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  1. This is so ridiculous, Britney wants out of the cship let her out of the ******* cship it's HER life/money... her lawyer is absolutely incompetent or corrupt, can't the ACLU help her fight this?!
  2. Paris sucks as a person despite her recent PR image rehab, she's just not genuine at all, so regardless of what Britney meant hopefully she stays away from her.
  3. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😏😏😏😏😏😏😝😝😝😝😝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  4. "Tess and Babs share their expectations for what they hope will be a positive and momentous day in court for Britney on 1/22/20. They also sit down for an honest and heartbreaking conversation with Holly and Roger George who share the nightmarish experience they are living through as Jodi Montgomery attempts to sell their house."
  5. Right??!!! Did everyone miss that BritneysGram episode or...??? In case y'all DID miss it then here it is: "Tess and Babs share their expectations for what they hope will be a positive and momentous day in court for Britney on 1/22/20. They also sit down for an honest and heartbreaking conversation with Holly and Roger George who share the nightmarish experience they are living through as Jodi Montgomery attempts to sell their house." This was so heartbreaking to listen.
  6. This conservatorship is clearly beyond corrupt at this point though? Conservatorships aren't just something a person can wake up and be like "yea I'm fine with it, keep signing me up!" and I think some of y'all are failing to realize that. Anyway mte:
  7. It's not really a matter of whether Britney is "fine"/actually wants the conservatorship now cuz it's convenient for her or whatever y'all might want to believe, it's more so that there seems to be literally NO valid legal basis for this conservatorship to have even been granted/still exist in the first place tho...? @SurpriseWitnes had some good tweets about this idiotic "what if Britney wants it??!" theory a while back but they protected their account so I cant look/embed them
  8. LOL not Britney wanting to destroy Lindsay and Madonna but foreal these mags are such trash, can they all go bankrupt already
  9. Not you deflecting, again. If we want to talk about Paris being a trash person and most likely a bad friend, we will do just that precisely because this is a public forum. If you don't like to see it then ignore the comments df. Britney was also around Sam Lutfi and that turned out to be such a great decision, right? We're not even blaming or criticizing Britney, she was clearly being used by these people who didn't have her best interests at heart and that's what we're referring to. And in case you haven't noticed it says Paris Hilton in the thread title, not KFed, Xtina or Justin, so quit changing subject and just leave if you don't like the discussion.
  10. Then shut up and listen to people that do? Learn more about Paris and then talk. Just because Paris was also a victim of vile tabloids/paparazzi/society too doesn't mean she gets a pass for her disgusting behavior. You're the one who keeps deflecting with "but but Britney and Paris were fwends and the ***ist media was out to get them!! They just wanted to have fun!!" and purposely bypassing what a garbage human Paris truly is which some people are attempting to do as of late. Miss me with that. I never said Paris being trash gives me a pass to be misogynistic towards her either, I'm describing Paris based on facts and her own actions, it's not a subjective opinion. Did Paris get a vile treatment by the media? Yes, all women did/do. Is she a bad person and actually made it worse for other girls in the spotlight at the time? Absolutely. So I'm not sorry that I don't feel that bad for her AND more importantly hate when she's continuously lumped in with women that were hurt the most due to the treatment they received in those days and are STILL suffering the consequences from it (unlike Paris). Also pretty sure the Lindsay still being a teenager at the time comment is precisely meant to show Paris's character all along and how she was treating a teenager in the media when she was already in her mid-20's. You're the one choosing to close your eyes towards Paris's bullying and awful behavior to justify why she and Britney should've been partying together, like, wtf? AGAIN: no one is saying Britney wasn't allowed to go out and have fun, with Paris even if she wanted to do so. We're simply stating Paris was sadly CLEARLY not a good choice and, if she truly cared/had Britney's best interests at heart, she would've realized that too. But she chose the publicity she'd gain thanks to it over Britney's wellbeing. If you can't see that then, again, educate yourself on Paris. Also not you comparing Paris's long history of racism and bigotry to Xtina/Justin's "cultural appropriation". The facepalm of it all.
  11. Noo, it can't be! But "Paris is such a good person"! "Don't be misogynistic towards Paris because she's such an advocate for women!" Paris was 25 in this video btw, Brandon was 26 (almost 27) and Lindsay was still a teenager (19) while these two adults were publicly ranting about her private parts for several minutes. "But she changed!!! This was over a decade ago!!" Did she really? Last time I checked she was still pretending Lindsay "wasn't invited" and "crashed her and Britney's party" when in that "iconic night" video we can literally see Paris calling for Lindsay and Paris's publicist leading Lindsay to her car for that obviously staged photo op (that they obviously called the paparazzi for, just like she surely did for EVERY night she went out with Britney) so Lindsay would deny her accusations from earlier that day that the great human being Paris Hilton had hit her. But hey, at least we got the iconic "bimbo summit" cover right? Paris such a mastermind queen of positive press for women!
