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  1. Ok Lawyers for Britney / minion They didn't have to show their face if they didn't want to. They could have stayed anonymous. Instead they outright lied and then tried to play victim. All they do is lie and manipulate
  2. LOL. Lawyers for Ingham are getting caught in their own ridiculous lies. They are clearly infiltrators working for Ingham. Period. Did you guys see they were the only 'freebritney' account Ingham followed on his private insta? And they expect us to believe their dramatic shift towards defending Ingham at all costs is not because Ingham clearly reached out to them (or vice versa)? Pfffffffffft.
  3. Care to elaborate? Or are you another Lawyers for Ingham finsta? This will cause an investigation into whether Ingham was either negligent or complicit, which could even result in his removal from the case. That could result in Britney being able to choose her own lawyer, or at least getting a new lawyer who isn't compromised. Doesn't sound 'pointless' to me...
  4. That is possible, BUT if that happens then we can hold the Bar accountable for doing so given the documentary evidence screaming fraud in this case. The Bar might not want to see itself on the wrong side of the law or the facts.
  5. We might not. First, the current law says that conservatees have the right to choose their own lawyer (with Reva Goetz and Ingham violated). With all the scrutiny now I doubt Judge Penny would be willing to say Britney doesn't have capacity, especially after everything we have seen her do since 2008. Second, the new law going through to better protect conservatees makes the right to choose own counsel a bigger deal. Again, Penny would have to be a moron or too boldly corrupt to not let her choose. Third, even if there was another court appointed attorney then at least it is not someone like Ingham who is trying to cover their butt at the expense of their client's freedom.
  6. I was going to say the same thing. I saw that in the thread about the open letter that one of them repeatedly said something like 'well Ingham did commit crimes years ago, but who's to say he is still doing it? We should support him.' That is such bad logic. If Ingham commited crimes or misdeeds at the outset of this conservatorship then he is in a serious conflict of interest now as he will be looking to protect himself rather than Britney. It is pretty obvious. Ingham deserves to be investigated HARDCORE.
  7. Did you guys hear? The movement will be filing complaints against Ingham to the California Bar on May 10, 2021! It is about freakin' time. This link has everything each of us need to do our complaint: https://linktr.ee/InghamEndItNow
  8. GOOD! Ingham has not done anything to end the conservatorship in the past 2 years (let alone the last 13 years). FREE BRITNEY NOW!!!
  9. Yes, it is so fishy. It is almost like Lawyers For Ingham, Meaner and some others were bought out by someone else, or maybe they were brought into the fold. That is speculation, but what is certain is that the tone, focus and everything else changed dramatically in terms of these accounts.
  10. But twitter allows the general public to be even more involved and learn about it too. So it definitely has value. And I am not from USA.
  11. I wish this was useless drama. However, Lawyers for [Ingham] still has a lot of followers on instagram and twitter that would follow them off a building if they told them to. It is important for us to educate each other and identify any influential groups that do not have an interest in ending the conservatorship, or that otherwise have their own interests that are not Britney. A lot of their followers seem to stan Ingham and some believe Britney may not want to end the conservatorship because of the things they post. We CANNOT and will not allow the movement to be misled.
  12. Very true. Ingham, Jodie, Vivian, Lou Taylor, Wallet, James Spears, Reva Goetz...all these people are WAY too close and have way too much dirt around them. Nothing was arms-length here. Seems Ingham and Jodi go way back...
  13. Just gonna leave this twitter post here in case anyone still follows them blindly despite all the signs.
  14. So sorry just saw this now. It depends on what both sides agree to or if there is no agreement then the court can impose a deadline and what disclosures should be produced
  15. No. The conservatorship did not help at all with custody. If anything it made her lose all custody rights since a conserved person cannot have custody rights over a child. All she had after the conservatorship were equal access rights (so she spent equal time with the children). However, if Britney had joint custody or even sole custody she likely would not have had to pay Federline such crazy amounts of support (probably not even any if she had sole custody). As we saw from 'Framing Britney Spears' Britney started acting out in part because of Federline's conduct, such as him not letting her see the children. However, even if Britney kept acting out she would have likely not lost custody forever. Courts prioritize the best interests of the children and it is likely they would have given back custody rights to Britney (even in part) as it is not likely that it would be in the best interests of those young children for their mother to have no custody whatsoever. Britney just needed healing, not a conservatorship.
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