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  1. Yeah I thought the same. She speaks strongly on human/womans rights etc when she knows its good for her 'brand'. She's scared she gets cut off from the family BBQzzzz
  2. Forgive me for not reading the 14 pages. How likely is this to be legit? Just because i've seen 'TMZ' and automatically doubting the news
  3. This is crazy. Surely not. Britney expressed clearly that Jodi was lying to her and controlling her in the same way Jamie was/is?! It’s maybe that this hearing was already scheduled in for these purposes already? In terms of a hearing to discuss terminating the conservatorship- that can only come when the request is officially filed and right now she’ll be tossing up keeping Sam, to file it for her... or hire a new lawyer. So think we just need to be patient and wait on B making the next move herself. But I’m not lounging in Maui, spending my nights riding Sam... so my patience is wearing thin...
  4. Not Billy B on IG saying her recent post (in red bikini) is footage from September 2020 and definitely not yesterday...
  5. I was going to start my reply with ‘don’t hate on me, but....’ But I’m seeing so much love for SITS. I’m loving it! I know it’s a bit of a touchy subject given the timing of release etc- but it’s honestly (lyrically) one of my favourite Britney songs in a while. I love it. It came out just as restrictions lifted in the UK last year and it was the week of my 30th. Saved my 2020. I remember day it was released I sat with it on repeat with one of those star projectors on my ceiling and it was just other-worldly hahaha Thoughts on the original version? Vocals are definitely a bit more untouched which is nice. But the beat kinda tries to pick up- but never really delivers. I’m 100% for the final released one as they toned it down and kept it that dreamy/trippy tone. thanks for sharing
  6. I think she tactically chose to do it virtually so she wasn't seen to be erratically scrambling through notes and displaying nervous characteristics that could potentially have been used against her (in the media coverage etc). I think it was a smart move and she came across amazingly! What a queen.
  7. Britney Spears has had countless amazing moments in her career/life that have made me proud to stan. Yesterday? Is my number 1 moment.
  8. Obviously not reading 183 pages. Ha! But OMG i'm so proud of her Had about 20 minutes sleep (UK). Been up all night shook. I'll never forgot 6/23/21
  9. If I knew she wasn’t going to perform again I’d have totally skipped the European POM dates and had the best last memories in Vegas. Ha! I’m (like everyone)... not going to sleep tonight upset at the fact I won’t see her again. But a true fan will appreciate the ride she’s been through- and be excited for her future out of the spotlight/living her life.
  10. Sure that was the guy I messaged saying not to worry and his picture wasn't that bad and he messaged back something like 'easy for you to say. You've got nice ones. Don't bother pitying me' I was like oh. Ok
  11. I do love Prerogative. I just didn't think Fantasy was very 'uni***'. But I do love sweet scents. I just find the Britney scents don't last very long? I need a 'turn heads when you walk in the room' type. Ha! So I usually do a first layer of Prerogative for sweetness- then a few sprays of Millionaire as a top layer ha!
  12. 1) The way I thought Domination promo image was pieced together from older shoots and called her team lazy and cheap 2) Btw... I’m hear for the body shot and denim jacket one. I need confirmation it’s not a photoshoot job... and I’ll be in love. I require in the highest quality possible.
  13. If BBMA had any sign of live vocals... then it would have been iconic. It's still iconic to me tbh.
  14. That’s the doc available in US & Canada from today, right? Thoughts?
  15. At a m&g I asked her if she knew what a slutdrop was and showed her. Probably not my number 1 question i've always wanted to ask Britney Spears... but there you go haha
  16. I'm sorry- but she has served some of the most STUNNINGGGG looks in the past few years. I have really grown to love the BBMA outfit and it's now up there in the 'iconics' for me
  17. Airing on BBC2 in UK right now. US & Canada dates 11th May 👆🏼
  18. Whilst I think think that article is (not-surprisingly) tilted more towards team con... I feel there might be some kind of truth in it (apart from that laughable 99% percentage) It’s been said multiple times that she doesn’t want the END of the conservatorship... she just wants her dad removed. As people have pointed out- it’s not the fact she’s under a conservatorship as such. It’s about the TYPE of conservatorship she is under. But I’m trying not to get too angry/involved in this article as... we truly have no clue either way. So we will wait and see what next month brings. I’m so glad it’s not a 6 month wait cause honey... my mental state wouldn’t cope. Ha!
  19. Me when a lot of my non-stan friends who watched the documentary on BBC iPlayer are texting asking about Lou Taylor after i've been trying to tell them about the situation for over two years...
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