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  1. My friend said it was a topic on the UKs version of the show called ‘Loose Woman’ this morning also. Yaaaas Spread the word. Spread the woooooord...
  2. Wendy needs banned from Neverland tbh. No- if i'm playing devils advocate... I think there's a SMALL bit of empathy in there. She's saying Jamie has done the right thing to save her back in 2007 (which some could argue he has). However nobody is asking the question of 'was a conservatorship in the best interest of Britney?' as apposed to other avenues he could have went down to 'help'. She did kinda wish her well and says she's young and successful enough to come back stronger than yesterday. I just think... if Jamie beating an adolescent and secretly robbing his daughter isn't evidence enough... I'm unsure what it needs to take to change the 'Wendy's' of the world's opinions.
  3. Glad she’s had a chance to watch. She’s been a #day1 Ps- your welcome for keeping this thread going
  4. The blatant obliviousness of how much justice she received over the weekend. I can’t. Queen of bypassing drama. Also not sure if it’s my phone or not... but there’s a delay with the video vs audio and it’s giving me major high blood pressure, I can’t...
  5. ‘Britneys consent’ A word document typed saying ‘I approve’ in times new roman & posted through his door, unexpectedly.
  6. You do here Just seen an article an hour ago says doc is airing in UK ‘early spring’. No confirmed network/date yet. Sooner the better!
  7. Yes, I’ve had friends message me about Framing Britney Spears. But only telling me to f* off- in response to my chaser messages asking if they’ve watched yet.
  8. Whilst i'm obviously not condoning this cringe 'humour'... as mentioned above- he was just young and uneducated. I don't think it's malicious. It was probably at the time everyone had someone in their office drinking out a 'If Britney Survived 2007...I can survive today' mug. Wow- such top quality humour right there.
  9. Side note- watch It’s A Sin immediately. That’s all.
  10. Some people are never happy. Bipoloar fans shouting that nobody is rallying behind FreeBritney. Then when celebs do- accusing them of doing it for clout. Can never please everyone bby. I'm personally so hyped seeing all these people coming out. Long may it continue
  11. I totally understand and believe she was just paid to roast Britney. And that is what she was known for at the time. Fair enough. However that was then... this is now. Her tweets are empty, with no actual apology anywhere to be found. She wishing she could 'take it back' is a half-***ed apology. But... she hasn't entered my head in the last 10 years, so I don't need her apology anyway tbh...
  12. Yes. But only if Sam Lutfi was was helping in the kitchen. Cause we know that he’s the master of crushing pills and putting them in food.
  13. Queen Khloe also I’m so hyped refreshing socials for all the big names talking about it. Can we change the title of the thread and collate all in the one thread ha
  14. Just finished with my parents. I was in tears (unsure why as it was no new information) and my mother was shouting at the tv. She is certain Jamie is paying the Californian courts. Very well put together for a non stan. I really hope networks pick this up and spread round the world. Has the potential to really pick up some traction.
  15. I have a (virtual) party today so going to hold off and watch tomorrow (forcing my parents to watch also ha). Loving it’s trending in the UK and not even released here.
  16. ^^ me over in Scotland come 4am, surrounded by all my American mutual’s enjoying Framing Britney Spears.
  17. Nearly fell off my seat thinking a UK channel picked it up Well we have FX channel do we not?! Surely just air on that. I’ll obviously not be waiting that long. But I’d love it to air in UK so can bombard the GP on my socials ha
  18. I'm from Scotland and obviously given the time difference- probably won't be available here until Saturday/Sunday. I mean.... I have.... 'means' of watching it... but its annoying I need to watch it on Amazon stick/ online or whatever... as I'd rather give the show an official viewing figure. Numbers... are everything, afterall.
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't look too much into it guys. He's just frustrated as he was getting to work on new project with Britney before everything took a turn in 2019. So he has these demo's just sitting there. New music is last thing on my mind right now. But I think they sound cool. Dated? Slightly. But the are now 3 years old remember. I said in another post- I'd LOOOVE a jungle type theme. Think of the photoshoots You might be thinking they are cr*p and it's 'desperate of him' etc... but he'll be inundated with tweets and DMs on a daily basis asking him to leak. So cut him some slack ha I think it's cool he shared. Although it ultimately means that they will never see the light of day.
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