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  1. She really was and so beautiful too! She was also casted to be in The Matrix 2 and 3 too she was a real talent! Jive probably got in the way as they did a lot back then smh
  2. What are some songs that U wished Britney recorded or were apart of? For me the 1st song that comes to mind is why Britney wasn't on Lady Marmalade? Like she was HUGE and in her prime in 2001 and it seemed like it would been perfect for her and it could have won her a Grammy too. Question Existing & Rehab. I always thought these songs were perfect for her and I always thought Rehab was one of the songs that Timbaland hand in mind for Britney when they were supposed to work together on Blackout. Rockstar 101 from Rated R is also a good song I would have love Britney to do on Circus or something. S&M - Even Britney herself said that she wished that was her song! It worked good as The Navy voted to have Britney featured on the song and they performed it together on the Billboard awards and it jump from no.5 to no.1 on Billboard. Selena Gomez - Hands To Myself, Same Ole Love ( Which was offered to Rihanna 1st) & Good For You ... Selena was on fire that era man. Those are the only ones that's coming mind at the moment I will update when more songs come to min. What are song songs that U always wished that Britney was apart of or featured on? As U can see its a lot of Rihanna & Selena songs that I wished Britney would have recorded instead however both ladies did great on all of them!
  3. I remember being HIGHLY upset that Britney wasn't apart that. Britney was the main one carrying Janet's torch, idk if Ciara was out yet was she? It so sad that Aaliyah died so Young. She was really getting ready to take off into super stardom I still remember seeing it on MTV late night flash on the bottom of the screen and I didn't believe it until I seen it on The Philadelphia Daily News front page a few hrs later. The 90s/early 00s we lost a LOT of greats from Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Kurt Cobain, Freddie Mercury, Left Eye & Aaliyah and I'm sure Im missing someone smh.
  4. It's not and it was YEARS like a yr or 2 ago that we finally got it in HD. SMH
  5. Man Janet tore the house DOWN baby! It's crazy that this performance doesn't get more recognition .. Its easily 1 of the best VMA performances to date.
  6. Thats a FACT!! I surprised that I'm just hearing about them. I would be nervous asf to drive through middle America & the South as a Black man. I can't tell U how many times I have been profiled while driving its really ridiculous. I seriously get anxious whenever a cop is driving behind me and all of my info is always straight and I don't carry guns or drugs or anything like that. I have had cops bust a U turn follow me for a block and half and then pull me over, I been pulled out of my car and had my whole car and trunk searched and I have had them make up lies as to why they stopped me. Like U didn't stop at a stop sign and didn't use a turn signal and I remember my ex saying U didn't even pass a stop sign lmao 🤦🏽‍♂️ I had a friend that was telling me that he knows a lot of people that moved to Houston and ATL and had trouble finding a good paying job. I work in Healthcare so I guess U can say that I would be fine. Hospital, nursing homes, hospice's etc are always hiring and its recession/pandemic proof. I imagine U definitely get more bang for your buck down South than compared to big cities on East/West Coast. Rent is mind-blowing in LA, Miami, DC and definitely NYC & San Francisco here in Philly rent is becoming really ridiculous too. You are going to pay about 1K or more if U want something nice and even in the urban areas rent is going up to 1500 a month smh.
  7. WOW! So not only are they racist bigots they are also homophobe's too, why why why doesn't that surprise me? I will never understand how U hate someone based on their skin color, race or ethnicity & also how U hate on someone cause of what they do in their own private life or who they indenity by? Who I sleep with or not doesn't have anything to do with so & so and its not hurting anyone w/e I do in my damn bedroom smh. Quiet as kept it's a LOT of racism and segregation in the LGBTQ community but that's an ENTIRELY different conversation. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  8. Oh I forgot all about Nashville, its the birthplace of Country, Blues & Rock right? My cousin loves Nashville she just got back and goes at least 2xx a yr and she always says how much its to do down there. If not for the blatant racism, asinine laws (like w**d not being decriminalized) & hard to get a good paying job then I would be all here for moving to Atlanta! I like how its a lot of Black people doing major things there and how friendly they are regarding LGBTQ community. It would probably still be a major adjustment moving from a big city like Philly to Atlanta .. its probably hard finding a man too 😂 How was Texas they have some cute boys down there? I also noticed that a lot of gays are moving down there too. Have you ever heard of sundown towns down south and in middle America? Basically there are these towns where almost no black people reside and if Black people are caught there in said town after the sun goes down they are arrested, sometimes goes missing, murdered, harassed by the locals & cops etc.
  9. I haven't even listen to The Christmas album tbh. I was a lil disappointed in the book but then again I don't know why I expected MC to tell it all the good and the bad? 🤷🏾‍♂️I paid over 30$ for that damn book at barnes and noble here in Philly. 😂 I loved Caution too it was just too short for me tho, that's my only reservation about it. I wouldn't mind her working with Timbaland I really loved 8th Grade! It was my favorite from the album! I wanted more songs from The Rarities with Walter afanasieff and Ben Margulies ... like I'm dying to hear The original version of her debut album, do U think we'll ever get it? Yea I CANT WAIT I hear she worked with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis on it!
