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  1. They give me similar vibes to Tess and Babs from BritneysGram for some reason lol, either way they seem really nice/genuine and passionate about the case, queens!
  2. Not him wanting his name on a TMZ story to get good press
  3. The woman from IndieWire who gave it a mixed review is one of the few that gave Britney Vs Spears a positive review: So maybe someone paid for that one?
  4. I'm a bit confused, so he's just being suspended, not removed as Britney requested? Isn't this just low key a delay or?
  5. The doc isn't that good (in large part because we have the NYT ones to compare it to which are much superior imo) and I kinda agree with most of what the reviews say (so I have my doubts about them being paid/planted) but I'm also a bit biased because I still can't get over that one woman (who also clearly had a bias) due to her friendship with Sam Lutfi and that they tried to make him out to be a victim (yet ignored his entire past and how he clearly preyed on other vulnerable women too etc). Having said that some of it was worthy, including your parts Jordan, its just that overall it seemed a bit directionless and did feel exploitative of her at times.
  6. Framing literally SHOOK the world, did you miss the reactions, repercussions and accolades it received? It was a BIG tool in helping the GP undeniably take Britney's side. And Controlling was pretty groundbreaking to the point Britney's lawyer literally cited their investigative work in legal docs yesterday...
  7. Mess I remember her from the Lindsay days in court :( I believe Shawn is also close with the Kardashians, who we all know are connected with LT edit: https://deadline.com/2021/07/kardashian-shawn-holley-lawyer-promoted-name-partner-kinsella-weitzman-iser-kump-holley-1234786967/ https://radaronline.com/photos/kris-jenner-snags-britney-spears-longtime-bodyguard/ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/shawn-holley-talks-name-partner-status-and-career-highlights-1234977944/
  8. This was more of a news report recap rather than a documentary in the way that we wanted (as kinda expected from CNN and for its audience tbh), hopefully Britney didn't watch as it def focused on a lot of unnecessary stuff but at least it keeps spreading the word about the movement and her case, it had a few decent bits (that should've been explored way more) and ended on a positive note with those nice messages..
  9. Really? Where are you from? She was huge in the 00s, literally the IT girl from TV due to The OC and then her lifestyle like the others we know from the time was HEAVILY reported on in the media.
  10. Even Iggy never said she's talked directly with Britney recently, but she did say she reached out to her (I forgot what it was but wasn't it like "if Britney wants me to speak up or needs help I'm here" or something along those lines, it was a while before she posted that story about Jamie/NDA tho) and when someone asked how does she know Britney got the messae Iggy said it was because of who she sent it to she was sure of it (fans speculated it was Sam but it might be someone else in her inner circle I guess who knows)
  11. It doesn't sound like the same person at all, unless he was putting on an accent during the documentary (or was able to not have it in the voicemail?)
  12. Because we don't need to hear or know details of Britney's personal (and intended to be private) conversations?
  13. All these docs have surely got to be overwhelming for Britney, I hope it doesn't mess up her confidence or anything. I kinda feel like Liz & Sam have hinted this project was always intended to be a series as they couldnt talk about everything in just one and how they kept uncovering a lot more stuff (and that was probably up to how the first one was received to whether they got to explore and do more parts - obviously Framing Britney Spears surely surpassed all expectations which is prob how they managed to get such a fast green light on a follow up, wouldnt be surprised if there's more considering how complex the case is, judging from the title this is dedicated the ways she was being controlled and restrained over the years, very scary..)
  14. I think people are overreacting and if BritneysGram believe there is a real relevant issue with this documentary then they will speak out about it.
  15. Yea but it's more so that I just think the only documentary we need now is the one Britney agrees to participate in. Or at least one after the whole "story" is over and, as you said, the day after this airs there's literally gonna be yet another court hearing (and probably a super important one at that). I don't know, this just feels like the media continuing to take advantage of the moment to get hits/clicks/subscriptions/etc at her expense in my opinion but, again, I guess we'll have to wait before we can fully judge but if it is what we're expecting I don't think it's necessary or something Britney herself would appreciate.
  16. I don't think they're "mad" because they're not included in this documentary, if they are indeed "mad" or just feel some type of way about it there's definitely more to the story.
  17. I'm not that impressed with the trailer, this seems like one of those documentaries that will be super flashy/technically well done but ultimately bring nothing new to help the actual case. Britney's situation has enough eyes on it, this documentary won't be useful if there's not gonna be damning evidence against key players who are going to be exposed in an undeniable way but we haven't seen the full thing yet so I'll wait and reserve my full judgement until we do. However, I did expect something more to leave us talking with this full trailer considering we even got another teaser trailer already yesterday, hopefully this isn't just Netflix cashing in on the attention #FreeBritney got/is getting and will be VERY instrumental in helping Britney like Framing Britney Spears decisively did/ was .
  18. Like who? TKyle and Muumuse's podcast? I don't think so. The "paralegal" specifically went to them because of who they were/their platform and the way they were being suspicious on their podcast and reporting on Britney's situation at the time.
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