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  1. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/framing-britney-spears-filmmak-layers-of-conservatorship-battle-more-story-1234983613/ Another great interview
  2. Kinda off topic but its certainly weird to watch Amanda's lawyers give these interviews over the last month when Amanda herself has been quite vocal against her own cship tho ..
  3. "several dozen medical professionals have weighed in regularly over the years she has a mental illness that makes a conservatorship necessary" so its several dozen now? .... have they been fabricating more medical reports or?
  4. And how exactly is trashing Lindsay supposed to be "fighting for Britney's freedom"? And now you're going after her looks too... df? AGAIN: you were the one who decided to go OFF TOPIC by attacking Lindsay, and you're continuing to do so for NO REASON, so you're obviously the one who needs to be quiet already as I've been telling you since my first reply - what's not clicking?
  5. You don't give a damn about Lindsay Lohan? You sure seemed to give a damn about trashing her for absolutely no reason though? This thread wasn't even about Lindsay, someone only mentioned how Parasite was trash towards her (yet ANOTHER person that failed a very young Lindsay instead of helping/having her best interests at heart) and you literally went out of your way to point out what an "uninsurable drunk toxic f*c.k-up" she allegedly is with your dumb gifs... Lindsay isn't Britney, that's the only thing you've been right about so far, and yet it's PRECISELY that type of vile mentality and behavior that helped put Britney in a conservatorship and has enabled team CON for over a whole DECADE to get away with it. Addiction is a disease, recovery is ******* hard and looks different for everyone, Lindsay seems to be doing great as of late so why not focus on that? Lindsay has also been donating to charities such as Save the Children as recently as this year if you look that up instead of bringing up unnecessary negativity from the past; what have YOU done lately for others? Goodbye.
  6. She was clearly incoherent, and most likely intoxicated in that video, which is already 3 years old by the way, so OF COURSE you would bring that up (and her past in general) to use against her... and when I just mentioned her addiction and mental health struggles. Hell why don't you become a manager and lawyer too? I assume you probably also think they should've put her in a conservatorship a decade ago so she would've avoided "acting out" exactly like that situation exemplifies, huh? So she could've been locked up, kept looking pretty and making movies to make everyone else money and the public happy right? Seriously, do everyone a favor and shut the hell up.
  7. yea I don't think she was being shady or malicious at all as everyone has stated, she prob just said it to make a comparison to her own situation and thinking "no one would believe her" because you didn't rly use to usually expect someone famous/rich like Britney to go through those troubles, but I low key wish she was because I legit can't stand Parisite and the undeserved attention she gets anyway, when *prayer circle* Britney is finally free I just hope she manages to stay far away from super phony and contrived people like PH and is able to surround herself with more genuine and real people like herself. I know theres obv people like that everywhere but it's one of the reasons I hope she leaves LA, the entertainment industry is a v toxic environment
  8. Girl just shut the **** up. You'd think being in a Britney forum of all places, users would be a bit more kind and sympathetic towards someone who has battled addiction and mental health struggles for pretty much her entire adult life - problems that she developed after she literally started working as a child in the public eye to provide for her whole family. And she's actually booked by Netflix right now. Anyway, it's no secret I've never liked Parasite, I just don't believe and will never feed attention to such a phony, contrived and disingenuous person, she's literally gotta be one of the least genuine celebrities like ever. I do hope I'm proven wrong and when *prayer circle* Britney is free we learn she indeed credits Paris as a friend and confidant as we've been led to believe but I highly doubt it.
  9. Britney still isn't free, so this isn't "late" and if anything keeps the news cycle going in mainstream media (And besides, I'm not sure, but didnt she post or say something about #FreeBritney like last year or something?)
  10. Idk if scans of the article have already been posted: https://imgbox.com/lKEe7d2V https://imgbox.com/3RsbadRD https://imgbox.com/wjKZBDJx https://imgbox.com/R1FNMGVS https://imgbox.com/LNAEPNGA https://imgbox.com/za5Yet6Q https://imgbox.com/8wzqhCL4 https://imgbox.com/8TopjfQq https://imgbox.com/gkYRZjY8 https://imgbox.com/EUuXsEs1
  11. Give her names Jody!! Lol jk don't. Britney pls don't ask these people for advice, ask your mother's lawyers
  12. I wonder if this has anything to do with their podcast focused on the conservatorship that launches tomorrow? Either Britney/whoever is close to her wanting to draw attention to it or Team con trying to low key give them some sort of warning or w/e about something they might be saying in the future.. Anyway of all fan accounts I certainly trust BritneysGram after all they've done
  13. "Ms. Spears as recently as yesterday has asked Ms. Montgomery to continue to serve." ... why didn't she ask her to terminate the cship
  14. Whoever they are, they're obv shady and trash (them coming out of nowhere for the testimony to get more attention, calling out fans, buying all their followers) Lets just ignore and beware of accs popping up like this or changing their tone
  15. Shady shady, I'll never trust him. There's a reason why he's always tried to get close to stars going thru rough periods of their lives (Britney, Lindsay, Courtney, Amanda)
  16. The "shortcomings" quote is really infuriating, like this woman hasn't been making millions and proven to be more than competent in the last decade ughhh
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