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  1. YES. As many have mentioned- it's the last release that actually made waves (here in the UK anyway) and she looked 10/10 in the video. I still see the dancefloor go absolutely wild (pre 2020) when WB would play. I also taught all my non-stan friends the dance routine for Brighton Pride, when she headlined. So i was in the golden circle and 10 of them were in GA and when she opened with WB- all my straight friends were doing the hands up 'work work work work. Work it out, work it out, work it out' movements and said all the gays around them were screaming YAAAAAS.
  2. Wouldn’t expect him to be saying too much other than rewording what he probably said to the TMZ reporter the day of ‘that’ IG story. But any news articles to keep momentum is a positive guys. We at least know he’s not team con- so y’al don’t have to fret
  3. People in the comments seem certain it’s her though I’m more shook at her song choice, than the fact she’s voice clipping her singing to Billy B ha!
  4. Was going to make a thread on this as only just seeing this tonight?!?! Refrained as didn’t want to give Billy another thread. Britney voice clipping him singing Exaholic? No. Sure not?!?
  5. What it really should be titled is '22 minutes & then 38 for reflection'.
  6. Britney's getting different hour long documentary's from networks all over the world. Viv is getting a 2 minutes segment on GMA. Take from that, what you will...
  7. Yeah, I rewatched the reunion interview from few years back and noticed Joss wasn't present with the cast. Just awkward photoshoot afterwards ha. I can't handle the cryptic comments though. I need statements like Charisma's. Surprised Joss hasn't made a statement yet. Actually a bit ridiculous. He should be MADE to address it. Also LOL'ing at Nick putting himself into a&e to avoid making a statement. ha!
  8. James & Marti N also tweeted support too. I feel bad for Tony Head because he seemed genuinely shocked and sad they weren’t all the big family he thought they were (kinda how I’m feeling haha!)
  9. Tony Head coming forward saying he knew nothing about it and been up all night thinking about it. My personal opinion is... if it’s mental abuse like what’s described in CC’s post then he should apologise for his behaviour and try make amends. As stated in some comments- we’ve all had ***hole bosses who let power go to their head. So he does have a lot of making up to do, by the looks of it- but a genuine apology could go a long way. However I just hope I’m reading Michelle’s post the wrong way, and that it’s no form of s*xual abuse as I’ll honestly be devastated ha!
  10. Off topic but... I love Emma too. My friends got me a personalised video from her and xander back in Dec. I died. Nick done his from graveyard they filmed in, down in Torrance: But yeah- CC has dropped hints for years so this was only going into more detail. Joss actually had a cheeky asking if CC was trying to sabotage the show... when his whole ‘Jasmine’ storyline to write her out... sabotaged it, itself @OnlyBeyonce my mum has the same view. ‘Well why did they stick around? They could’ve left’ ... but I think job security etc all played a huge part (I know sounds stupid for actors etc...but I guess it’s just as real for them, as it is for us). Update: since yday only other people to comment (that I’ve read) is Adam (who played Warren) liking CC’s post, A producer/writer Steven saying he can’t comment as never knew anything, Emma/Anya sharing SMGs post on IG & actor who played Clem posted- This drama is so much harder to keep up to date with than FreeBrtiney, I tell ya! Ha. If anyone has any updates, let us know.
  11. I thought was very decent of her to comment on it so promptly too. She’s not stayed silent and messed around. Boom. Statement done. No more said about it. Michelle, Clare & Amber speaking up too. All these riddles. TELL US ha!
  12. Love Selma and her friendship with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I seen Selma also commented on Brit's latest IG post showing her love and support. Such a gem. She's officially part of the #FreeBritney movement. So she's part of the...
  13. So the same guy who came for Cassie, ‘confirming’ that Britneys socials are NOT Britney’s captions etc. Some stans changing their tune and now praising for him for stating ‘facts’. Is now posting quoting ‘Britneys’ caption. I can’t, at the blatant contradiction of some
  14. Confused if this is a ‘don’t believe everything you read/see’ post. Or a ‘one day I’ll tell my story’ post. Will be interesting to see if Sam likes/comments as guess this will confirm its the latter
  15. I weirdly watched a YouTube video of a couple visiting Kentwood the other day. Spoke about the opening days (they are weirdly untourist-friendly). I’ve sent link below. Is it far from N.O? Hope this helps
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