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  1. Ohh. Tbf- I didn’t even notice the photoshop til reading this thread ha! She’s edited the caption to say they aren’t edited. Not sure on that one... but since it’s her week... I’ll let her have it. Ha! I love the outdoor ones. Not 100% on the bathroom ones. As a G4Y man... I’m going to need those flower emojis slightly bigger and covering a larger area. Thanks
  2. I’ve had my afternoon nap and rearing to go. Not gonna let the UK time difference get me this time. No sir.
  3. So I actually enjoyed the documentary. I really hope it picks up traction. It’s got the potential to hook the GP on key players and recordings of her testimony that might not have been heard by so many. These documentaries aren’t made for the stans who are following developments daily. The back story and set up in Britney VS Spears is relevant for GP. They done a good job imo. I’m recommending:
  4. Literally just called in sick to work for this week. The UK time difference ain’t going to get me this time round. No mam.
  5. Can’t believe they were allowed to use the recording from the hearing. This will be big. I can feel it. Also dead at that artwork. What a day
  6. Whilst it’s my opinion that it’s more than likely an old photo that’s been recycled... I’m more upset about the potential end of the short-lived red hair as I was lovvvvving it
  7. Have I missed something? How is this linked to Britney or Glory in any way? Or is it just assumption based on the writers? I would be so here for it as I miss her voice so much. But yeah- I’d feel easier with some kind of reassurance it has Britneys seal of approval. But this could potentially end her contract with RCA?!? Woo!
  8. This was an interesting read. I guess from GP view it's just laziness that she doesn't sing live. But it's actually much more complex than that. Also- for those talking about Britney addressing her live singing in more recent times- you'll probably be referring to this radio interview: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/britney-spears-on-lip-sync-accusations-it-really-pisses-me-off-195589/
  9. The most infuriating part is that you can see from the selfies that Britney was genuinely in a good mood and looked happy to do so. If she was put on the spot and felt uncomfortable etc then it would be understandable. If I were him- I'd have been pushing back- asking for evidence of where/when/how he was told 'no photos'. Absurd (but not surprising) behaviour from her team.
  10. I flew out to Vegas the week it was released to meet her in Vegas (on the Wednesday- and she done the VMAS that weekend). I remember having a total meltdown before the m&g... whilst my friends poured me a rum & blasted Love Me Down. Ha! Whilst it's not my number 1 favourite... her experimental flare is definitely appreciated on this album. It then re-served in 2020 giving us those awesome mood ring remixes & I can't lie to y'all- I still have a major soft spot for Swimming In The Stars. Ok i'll stop now.
  11. The way I nearly fell out of bed thinking she was legit in talks to play tinkerbell for like 0.3 seconds.
  12. I still think about this picture and how they are trying to get us to believe that's really them. I don't even think face-editing apps can make her look that different. I can't hahaha. The wigs were awful... but they brought some of the most ridiculously funny m&g pictures (literally hair covering her full face etc )
  13. Screaming at her last sentence. Love it. ‘Some people will say I’m crazy but most say that anyway’
  14. The guy is literally carved by the h0mos*xual gods. Please don’t try and come for his post-gym appearance or hairline . This gives me a ‘read between the lines’ vibe. It’s 100% a conversation they’ve had and most likely when her personal life is in a stable and comfortable place for her & she’s ready- I think she’ll return to what she once loved.
  15. https://instagram.com/stories/samasghari/2638932038035716245?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&utm_medium=copy_link It’s definitely a good day either way
  16. Click-bait and the fact it’s misleading af... can we take a moment to appreciate the entire worlds uproar today?!?!? I’ve received so many tags/messages of people sad and infuriated by the headlines. Definitely a big change in public opinion and attention on the movement and it’s so exciting. LETS F* GET EM ALL! #FREEBRITNEY
  17. 💯 agree. Jamie’s days are numbered anyway- and he knows it. I actually see him trying to step back himself ‘at his daughters request’ type. But his cards are already marked
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