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  1. **** is trash. What is wrong with Tinashe?? Give me more Company, Party Favors, Cest Le Vie, Cold SWEAT...GIVE ME THAT GOOD POP/R&B !!!!
  2. She probably had a falling out with PH. Britney doesnt stick around if things dont go her way. She probably pushed for this tour, for the performances outside of POM.
  3. Pretty sure there won't be a third single...Remember when Britney released 3-4 singles, maybe even 5. Why don't they just pick 4 songs..make videos and release them 5 months away from one another. This way she won't have to be bothered with doing video shoots. I'lI'll keep buying her albums but not the first day. I'm kinda getting over her.
  4. Selena's performances are boring...she can't dance. I rather just listen to a handful of her songs on Spotify. Britney is ICONIC. Even when she doesn't move that great on stage she's still nice to watch. Selena could only wish that she would be the new Britney. I remember when she did the video for Come and Get It and she was like its her "slave 4 u" and I was like "um....where?"
  5. It could've been so much better if they had Britney's blessings but they didn't, obviously. I feel like her biopic needs to be at least 3 hours long. We need three different actresses, we need a baby Britney, MC2 Britney, then an actress to do Baby One More Time till now. They need to not only focus on her music, but her personal life, what REALLY happened behind the scenes. But, I feel with the conservatorship we won't EVER get that.
  6. So, I watched the movie...and it was BAD. It makes me want Britney and her team to start production on a big screen Britney movie. The fact that they couldn't use any of Britney's music and had to settle for cover songs, and it was just inaccurate when it came to the performances. BUT, the in sight on what her personal life may have been like was interesting. In the movie they show Britney being a lovable, sweet, generous, but she comes off bratty. Granted, she was still a young teenage/woman. According to the film, Britney lost her virginity when she went on tour with NSync to Justin Timberlake(obviously) years before they went public and/or moved in together. According to the film, Britney did NOT like having people speak for her, constantly touch her, tell her what to do, etc which made her rebel. She felt like she was this robot and people were just after her and her money. Now that's the sad part because we know that was true. Britney was constantly looking for love, she loved the idea of being in love, she's a hopeless romantic from the south. I feel like Britney had children so that she can love someone unconditionally and they'll love her back the same way. Her "meltdown" was so inaccurate...the umbrella scene, the photo shoot scene, they never showed her going to stores; at one point Sam or Adnan(they both looked a like) told Lynn there's a CVS two blocks away...If you've been to LA you'd know that a CVS is rare to find out on the skirts of LA and its more like 10 minutes by car, not two blocks..that bothered me. STILL, I did like how they showed how mature she became after her dark period. Mature, awoke, and sure of what she wants. When Britney says she doesn't remember something and we're like "What?" it could be true. If you think of it, she was constantly on the move, doing press after press, being shoved in and out and to the next. She was on the outside looking in at this rush of constant in her life. I feel like now she can chill, relax, perform, be with her boys, date her Sam. She's living somewhat of a normal life...good for her. If you haven't seen the film, don't watch it. Unless you're really bored and want to get annoyed then go for it. Sorry if a topic about the movie was posted. BLESSED DAY TO ALL
  7. The reason Backstreet Boys will always reunite and NSync won't is...well, Justin Timberlake. BSB seem very down to earth, chill, like to have fun, and they are equal to one another. NSync, it's all about Justin and he knows that...
  8. I don't think Britney cares for Christina...ESPECIALLY after she did the thing with Justin.
  9. He just needs to get permission from the label or Britney's team to post it..thats all.. Also, I liked the girl group. They did the choreography very well, it was overly done like the previous groups. Watching the lead girl, I was like "Britney could def do this"..the last group was good too, but the guy should wear black sweats or jeans...his *** sweats.
  10. Its like....I'm just happy Britney is looking beautiful, having fun, and has that spark in her eyes again. I'm so happy I feel like crying haha
  11. I LOVEEEE this video. Its one of her best videos in recent years. ANDDDD can we talk about that kitten scene!??? SEXXXXXXXXXX
  12. I'm for "What Its Like To Be Me" pt 2. In this day and age, they wouldn't even have to be in the same room to write/record a song. They can do it in separate studios, get it mix and mastered, send it right in. Same thing with a music video...now if they do a performance together, even if its ONE TIME it'll be HUGEEEEEE
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