  10. No I never been but I always wanted to go to New Orleans. That would be great to visit Kentwood for a day and check out where Britney came from! Generally its not much to do down South unless you are in New Orleans or Atlanta however the food is always AMAZING, I never been to one bad restaurant down south. If you are Black or a POC you will come across some racist bigots or see confederate flags on people lawns or in their car in some form. Its not like the big cities where racism is more subtle & behind your back. Its more in your face but tbh I prefer that, lets me know where we stand with each other. lololol
  11. IDC what anyone says Opps ballads and mid-tempos are underrated.
  12. OMG I totally forgot about this. This and State of Grace are incredible 🙌🏾
  13. I think Lonely can be a break-up song? U know a lot of times your partners think that U won't ever get with anyone else and Lonely is pretty much saying FU U thought that I would be sitting around Lonely, guess again lol.
  14. I have always checked the credits since I was little 😂 its always been interesting to me to see all the producers, writers, engineers, back up singers etc. A lot of artists works with the same writers and producers, which is why all of their music sounds the damn same. 😭
  15. I really enjoys Nicki music too! For a while I didn't listen to her cause of how she came in the game coming at Kim when it was clear that she was influenced by Kim and I never understood that. I still don't really care for her "that" much however she's a very talented Rapper I can't deny that and I love her music. I wish her & Kim can put the BS aside & do a song & video together & break the internet!
  16. I used to used love Gaga before she blew up but honestly she just hasn't wowed me in a very long time. She's hella talented too so its weird to me why her music hasn't gotten better & better with each release like most artists do? I think she should go AC like Million Reasons & Shallow ... she's seems to excel in that arena the GP really seems to like that Gaga and maybe she should also try Rock/Pop Rock and Alternative too! I think she's too talented to be boxed in just doing generic Pop music like her last album. I'm the same way man! I can listen to some Tupac, Nas, Biggie then go into Britney, Rihanna, Marvin Gaye, The Jones Girls, Teena Marie, Cardi B, MC, Maxwell, Kylie Minogue etc etc. I really just love & adore MUSIC I seriously couldn't live without it. I can find a song at least ONE song I like on a album and if I don't then its really TRASH lol & I love male artists too! A lot of men in our lifestyle typically only listen to female artists and only Pop music but that's not me, growing up my parents would play music all the time lol. I'm going to check out that song I'm surprised I never heard that artist before.
  17. Mariah is my no.1 and Britney/Janet is my no.2, great taste! People always think its weird that they are my favorite female artists. MC is who I listen to when I want to hear some vocals and some great R&B & Pop ballads and Hip Hop too and Britney is I want to hear some Pop and dance music in addition to her great videos and performances from her prime. I listen to Janet for the same reasons as I listen to Britney but Janet has more songs with Rock and R&B incorporated into them! MC released a lot last yr The Book, The Rarities, plus the Christmas special and new songs plus the feat with AG & JHUD & WBT remix that released on Valentines day which was AMAZING! I hear she's recording a new album now too!
  18. She has? Gaga hasn't made a good album since The Fame Monster, her last 3 albums was AWFUL specially her latest effort. 😭 Those 1st 2 albums are great tho! Anyway I have a lot of other favorite artists besides Britney such as Mariah Carey, Lil' Kim, Janet, Beyonce, Rihanna, Cardi B, Foxy Brown, Miguel, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, MJB and Jay Z to name a few. I also really enjoy music from Nicki, Nas, Megan, Missy, Kashdoll, Big Latto, Tony! Toni! Tone!, SWV, XSCAPE etc and the legends like Aretha, MJ, Prince, Whitney, Tupac, The Notorious BIG, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass etc I listen to a LOT of different music, artists and genres and all eras of music going back to the 60s with Motown! I don't really listen to Pop music anymore tho unless its throwbacks. I think im starting to outgrow it I don't know any of the new pop stars besides (Dua Lipa) Pop has become very BORING & STALE over the yrs, its just not exciting to me anymore. I feel like they all suck from Taylor, Gaga, Billie, Katy and all the rest of them the music is just BAD.
  19. So a few months ago me and my boyfriend of 7 yrs separated. Like a lot of couples & marriages I guess U can say we were a victim of the pandemic lol anyway I been playing a lot of break-up and love songs lately but here are some of my favorites from Britney! Why Should I Be Sad (Easily her BEST break-up song to date) 🙌🏾 Toy Soldier Lonely He About To lose Me Quicksand All That She Wants (Ace of Base Cover) I've Been Loving You Too Long (Otis Redding cover) What are some of your favorite break-up songs from the LEGENDARY Ms Britney Spears?
  20. I said something similar to this about a wk or two ago. Britney never had a strong foundation or strong support system and both is really needed in the industry that Britney is in. Her mom was/is a stage mom and i'm sure she enjoys the perks that comes with being Britneys mom. I feel like Lynn could actually step in and be Britneys mouth piece and help get her daughters life back ... I mean it took her over a DECADE to even do one thing and I still feel like she could be doing more. Her Father is the devil and a drunk and we all knows he loves the perks that comes with being Britney father in particularly her $$$. I don't think they ever mapped out a game plan to get Britney better and the tools to stand on her own, I think from the beginning he never had plans on letting her out of this c-ship? Also her siblings isn't much better either smh. Sam seems like a good loyal man with her own business going on and he rarely speaks to the public about Britney. My only resveration is that he is only 27 and Britney is a 39 yrs old divorced woman with 2 kids and has seen a lot in her life. Still he seems a lot better than all of the other men she has dated in the past specially loser *** Kevin Bumberline and ***** boy JT lololol
  21. I 1st joined back in 2008 right before the Circus era kicked off! I just recently started getting back on here too a few wks ago, welcome back! 🙌🏾
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