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  1. 1. Levitating 2. Love again 3. Break my heart 4. Pretty please 5. Future nostalgia 6. Cool / Hallucinate 7. Don't start now 8. Physical 9. Boys will be boys 10. Good in bed DSN is actually top tier but I've just overplayed it so much over the past few months so the other songs are shining harder at the moment. BMH was such a good single choice, the song's great enough on its own but that video just elevated it to the next level. Album of the year indeed
  2. This is gorgeous and the colors really capture that 80's vibe
  3. So it's true... Never thought I would be alive to witness this day
  4. Probably her regression after Blackout. I love Circus and Glory, but I do feel (to some degree) that there was a continued overemphasis on Britney as an object of ****** desire and this took a toll on her artistry in the long run. It worked when she was younger because it complimented her dancing skills and made for some controversy factor (eg: VMA 2000) but if we take a look at 2008 to 2017, the evolution has been very minimal. It's more of her team's decision than hers but it saddens me: I think Britney could have shown a lot of artistic growth if she was allowed to experiment (this finally happened with Glory so I hope it continues) could have gone ahead with personal concepts like Mona Lisa went back to singing with her natural voice was marketed as an artist as much as she is marketed as a 'brand'
  5. I know I butchered the **** out of Break The Ice for a good year or two I know you're sipping a ball but I'm glad you came Imma bite to frost oh yeah let's get it blaaazin, uh-huh You got me hypnotized I never felt this way My heart's beating like a radiator
  6. Absolutely agreed. Something about this performance is so striking to me that I rarely see among artists of every generation. I've rambled on about it on many threads here but you can't pin it down to one aspect. The song, the outfit, the choreography, the energy... all of it so simple yet so perfect!
  7. Why didn't the movie show how hard Britney worked as a teenager? Nothing about how much she loved performing. Nothing about her struggle for creative control or her work ethic behind albums like ITZ. I understand that Britney had a weakness for finding love, but they made it look like she only cared about boys and her job was just a footnote. And dear god, I didn't think the acting was going to be THIS bad even for a Lifetime movie. They made everyone so corny and unlikable. The only person I could warm up to was Larry. P.S. I heard the actress deleted her social media. I hope she's okay. Please don't direct any hate towards her if and when she's back.
  8. NSYNC, well damn... I thought they'd bring her up on stage like in 2000.
  9. The concept is kinda hot even if it didn't happen in real life. But they didn't execute it well. You don't overuse the slo-mo effect during a dance off, it just kills the tension.
  10. I agree. She's not an A-lister (who has the fame/money/privilege to turn this project down) but just a small time actress working hard to get her big break. If people want to condemn someone, it's the producers.
  11. LMD is one of my faves from the album just because of how psyched it gets me. Like this exact reaction. But real talk: At this point, I feel like If I'm Dancing is the only potential single that has a chance of breaking into the GP's playlist.
  12. He's such a sweetheart lbr. If they really decide to go through with a song collaboration, I'll be on cloud 9
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