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  1. Anyway from this trailer I don't really see anything groundbreaking (besides the alleged court file they were apparently given?) but obviously we've seen nothing so I'll wait til the full thing is out to judge. I will say that if this is just another media grab over Britney's situation that brings mostly nothing new besides providing a summary of what's happened since Framing Britney Spears then it'll be pretty disappointing and low key shameful. At least now wait until the cship is terminated or some more time passes to see what happens and if Britney might want to participate, they'd at least be able to know if she approves or not. Framing Britney Spears was necessary, I'm not sure if this will be other than contributing to the "drama"/redundant sensationalism of the case and people's hunger to consume more related content.
  2. No it's not. Without the voicemail nothing would have gained the traction it did at all?
  3. I'm sorry but I'll never like Paris, she doesn't come across as genuine at all. Everything about her has always seemed contrived/for show and still does. The fact she's yet to take accountability for all the **** she's done doesn't help that image to me. Having said that, I don't doubt she likes Britney and wants the best for her, but that doesn't change the fact I still don't think she's a good person (or friend for the most part) because she's plainly narcissistic. I wish Time actually dedicated to doing a good piece about Britney's situation (especially when she won their readers vote thing), and they could've given her an impactful cover too via illustration/montage or even an old picture but oh well, I guess this is still nice/better than nothing.
  4. I mean its not exactly hard to believe or fabricate those thoughts, I just hope Britney manages to have a good and solid group of people around her who truly care about her. We may think "a lot" has changed in our society etc nowadays and I'm scared we might learn that's not necessarily one hundred percent true tbh :/
  5. Not to be greedy or ungrateful lol but does anyone know if they have/plan on sharing other rehearsals too? like the 2003 one
  6. Aww thats so nice ❤️ (Britney has obv been in a completely different situation and needs the support infinitely WAY more but this is sweet as Iggy could use some love shown to her publicly too after everything she's gone through tbh 😢 I bet she'll have a big smile on her face after seeing this-even if she might not be sure if Britney wrote it either lol)
  7. "an attorney involved with Amanda Bynes's conservatorship" woo!!! *claps* *cheers* uhh- as mentioned before Amanda herself has spoken out against her conservatorship, I'm sorry but this just feels weird
  8. He isn't, he's saying he will if that's what the judge decides (but there's a few IF's as stated in that previous BritneyLawArmy tweet with the court docs aka he will if that saves his and his team's ***).
  9. I dont think this means much sadly tbh, they just tryna look like theyre doing the right thing and will follow whatever the Court orders with a few BUT's added in there to try and save their faces as much as they can most likely
  10. TMZ STAYS tryna set us up (and now they tryna set Rosengart up too it seems?)
  11. Would you be surprised if she suddenly "doesn't find that to be in Britney's interest" or some **** happens/he backtracks in court? 😩
  12. Why are people celebrating so hard already? Judge Penny has to be the one asking him to step down first... he's basically just saying he'll do what the Court decides (probably to look good)...? This isnt the first time recently that TMZ has purposely broke stories in a way to try and low key twist things and make it seem like Britney is getting her way/a win when that's not exactly the case yet for some reason.... feels like they're trying to set her up like she's being "allowed" the chance to fight (but eventually the court might turn her down because she has a "condition" or whatever the **** they might come up with to justify the cship when that time comes, idk stay alert y'all)
  13. I agree she definitely enjoyed it imo. The song is obv nothing groundbreaking but its fun and definitely received way too much hate, the pre-hook build into the chorus is very good. The worst part are some of the corny lyrics, then again it is a pop song so cant read too much into them lol
  14. LOL at TMZ guessing Larry (and I hope Cade wasnt referring to him as he obviously doesnt fit that description....)
  15. Just because it's "nothing to compared to 2007" doesn't mean it's fine, it's still invasive (and unnecessary) and could cause trouble
  16. I wish the paparazzi would truly leave her alone, like even after everything they're still chasing her for a blurry pic? Should be illegal and the agencies should be sued
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