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  1. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Justin and Britney probably talked on and off a lot post break up and pre conservatorship. Tbh, we BARELY know the inner working of their relationship/break up. She was at his birthday after the break up. Also, and I could be way off base as I can’t find any proper info. I remember there being a joint property that didn’t get sold till 2008 to 2009. Maybe even a little later. again, I could be way off, I can’t find hard evidence. But I remember reading about the house when it sold and thinking, “wtf?! Britney and JUSTIN?!” And she already had kids, a divorce and the conservatorship has already begun
  2. They’re fighting for control its an all out war. Every time Britney signs in, it signs Cassie out and vice versa Cassie v Britney
  3. Idk why but just reading the title killed me Yes, though. I use Safari on Mac for breatheheavy. It always says, “this site is taking up a lot of memory. Closing it may improve your computers performance” luckily I have 128gb ram so It doesn’t actually influence performance. But it really makes you think, wtf is happening? And now… I can’t remember if old exhale was like this… Hell, I can barely remember old exhale 😢
  4. Wow! It’s like looking a Britney and Kevin minis 🤣🤣
  5. Well, I for one will say, I’m happy they’re back on track! They’re back to when eras would start together! Now, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are launching right on time for Britney’s Freedom Era! And the names fit Brit! Pokémon and Britney are like Cereal and Milk
  6. She didn’t dump her father, her father handed her to Jay-Z on a silver platter
  7. I’m pretty sure the label views the situation as “too hot” to touch right now. They’ll probably wait till the next hearing before doing anything. And even then, it would now have to be on Britney’s terms. Actually, if criminal activity is found and there is basis to call this entire conservatorship unlawful, many contracts signed during the time may no longer be legally binding, It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when a “hybrid business model” simply vanished from a business while simultaneously undoing all of its own progress.
  8. Literally, she has never lip synced. EVER! I’ve never even heard this rumor I’ve once seen Britney sing SO POWERFULLY that the microphone couldn’t handle the frequency and raw talent and couldn’t register her vocals in a timely manner. As such, the illusion of a lip sync was seen. Just that one time. And it wasn’t lip syncing. I’m angry, at your accusations and challenge you to a dual *pap pap* If you keep up this madness you’ll have to be conserved!
  9. Girl that whole situation was a culmination that brought many suspicions to the for front. Lots of us have been on to it for years, people would honestly call me crazy. If you play close enough attention you’ll see all the hints and just how clear it was. When For the Record aired originally and she said, “I’m sad” that was it for me. I told my mom something was very wrong and she agreed
  10. Jamie, Jamie Lynn, Brian, Lou, Larry, Lutfi, Robin, Kevin, Lindsay Lohan
  11. YES! I always check my saved videos on YouTube to see if they ever become public again lol
  12. Can I just say........ Britney is engaged! Britney has a manicure! Britney has her hair done how SHE wants! Britney got a face-peel! She MAY have touched up the lips! I have a feeling we are getting freedom and more! (If she needs/wants a break that's fine but... looks like she's roaring up)
  13. Maybe releasing this will make her contract buyout cheaper making it a win/win The label got two albums which makes enough money to buy out the other two albums. Britney letting the label have all of the money in order to buy out would be a big **** you to team con as they won’t get a cut. Just an idea
  14. Considering it has yet to be filed, I have a feeling we're going to be getting a lot more tea from this document. Once officially filed, if not amended, Rosengart will then respond in which he will thwart Jamie's scheme. If they can get the termination w/ the ability to depose him for crimes committed. The investigation will continue regardless but this is a major step that is gonna change the landscape. Honestly, I hope Rosengart goes for the jugular and gets the entire team, not just Jamie.
  15. Fantasy + A new fragrance with enhanced scents court room floor and judges robe. It’s base of stenographers musk is perfectly accented with hints of freedom, giving a light and airy feel unexpected from such a dense combination. Fantasy + will be available everywhere September 29th For a richer, edgier vibe, try Fantasy + Premium! With wafts of money laundering and accents of forensic investigations, Fantasy + Premium is sure to be your go to on a night out!
  16. Yes and no. I don’t think she regrets it but I think every now and then she looks back and thinks, “omg I can’t believe I did that lol” I think a lot of us look back at old hairstyles and laugh at ourselves.
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