alright in the eyes of the court? OMG I could NEVER live down the South, they are like 50 yrs behind from the rest of the Country.
  8. Lots of girls date guys a few yrs older than them more times than not. Most girls don't like guys younger or the same age as them, I honestly don't think it's a big deal. Britney knew what she was doing and its not like he forced himself onto her as they were together for 2 yrs. I never even heard of him before and I been a fan since 1999.
  9. Britney pays about 50K a month for Child support to that BUM. Remember when Kevin was trying to get more money out of her? She gave in and gave him more. I hope he's saving that money cause what is he gonna do when he actually has to go back to work? Britney boys will be 15/16 yrs old this yr, they are almost grown and in college.
  10. I know I always say that I was very lucky to have seen her during her prime. She was pretty incredible and she was ON FIRE that night too.. I know what U mean tho, when I seen her come out to Toxic I was hype! Keep in mind I went by myself too and I would say that I'm shy/introvert & I don't warm up to people easily but still I had an amazing time and it was funny cause two other people was also there alone too. lololol When I went to the FFT in 2011 of course she wasn't performing the same but I still have an amazing time and just the fact that U are in the same room with her and U can see her close up is pretty mind blowing and insane in itself.
  11. OMG Thank U so much for this, I was watching on Dailymotion. I was almost ready to dusk off my HBO Concert DVD 😂
  12. The crazy thing is I remember hearing a company with that name back in the day. The only reason I remember it is cause it reminds me of Twitter. 😂 Thats amazing tho and I can also relate cause I seen Janet Jackson in NYC in summer of 2006 at The Latex Ball at The Roseland Ballroom in Manhattan. Me and my friends (at the time) took pics but they wasn't good pics as it was dark and she was far away and this is before smartphones of course. She was so beautiful tho and has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on a woman before. TV does Janet no justice she's really gorgeous in person. I was going to do Circus but I just wasn't here for that 3 ring Circus literally the stage is what stopped me from going. I loved the stage tho but I felt like it was too damn big and no matter what seat U had U wasn't going to have a great seat and see everything cause she had to move around the entire thing.
  13. Is it Philly Pretzel Factory? Im not the biggest fan of their pretzels but I normally have one like everyday in the summer time with a water ice (similar to Italian ice) or a Gelato (Water Ice & Ice Cream) from Morrone's in West Philly. Are U from NJ or DE? It's mine too I always thought Opps was superior to Baby & Britney (Albums) they had massive iconic leads but not the best albums outside of its singles. Opps was/is a great Pop album singles aside that I still play from time to time more so than the other two. Did I go too far? lololol
  14. It was pretty dope asf and pretty innovative too before that I never seen anyone do anything like that before. I know that wasn't cheap nor was it easy to pull off. Also how did it take her hat? Do U remember that part? After that performance on the HBO special when she is finished, she looks like yea I just ******* SLAYED that!! Check it out at 3:30
  15. I was going to go to the Tour but I was playing around and ended up missing it so I was not missing Onyx show. Dream Within was a EPIC show with an amazing production and stage. Such an ICONIC Tour/show! My favorite part of that show is I Love Rock & Roll, Whats its like to be me and Lonely. Man did she SLAY TF out of that number! 🙌🏾
  16. From The Opps!... I Did It Again Tour? This is CLASSIC Brit! 🙌🏾 Baby Britney was on FIRE 🔥🔥🔥Her energy was ELECTRIC, She was singing LIVE and I love the routine to this song! I always thought this song was underrated on Opps. Speaking of this EPIC performance from The Opps! Tour, what was your 1st experience seeing Britney LIVE? For me it was The Onyx Hotel Tour in 2004 here in Philly literally 3 days after The Showtime special. I was lucky to have seen her during her prime and boy she did not disappoint either ... I came home from the show horsed with absolutely no voice at all from screaming and singing for 90m. It was truly a magical experience I will never forget! What was your 1st experience seeing The legendary Ms Britney Spears LIVE?
  17. Last I checked your net-worths was all of your money and assets such as properties, cars, art etc. Also Forbes are pretty good with that stuff and they even wrote an article a few months about her net-worth being so low. https://www.forbes.com/sites/maddieberg/2021/02/17/britney-spears-net-worth-revealed--and-its-shockingly-low-compared-to-her-pop-peers/?sh=588d1cd818ac
  18. What an You honestly think B10 is more than a decade away? Britney will have to go back to work sooner than later. Forbes estimated her net worth to be 60M and with all the expenses and legal fees she has every month, custody agreement at 50K plus a month and she still has to live and pay her bills too and I'm assuming she pays her mom bills too. She also still have to pay those people that are keeping her in a horrible situation and they all get 6 figures or more. That 60M will deplete will fast and to Britney I'm sure that's not really a lot of money.
  19. Femme Fatale is probably my favorite Britney album post Blackout but I feel like too many people are using him nowadays from Ariana, The Weeknd, Maroon 5 and everyone else desperate for a "hit". Does anyone promote music anymore tho? I do agree that when artists seen her still going no.1 without promoting they probably said **** I'm going to do the same too. Beyonce and Rihanna doesn't promote their music either. Britney can still use her name and connections to get A List producers to work with her. Hit Boy said Beyonce and Britney is 2 of the people that he wants to work with he and already worked with Beyonce. Pharrell will always work with Britney and he has many connections in the industry, he wanted to EX-produce BJ. With all of that said I think she'll be fine. Britney is a LEGEND and her name is still a big deal and I don't ever think she'll have problems finding people to work with.
  20. Nope we're not! Hip Hop/Rap is still the no.1 genre in the US (The biggest music market in the world) I barely even listen to Pop anymore aside from the old stuff from my favs. Pop music has become BORING, stale, generic and predictable.
  21. Yea its a real shame on both ends for Brit & Janet. I think Britney will be able to turn it around in the future. She could actually used this to her benefit once this is all over. She could write a book, do a documentary, a series or movie and she has her music too .. If she gets a great team behind her and all those bad people from around her she will be good. Janet was able to turn it around it around a bit! She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame before Mariah and Whitney and she was awarded The Billboard ICON award too a few yrs ago and she got a no.1 album too and made history doing that! OMG I never knew that? So Britney wasn't her 1st pick for the performance? Its nothing to respect about JT he's awful. 😂
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