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  1. More news reports about it: and this Youtuber guy also talks about it (he has over 6M subscribers):
  2. Not Justin hijacking this story and taking away from the MAIN thing people should be talking about rn (the cship!), the media HASN'T changed that much. All the focus on the ex bf... ugh, idiots.
  3. Video here: https://www.justjared.com/2021/02/08/the-talk-hosts-call-out-diane-sawyer-for-her-britney-spears-interview-in-2003/ Pretty nice/supportive but am I the only one slightly annoyed by the way a lot of people keep talking about Britney in such a vulnerable, sad, tragic etc way? Its frustrating imo and undermines her when Brit's said herself she does not think or wants to be seen as a victim. People in the GP need to start talking more about how strong she actually is to have endured all she has and that resilience, as that should obviously be one of the main things to take from Framing Britney Spears as well. Also, besides Wendy's trash *** and this, are there any other tv segments from yesterdays shows available online discussing the documentary so we can get an idea in what way it's being talked about?
  4. Pretty Girls has some very ****ty/cringe lyrics tbh but I do think it's a way bigger bop than this too... lol Is this actually confirmed to be real? Why does it feel like someone just pasted a random (perhaps unreleased?) Charli acapella onto the instrumental? Did I forget Charli recorded a demo over this beat (or maybe it was just never mentioned by anyone) weird
  5. The EPB girls mention the theory in their new podcast episode: https://www.eatpraybritney.com/episode-73 around the 58/59 min mark they say they were approached by Samantha to film for the doc in LA around mid-August like the eighteenth I think they say. and the first post frm Britneys abt Project Rose was August 21st.. (plus they also mention the obvious Felicia/Lynne connection. Sam acknowledging it etc) well, keep sharing I guess yall!
  6. I wouldnt be surprised if they start planting stories (recent or old) to make Britney look bad again in the typical media outlets as to make it seem like her being under a cship is a good thing
  7. It'd be amazing if Britney somehow reached out to Samantha about the doc, even if she might have not done the actual reaching out part herself obv - (altho I doubt it and Samantha is prob just reading into it like us)
  8. I mean if she was able to straight up acknowledge this doc then she might as well have tweeted "Gtfo dad #FreeMe!" ages ago. It seems clear she can't or doesn't want to be explicit about that side of her life publicly. But yea, your last sentence does ultimately sum it all up lol unless she's gonna be direct for once then we can't know for sure what's up, but it would certainly dismiss a lot of social media interpretations fans have had in the past if she viewed the documentary negatively. Judging by her legal moves recently, we should be inclined to believe she appreciates the support and wants at least her dad out of the cship (and this doc seems to sorta be helping her side towards that goal) even if she might not appreciate the constant invasion of privacy etc but then again I'm also sure she's (sadly) more than used to it by now. :/
  9. If she is, why not just straight up say that (or at least in a more obvious way like some of the IG videos she's recorded in the recent past about rumors and what people are saying~)? I'm sure her team would love to pass that message along! Unless she's been mislead about the content of the documentary. Idk it could go either way, I don't doubt she doesn't like the idea of her personal matters being up for public discussion like this... however, this is helping her situation if she does want out of the cship or at least get Jamie out so... and the court docs literally did state she "welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans" so what gives? Also I don't think she watched it, but I'm sure she's aware of it and what it represents.
  10. I can believe she's aware of the doc but not everything else either tbh, lol. Just posted cuz it might be picked up by other outlets and it's how the GP will perceive her thoughts on the documentary etc.
  11. Iggy suffers from anxiety herself, it's why she has a hard time regularly attending big public events such as award shows and stuff.
  12. I mean that seemed obvious, idk why people are still tagging Iggy about this stuff when she's already responded with all she could about it several times before.
  13. It seems like whenever people want to discredit something/someone they resort to bringing Sam L**** up. It happened in 2019, it happened in 2020 and several other occasions. Cases in point: BG were NOT the ones bringing his shady *** back to the conversation in 2019 by the way. In fact they advised against it, same as when fans started trying to contact other similarly shady people from Britney's past in their quest to find dirt against Team Con. Y'all said "anything people could find to use against them would be good no matter the source" and I still remember that because I disagreed as obviously that person's always been just as bad for Britney. I'm pretty sure BG has denied being connected to him in their comments before. Just like when people also said they had been sued/subpoenaed or w/e by Team Con and that's why they were MIA in 2019, or were actually working with Team Con, I don't even remember there's been so many accusations (and again, they've never reacted childishly). They've never been a fan update account either, so I don't know why some of you expect them to be making daily or even weekly posts now when they don't find that necessary to the case. I do feel like they could/should block his account so he's not leaving comments on their page to make it seem like there's a connection but I have a really hard time believing they suddenly are in touch now when everyone knows how vile he is.
  14. Yes, clearly I've been the snotty troll wanting to change the discussion in this thread whenever it suits me...
  15. I don't know about you but literally nothing I've learned about her case has entertained me and would ever make me call it "fun", if anything it enrages and disgusts me but that's just me I guess. Britney deserved much better than this, and still does.
  16. Huh? They may not be publishing court docs every other week but they do keep fans informed, especially around the court dates, which is realistically when any substantial movement regarding the case will happen. How is ANYTHING about Britney being under this conservatorship considered "fun"? ...
  17. Why would BritneysGram want to "distract from real issues" when they were the ones beginning and continuously drawing the most attention to it when people (like those Its Britney ***** Podcast guys per example) kept belittling/condemning them for doing it? Make it make sense. Hell they had a whole episode of their podcast dedicated to another conservatorship case unrelated to Britney (well, not unrelated cuz Jodi was also the guardian for that old lady) precisely to cast a light on how prevalent that type of abuse is in the American judicial system. It's been pretty obvious where they stand since day 1 if you've been following from the jump.
  18. But what else do you want BG to say exactly? Their post was enough and not confusing at all? They posted their thoughts and warned fans of what they believe regarding that other account. We can judge and form our opinions after that, I'm not gonna report LFB's account or call them names. I'm glad they apparently managed to get their hands on and share some docs explaining stuff but I'm also gonna question what they do share and the commentary/how they share it from now on when I never really paid much attention before. LFB also had the chance to react and respond and yet they made a fool out of themselves. I'm also sort of glad something like that was said because I've had this feeling lately with certain social media posts that some fans seem to just want Jamie out and might be wondering more frequently whether Britney is ok with the cship as long as he's not involved... And what exactly do they (or anyone) gain with them saying that? Seems like what they mean with stuff they post needs to be explained a lot, that says enough.
  19. But the abuse is not just coming from them, even if they're the main perpetrators there were a lot of other players that allowed (and continue to allow) such disgusting abuse to happen via the corrupt legal system in the first place. That wasn't "small stuff" and I read the full post, that was a beyond STUPID thing to say with a straight face no matter the context, just like the Kingham nickname. If it wasn't for BG most of us probably wouldn't even be here right now talking about this to begin with whether you'll admit it or not, so for LFB to also claim the voicemail was faked and whatnot is ALSO an extremely unhelpful unnecessary comment. And that's a lot of stupid commentary already coming from them.
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