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  1. This is so exhausting it’s hard to stay hopeful. I feel like over the past 2 years essentially nothing has changed in this case and it seems like things are constantly postponed or something like this happens. Has there been ONE significant change in her case since FreeBritney started???? I’m so frustrated and sad.
  2. glad she mentioned it! you guys sound so bitter, ALWAYS complaining about someone/something cardi is always speaking up about important matters and you guys find a way to be negative.
  3. You guys are so negative and embarrassing doja is extremely talented and creative and actually cares about her craft and everything she puts out. The era for Hot Pink has been going on for a year and a half because it’s THAT good. She’s released 6 videos for one album and they have all been very good. She’s an exciting artist and already has a big following after a year of being mainstream. Whether she has a career similar to Britney’s or not, what SZA said was a compliment to Britney and Doja alike. You guys sound so boring saying “sHe DiDnt hAvE a FIRSt sINgle aS bIG as BOmt”. Y’all sound like a broken record
  4. Saw this tik tok and thought it was accurate idk how to import the actual video so here’s the link https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMe2nkG5k/
  5. she makes good meme content, but besides that I don’t think anyone takes her seriously guys. let’s not waste energy on her
  6. OMFG. I thought this was fake 100% until I went to his page. This is HUGE!!! This conservatorship is crumbling at the seams. YOU WILL BE FREE SOON BRIT BRIT!!!
  7. I’m excited for it! I’m glad she’s giving her fans a full era and not just scrapping it cause it “flopped”. Everyone here is asking what the point is and that she needs to give up on the album, but that’s not what an artist who cares about their work would do. If that was the case, 95% of musicians wouldn’t even release music videos or promote since their songs arent charting. Look at Tinashe. Her Songs for You album didn’t have commercial success at all but she gave her fans a bunch of music videos and content for the album because she cared about it. Let Katy do her thing
  8. If tired of seeing the word “cancel” why can’t we just not listen to an artist if we don’t like them, this cancelling stuff is beyond overdone
  9. She didn’t get famous through a meme though. She was an artist before that who released music. That might’ve been what made her more popular, but that’s not really up to her.
  10. Is this for F***in real??? This whole process has been BEYOND frustrating. Has there been ONE court hearing since the Britney gram girls came out that was actually PRODUCTIVE??? I swear every hearing nothing has happened and then another one gets scheduled...and this excuse this time is just embarrassing. Connection issues?? The woman lives in a mansion that is always monitored and she posts on insta daily. Now all of a sudden there’s WiFi issues?! Jesus Christ. If the rest of the crew is at the courthouse why can’t she go? This whole situation is just bonkers to me. I don’t trust anyone around her and this has made me even more infuriated.
  11. Sorry, but this is dumb. She’s a black woman. If she wants to make music about black culture then what is problematic... can we stop trying to find issues with EVERYONE? it’s exhausting and stupid.
  12. I can’t at you guys calling her fake and getting upset that she followed some of these people. It’s exhausting. Who cares who she followed. The girl is 18. Leave her the hell alone.
  13. People are so hateful for no reason. If Katy said she was chasing a number one y’all would call her pathetic and a sell out, but when she says she doesn’t care about the charts anymore y’all say she’s lying... anyway, I’m happy for her and hope her album is amazing!
  14. I love her outfit here. The white shoes and socks. Black leggings. I wish Britney dressed like this more. Her legs are so pretty and some high waisted leggings would make them look so good but instead we get the low rise pajama shorts LOL. Gotta love her
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