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  1. I was expecting a much worse response considering it's Dina tbh (and taking in account her own parental neglect towards Lindsay) she clearly doesn't want to say much because she's not familiar with the situation, I doubt she watched the documentary or is aware of the conservatorship or she'd probably have more of an opinion but clearly feels for the way Britney was treated (and the other girls) and just hopes Britney can one day speak about her situation herself.
  2. This is good news, but it speaks to how slow and difficult it is, even for a massively wealthy famous white woman, to get out from under a conservatorship. https://www.cele*****y.com/701136/britney_spears_has_victory_in_court_investment_firm_remains_as_co-conservator/ slow is a friggin euphemism at this point!
  3. I mean yea but whoever wrote that article is getting paid (?) to write that crap
  4. lol this headline although a lot of international media seem to be twisting yesterdays hearing into "Britney will be free from her father soon!!" when thats not necessarily true so I hope theyre not doing it just to move people to another news cycle / story and forget abt her..
  5. Why does Jamie even have a lawyer, he has no legitimate interests in this like I'm sorry but conservatorships are indeed so ****ed up. Like they're supposed to benefit a disabled conservatee (which she clearly ISN'T to begin with) but then why. aren't. they respecting. HER WISHES???? She wants her father out? HE SHOULD'VE BEEN OUT IN THE FIRST COURT HEARING THAT SHE STATED THAT LIKE...? This is such a SHAM and I can't believe no one is even more outraged than they currently are. The fact the conservatee is even in a battle with their conservator is just absurd??? Shouldn't her wishes be granted?? Isn't that why there's a conservatorship to begin with?! I don't even know what to say anymore.
  6. "Britney’s father and attorney may make a statement about the Framing Britney Spears documentary following the court hearing" what
  7. She's the former marketing executive for Jive Records while Britney was under the label. She was featured in the documentary
  8. I think the full segment should be up on This Morning's Youtube later: https://www.youtube.com/user/thismorning/videos
  9. His lawyer or w/e had a statement ready for all these outlets, even TrashMZ had an article about this earlier. Wasn't expecting anything less tho, I'm sure he's fine with whatever keeps his cash flow going like the current deal has for over a decade now 🙄
  10. what they said also this reply from Samantha's reddit AMA today also applies here:
  11. "The untitled show will feature exclusive sources, including an interview with the paralegal who left the anonymous tip mentioned in the NYT doc." oh wow! come thru girls (as always!)
  12. I mean I know Us Weekly is a tabloid (and most things being reported in the press especially during the 2000s were exaggerated or made up) but.. uhhh?? Did he think they were intruders or...? Was this ever mentioned anywhere else?
  13. This was on Instagram but Mischa was someone that during those mid/late 00s also had to put up with the paparazzi a lot and the media being disgusting towards her etc :(
  14. When could that even have been tho like over a decade ago?!
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