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  1. Screaming I love this chat btw. I don't believe Billy-boy is photoshopping pictures himself. 95% sure he'll have been sent it by a crazed stan trying to stir the pot. However he should perhaps verify these things before dramatically throwing it on his IG like a 16 year old girl. These immature fans need to grow up and think. Because pestering her social media team to this extent... is only going to cause waves. And they'll say 'Listen- people are getting threats/constant trolling etc. It's not worth it. Just shut it down' and all her socials will be shut down and we will literally have NO insight into her life any longer. Which is the last thing we need in current times. Use your brains
  2. Awww Anticipating was my fave as a young stan! A shoulder-bop for sure
  3. I’m going to need an insider to screen-record BBs stories of him reacting to the news that his late night phone calls have been a stitch up.
  4. That article provides no further confirmation. It's about as frivolous as the fan-theories that it's Cassie. Yawn.
  5. Off topic- but I also have this Topman tshirt- which I wore to death. Anyway... as you all were...
  6. Not that my opinion stands for anything... but a lot of people saying she needs to 'speak up'. Even if she done a video 'speaking up'... millions would say it's staged/scripted anyway. So she can't win either way. If i'm looking at it as a glass half full situation... she's not necessarily bashing the documentary. She's just saying she was embarrassed by it- which is fair. In my opinion- the documentary has done wonders for the movement in 2021 and I'm so thankful for it. I do believe Cassie to an extent when she's saying Britney has some say over what is posted. Nobody is saying she 'controls' her own account. But I do believe she has input into content/caption. Just my opinion. However it is interesting to see Sam hasn't 'liked' the post as he's usually on it quite quickly. We'll see if anything comes from it.
  7. I don't know who needs to hear this but... It's just her having some fun posting colour-themed outfits.
  8. I'm excited for you to experience it in 2021. It was one of my favourites back in the day.
  9. So correct me i'm wrong fam... Jamie has effectively went from 100% control... to come 27th April... potentially 25% control (ie Jodi will be 50% (her person) and Jamie will have 25% control of her estate with the 3rd party company having the other 25%)? I think it's still a smart move and i'm choosing to see the positives. I know there's some shady stories about Jodi... but Britney has stated (allegedly) that she is happy to someone controlling some of her day to day as apposed to just being dumped with all this responsibility she's not had to worry about for all these years and Britney is obviously happy with the way it's been ran the past couple of years with Jodi in place. So if it's what she wants, then t's definitely a step in the right direction I think.
  10. I honestly have such a soft spot for SITS. Other than the over auto-tuned start... I think it's beautifully written with a trippy beat. I just wish the rumours were true that she had writing credits as this would bump it up even more for me I pray (if and when) we hear it live one day and all standing thumping our feet and clapping our hands in and out, at the end of the song as she stands on stage before us ha
  11. Worth a bump ^^ No- it's not iconic imo. I've seen her live 7 times (and paid thousands of dolla in the process) and probably not heard her sing. Doesn't sit that well with me. It's not about her 'proving' anything. She's a singer and performer. So lip-syncing an entire show isn't really validated as it's a bit of a con to fans. I can totally understand why non-stans continuously drag her/walk out of shows. Of course i've knowingly paid out for tickets, expecting this. And will do (if) in the future. But i'm not saying i'm happy about it ha! It's expected. But not iconic.
  12. I recall other people at the m&g saying she placed her hand on her Britney's *** (her hand was maybe just too low down Britney's back and she felt uncomfortable). I've done x3 m&gs with her and the first I kissed her hand goodbye (don't ask why... as I have never... and will never... do this to anyone ever ha!). But she was so relaxed. But then during this 2018 tour- I stuck my tongue out and put two fingers up behind her for a silly pose and security lunged at me and made it a bit uncomfortable. So experiences can differ person to person. She's obviously just been too forward, without asking permission first. Plus obviously everyone is stating the obvious- she was going through so much at the time, that we weren't aware of.
  13. I was also at the Blackpool show and everyone just assumed she was crying because POM was kinda finishing up (was her last European date anyway). If we only knew what was fully going on. I done m&g with her in Glasgow few weeks before and she was a bit off also (as ive met her twice in Vegas previously and she at least pretended to remember me ha). When I think of that European leg... it breaks my heart as she was not in it at all. Then not long after- things started to unravel. She'll get there though! #FreeBritney
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