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  1. Wow Jordan... Talk about a new low for you. We all get it that you're hella into fitness but not sure what you were trying to accomplish here.
  2. The title is so misleading because AJay didn’t meant it in that way. She said she prefers Ariana’s voice on the song because Gaga’s vocals just didn’t fit in right.
  3. Stop, is she really reacting to Blackout?! It's about time!
  4. Right?! It’s like they haven’t heard Dua Lipa’s new album, it’s PURE disco pop!
  5. I’ll dragged for this but oh well... I really need Gaga to go back to what worked for her early on in her career. The Fame and The Fame Monster are arguably some of the best pop albums ever but ever since Born this Way came out, her music just tries way too hard and fails most of the time. I feel like she’s having the same issue as Katy Perry. They both had a great start but then veered way left from what they first brought to the table - it wasn’t gradual. I might be in the minority, but Gaga’s natural voice just isn’t made for pop music, it’s too “theatre” and I feel like that kills some of her songs. Her earlier stuff was over processed and worked really well because it wasn’t so “in your face.” That said, at the end of the day she’ll always have fans but to me, her music just isn’t fun anymore. I have to think about it too much to “get it” which is not what pop is about.
  6. I may be in the minority here, but I think post early 00's pop scene, the idea of a pop queen or princess is a retired thought. The reason Madonna has long been labeled as the Queen of Pop is because she CREATED female pop culture. Yes, there were other female stars before her, but none of them created the template that defines pop culture today. Think about it, EVERYTHING in female pop music is some product of what Madonna created or did early on in her career. It wasn't until the early 00's that another female pop star came along and took what Madonna did and re-invented it in her own way. That person my friends, was Britney Spears. She took the template and upgraded it to a whole new level. Before Britney, there had not been another female pop star that captured the same essence as Madonna. Ever since the 00's Britney era, the public has had this idea that every generation must have a new pop queen or princess but that's not how it works. As talented as Lady GaGa and Ariana Grande are, they didn't contribute anything original to the scene. Lady GaGa's is successful and ridiculously talented, but she's followed the same template and mold that both Madonna and Britney created. In some instances, some have even called her a copy-cat. A true queen would never. As for Ariana, she's a good singer, but what else does she even have to offer? Anyway, just like there will never be another King of Pop, there will never be another Queen or Princess of Pop.
  7. Stories like this one just continue to show the ridiculous sensitivity that we all live in today. Once can’t ask a legitimate question, that they claim ignorance on, without this “cancel culture” taking over. It’s ridiculous and actually makes me want to root for the oppressors.
  8. Not her again. As many others have echoed, Demi is extremely unlikeable. She puts on this show of being a victim, yet, she's so self absorbed and NEVER has anything nice to say about her contemporaries. I get it that she's had struggles, but you can only ride on those struggles for so long before we have to wonder, "is that just part of her schtick?" When she performed her new song at the Grammy's this year (it was the Grammy's right?) I thought to myself, "Again? Didn't she already do a comeback song about drugs and recovery?" It's just irritating and I can't take her seriously anymore. For her to say she's unaffected by the cancel culture, I laugh, because she should be. Her career is not going anywhere...
  9. I swear, the creativity is insane. Having your band and dancers participate. Iconic queen!
  10. Hardly... They have a similar rhythm flow in the verses but that's about it. The chords are completely different and the mashup is so out of tune I can't. Also, can you not tell that Asereje is in a completely different key? Like someone else said, just because you can mashup two songs does not mean one is ripping the other off.
  11. I’m so excited for her this era. I heard the album and this isn’t even the strongest on the album, but I still love it. “Cool” and “Love Again” are pop gems. “Boys Will Be Boys” is another great one. Go Dua!
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