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  1. Sorry if AP. However has anyone booked these vip tickets at the stage? Are they ON the stage? They are sold in 2/4s. Not ideal for the fans who’s friends won’t attend another Britney show after that questionable EU summer tour I need to know more details on them. A seat? On stage? Surely not. Hmmm
  2. So it’s 2k and that’s not including ticket? Is it like an ‘add on’ at check out type situ? If I was basing it on my 2 Vegas experiences I probably would have paid it because the experience was out of this world. But after this summers POM tour... absolutely not. Her team shot themselves in the foot this time around. $2000 is a ridiculous ask. If that’s not a deterrent then I don’t know what is!
  3. What do you think the vip sections are at the stage? Like packages or just standalone tickets?
  4. YES!!! So are those two VIP sections seats? Seems such a small little section for standing
  5. Ohh. I was a catwalk fan It was the closest she got to you throughout the whole show. Errrmm... short-lived TOMH assisted backflip... BOM glitter-blow. The catwalk definitely had its moments. Glad to see Gaga’s is same generic layout. Means there is hope. However everyone is right... there are far more important aspects of the show that require focus first ha
  6. ...That we will get as a 5 part staggered interview over the next few weeks. Where they will update each other on their kids & how excited Brit is- to be able to dine back at Mr Chows, her favourite restaurant on the strip. And for new music? We’ll have to ‘wait and see...’
  7. Waking up at 3.30am in the UK... to watch some projection work, some fireworks... and Britney get escorted down some steps and straight into a car? That **** won’t fly to my boss when I’m fired for going in to work with 3 hours sleep and in a bad mood Glad the name was unexpected. Not overly-hyped on that poster. But it’ll perhaps grow on me. I just think in my head... the whole Slave section of POM was very Dominatrixy. So I feel like we may have already seen what’s to come. However we’ll wait and see. Hopefully I’m wrong. At least there is a theme I guess! The build-up better not be as flat-assed as that anti climax, waste of time announcement though. Jesus. #whenwilltheygetitright
  8. Lets pray for flawless hair, makeup and natural smiles. I’m UK so off to sleep now. Hope to wake up to glorious news and flawless media coverage. Sweet dreams
  9. Aww thanks! The ‘slumber’ filter on IG makes any picture better, I feel. Ha! But it could definitely be worse
  10. I'm in the UK also so I won't be seeing it live. I don't see it being a very long announcement. It an 'appearance' so it will be a wam bam done type situ I think. I'll let the meltdowns happen across the pond and I'll wake up with the Friday feeling... some delightful new residency promo pictures... and hopefully some dates so I can try bully some friends into Vegas Summer 2019
  11. Is it bad I’m more excited for the new residency promo pictures, than the actual residency itself
  12. Can you imagine if this passion was put in to the past few music videos rather than a frikkin ad for a fragrance which went on shelves over a month ago. I’m shook. She is fire.
  13. I live my life by the 4 B’s- 1) Britney 2) Buffy 3) Booze & 4) Boys Not necessarily in that order
  14. Aw thank you!! The ‘slumber’ IG filter does tanned wonders for us all. However here’s the actual picture without that filter on it ha-
  15. Was the POM summer tour worth registering and signing in, to vote? Hmmm
  16. She's changed mentally and in a much happier place. That's all that matters
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