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  1. I said it then and I'll say it now, Blackout/Circus eras were my favorite. It was scandalous and crazy but she was a fierce *****. I came across this video of her performing Boys from the Circus tour and her energy is miles better than what we saw in Vegas. People like to say she just walked around on this tour but she walked with purpose. AND we got pre-recorded vocals and the occasional "yaaah" and "whooo!"
  2. Best song ever! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hF6CrydTviASVG5n8jv3bjDeMQ30BXln/view?usp=sharing
  3. Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GgpucDbOP1_CWtjNz5qjjBghfYA59XQU/view?usp=sharing
  4. I think y'all look into things a bit too much sometimes. Plans for albums change all the time, the difference between then (Britney in her prime) and now is the visibility that social media brings. Artists can't keep albums or projects a secret anymore so what happens is the public starts to get leaks and details of concepts and ideas but the public takes those as concrete details. The same thing happened with her third album Britney. She was fimling Crossroads and the album started to take on a more soundtrack approach for the movie. I'm a Slave 4 U and Boys were the last songs to be recorded for the album. Up until N.E.R.D got involved, the album was supposed to have more of her signature sound (i.e. Overprotected, Cinderalla. etc.) but that concept was quickly scrapped and changed once Slave was recorded. Then the album became more mature and changed directions. Many of y'all don't know that because that info was not easily accessible but if it were to happen today, y'all would try and make it out to be that her team is suppressing her or some stupid **** like that.
  5. I always thought these two songs would go well together!
  6. I always thought these two songs sounded similar so I put together a little mashup. Enjoy!
  7. I used the official acapella and inverted it into the song to get a pretty clean instrumental. What do you think? I have some others that I'm going to try and make as well. Any requests? https://soundcloud.com/sonicwavesproductions/shell-never-be-me-official-instrumental Side note: I can't share the acapellas...sorry
  8. I WISH Mad TV would come back period! So much funnier than SNL. Key of Awesome makes some pretty funny parodies in general. I know it's not Britney related, but I remember this parody they did on Lady Gaga and it's so f**king funny! They straight up make fun of her and it's pretty funny:
  9. I look forward to seeing the content unravel over the coming weeks. Side note, what does a guy have to do to meet and hang out with you next time I'm in Vegas?
  10. If I'm being honest, I'm indifferent. Is it cute, cool and faded (circa 2008 Britney)? Yes, it is! Is it functional? Not for me. I think you have potentially good content, but the layout and how it presents to the reader is, in my opinion, too confusing. For the sake of narrating and describing my user experience, here I go... As soon as I load the page (both iPhone and desktop), I'm hit with a "B-Sides: Let Go" article, which is cool, but I'm confused. Is this breaking news, a spotlight article or merely just the most recent article published? I can't tell. Then I scroll down and see "It's Breaking, *****" which I assume is a "breaking news" content category of some sort that's supposed to draw my attention, but I'm now more confused because why would the "breaking news" content be below the "B Sides: Let Go" article. Again, I think I get the idea, but it's just confusing to me. As I keep scrolling, I'm hit with another content category called "Breathe Heavy RX (Premium Content)" with another B Sides article but wait, wasn't that at the top of the page earlier? Also, what does "premium content" mean and if it's premium, why do the article thumbnails look the same as all the other content? Okay, I keep scrolling and now I'm hit with "Thank U, News (Breaking News Stories)"...wait WHAT?! If this is the actual "breaking news" section, why is at the bottom of the page? Furthermore, I'm still trying to figure out what "It's Breaking, *****" was if this is the breaking news section. As I scroll down, I realize the rest of the content is down below. I'm honestly not trying to be overly critical, but the page just doesn't function for me. It feels like the site has many different ideas but it can't make its mind up on what's important or what it's even trying to be. In terms of asking if users would pay a subscription, I would do a hard pass considering the "premium content" is nothing more than personal reviews with filler info that I could make up myself. On a side note, I still respect what you've done Jordan...we share a birthday too...even down to the year! Now queue the hateful responses...
  11. Can't do it herself? If there was enough buzz that Starbucks themselves made a public comment, then clearly she has a big enough fan base to support her success. After all, isn't success measured on how much reach you have? She clearly has more fans than others hence why she's successful. Sad to say that she seems to have a stronger and more loyal following than Britney at this point.
  12. The reality is that Britney could always dominate but it's clear that she does not care about her art anymore. People like to point out how fabricated her career was at the start but I feel that her career is more so fabricated now than it ever was. In her prime, she at least put on a face, she went out of her way to make things happen, today, it's the bare minimum and unfortunately, that won't get you far in this industry. She's officially become a nostalgia act...she's the next BSB and N-Sync.
  13. Has anyone noticed how similar "Girl in the Mirror" (Bonus Track from Oops! Album) is to the Bangles' song "Eternal Flame"? Thoughts?
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