  12. Please, don't try to lecture me on "postpartum depression". And, actually, no, "partying with an untalented socialite" isn't a symptom of the disease and is not how it works at all, in fact usually people suffering from it tend to withdraw from family and friends, so maybe you're the one who should go read a book about it. Paris herself is incredibly misogynistic if you've read an interview or two of hers, even in recent years. You people really need to quit defending her and lumping her together with the likes of Britney and Lindsay when she's ALWAYS been overprivileged and has actually come out of that era better than ever. She didn't lose control over her life or her career and had to move out of her home country. I suggest you read this to understand why some of us ABSOLUTELY don't care for this "reevaluation of Paris Hilton" the media and her team keep trying to shove into our faces every couple years in the last decade: (^This is the original article - which is pretty good btw - that girl published but left that bit out cuz she was focusing on the music: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/19/britney-spears-pop-beyonce-taylor-swift-rihanna) Paris Hilton doesn't need a redemption arc. She's very much a poster child of that AWFUL time period, who certainly added herself a lot of fuel to the fire and indirectly (if not directly) contributed to the downfall of these young girls who had a lot of sudden fame due to their TALENT (which not everyone has, not everyone became famous due to putting in WORK and had to provide for their whole families since they were a child) going through mental health issues and addiction while finding themselves in LA with no one around with their best interests at heart except these socialites looking for a cheap gossip cover, and that's exactly where we should've left her - in the early 2000s. The fact this isn't even half of it should show you why some of us don't think she's a "good person" regardless of how many documentaries to reveal "the real Paris" she and her team come up with every few years. People can change, yes, but Paris is, per example, still behaving like a teenager unnecessarily bullying Lindsay Lohan every chance she gets in the media for a cheap 2000s nostalgia headline, and, instead of owning up and properly apologizing for these abhorrent things she's said and done in the past, she's been actually trying to (quietly but actively) sweep it all under the rug like we'll forget.
  13. Obviously Paris is most likely not solely to blame for anything that happened to Britney but do you really think them being seen out every night together for a while doing what they were doing at the time was good or helped Britney's public image OR the personal stuff she was dealing with at the time? Was it wrong for her to have friends and go out and have fun? Of course not. But was it good for her mentally to be in those toxic environments? Did it not help the media paint a bad image of her and most likely also help KFed's lawyer to make his case to get sole custody either? Well.
  14. I'm not saying that dinner didn't happen (even if I still have my doubts) but Paris also says with a straight face that Lindsay wasn't "invited" and crashed their party that night in the car per example when the paparazzi video literally shows the opposite and making it clear that moment was a staged photo op planned by Paris/her team so Lindsay would deny on camera that Paris had hit her as she'd claimed earlier that night so. Paris is a known liar who loves to rewrite history and make stuff up as she sees fit to her current narrative and make her look good in the press. I can't believe how gullible some of you are to think Paris is "genuine" or a "good person" lol I guess I can believe she likes/cares for Britney indeed (especially as she always seemed to be a fan) but Britney has absolutely nothing to gain by associating with her nowadays and I also HIGHLY doubt she's ever cared for Paris as a friend like that/were ever that close for a long time to begin with.
  15. I havent watched it yet but from the responses so far so, basically Britney doesn't need a conservatorship at all right? She only needs to surround herself with good people and have a good firm handle her finances...? Or did she say anything as to explain why someone her age and having done what she has in the past decade needs such authoritarian arrangement watching over every aspect of her entire life?
  16. Why do you insist on bringing up the past (some of it over a decade old!) and unsubstantiated gossip against Lindsay? Move on and let her live. How hard is it to understand that sort of commentary contributed to Britney's current depressing situation and is literally used by people today who argue why she should STILL be in an extremely corrupt situation like her conservatorship is? Do you think Paris Hilton deserves a cship too? Paris has actually been incredibly racist, a literal bigot, been to jail and done and said her share of stupid things as well per example yet everyone is always like "yaaas queen" praising her whenever she says "Free Britney bish" and act like she's this boss woman in control when most of it is simply because she's had way more chances to restart her life due to the massive amounts of privilege she's afforded since she was born. Lindsay has a beyond crappy family and has struggled with addiction and mental health issues but that doesn't mean she should be in a conservatorship. what in the world?? Recovery is friggin hard, takes time, and looks different for everyone. How hard is it to respect that? If only 90% of the negative press she got had anything to do with her actual negative qualities and not everything to do with her being a young woman in the spotlight dealing with personal issues and addiction. Our society broke these women since they started working as children, ***ualized, vilified, we repeatedly berated and ridiculed them for our entertainment. We were extremely mean when they needed support. We're to blame for destroying them, we broke them and now we ask why they're broken? And that they don't deserve to life their lives in their own terms? The audacity. She's not a doll for you to "fix" by caging her in a conservatorship and play around with so she can keep being pretty and entertaining you. Also wtf, what's so shameful about her Twitter? She's using a new technology to donate to charity (a children's organization) and has a jewelry line that seems to have been doing well (considering it's gotten the likes of Oscar winning legend Diane Keaton interacting with her on Instagram). Those things are quite admirable indeed?? She should be praised for getting to where she is today pretty much on her own, even if you think she "could be Emma Stone". Maybe she doesn't want to be Emma Stone (or dead had things kept getting worse, as I said before, God forbid) and is happy being Lindsay Lohan. I'm grateful for Lindsay Lohan too, just like I am for Britney Spears. Strong talented women who, yes, aren't perfect (newsflash: no one is!), but deserved better - and clearly still do.
  17. I meant to say I doubt she's aware of its dynamics all these yrs or even understands how corrupt it is. Lou probably brainwashed her back then as Dina never seemed the brightest bulb out there tbh What a trashy post. Do you know her accountants? Stop believing everything you read dummy. (As for the book deal we have no idea what it entailed, maybe she thought they would eventually work something out or was simply careless since it was signed ages ago before she moved to Dubai permanently.) If you've been following and watching her interviews/lives etc over the past year it's obvious to see Lindsay is in a great positive space living her best life with her regular boyfriend away from the spotlight and ****ty people constantly speculating and being exploitative like you just did. If she'd stayed in the US all these years she'd probably have been dead by now, god forbid.
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