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  1. Britney is not skinny as a needle, no matter how much she tries to tell herself and us that she is. Her face does look better with the extra weight, but needs to lose some of that belly fat. Also I can’t at people saying “straight out of 2006” like that’s a good thing. Not only was she miserable but she was also pregnant through most of it lmao.
  2. I just wonder if the little kid, called her when he got older. Unless the little kid was Sam ??‍♂️.
  3. Don’t worry about it. Many Britney fans are just bitter that it no longer makes sense for them to post the tired fake images, of Christina performing the “bionic tour” on a parking lot, now that her residency is in fact selling well, not to mention her having to add a second London date on her tour, since the first show (12,000 capacity) sold out in 24 hours. I honestly don’t know what is with this fan base and xtina! She’ll obviously never reach the dizzying heights of fame that Britney has and she’ll never match her numbers, but it’s almost like the people here don’t want her to do well (or somehow doesn’t feel she deserves to). And based on what, something she may or may not have said about Britney 15 years ago lmao. That’s the only true pathetic thing in this thread.
  4. So what most of you are saying is that we’re all supposed to say that an 80% off key performance is good lmao. I happen to agree with everything she’s saying, and she’s lovely! Love her accent.
  5. “Yes it’s been 20 years, baby one more time came out 15 years ago I think” lmao
  6. She said in an interview during the femme fatale era that she thought a duet with Kylie would be Brilliant and that she thinks she’s great! I’m sure if she didn’t know her, she wouldn’t say that
  7. Saying Kylie can’t sing is just a blatant lie though! She has a lovely voice and always sings 100% live in her shows! Shes had the most epic tours too!! and honey I’d take euro pop over some of the trash that comes from the U.S anyday.
  8. It’s a shame that people don’t realise there is a world outside the u.s. She most certainly isn’t a one hit wonder!!In Europe and Australia she’s been huge for ages, and has had countless arena tours with amazing production! I actually find it odd that Britney didn’t know who she was in 2001, since Kylie was at her peak and huge pretty much everywhere! She knows about her now though.... in 2011 she said she’d love to work with her
  9. Why are people still so damn ignorant and judgemental! It’s 2019 ffs. I’m 28 and my boyfriend is almost 30 years older than me, and so what....I love him to pieces. Age is just a number and has nothing to do with love.
  10. I find it baffling that people here are still joking about how Christina won’t be able to fill a theatre, and should move to a 700 seater. I think the liberation tour more than proved that she can in fact still sell out theatres! Even if every single one wasn’t sold out, she still did a decent job... the one arena show she did was pretty much sold out ffs. So the jokes kind of stale now l?.
  11. I don’t think she’d be staring at an iPhone in 2004 ?.
  12. Maybe the rehearsal videos, but the promo performances were tragic. All she did was prance around the stage doing next to nothing choreo wise. The revamp choreo may not have been anywhere near as intricate as primeney. But atleast it was harder and more constant, plus she actually executed it well at first, before the knee bending and hair touching.
  13. How can you say that, when the first leg of the revamp was the closest we’ve ever come to her in her prime since 2004. It wasn’t until glory was released, that thing slowly started to take a turn
  14. Tried it?? Aiwfciy Has been the biggest Christmas song ever, since it was released basically. She’s broken several records with it, so don’t even go there.
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