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  1. For those that never had the privilige of experiencing the former princess of pop, Gnesa, here you go...
  2. 1. To me, her persona is fake and she doesn't seem like a genuinely nice person 2. She's the Justin Timberlake of girl groups. Uses them to rise to the top then completely abandons them for personal gain, while building a career that almost abandons what helped her rise to the top in the first place. 3. She's white washed when convenient and black when it needs to matter 4. She's not all that original - she's just the closest thing to a diva that the black community and that to me is sad when there are so many better and more honest artists. 5. She claims to write music she's never actually written 6. Her husband has no problem collaborating with rappers who like to use homophobic slurs in their music - yet, he'll go stand with her as she receives an award for her contribution to the LGBT community. Girl bye!
  3. You're choosing to "excuse yourself" from this discussion because you know it's true. We all do and say things we may not be proud of, but to say you have to apologize to the world for your actions in order to mature or grow is simply not true. People and can live and learn from their mistakes as they grow older and wiser. If Katy directly hurt someone and she feels the need to make it right by reaching out to that person, then good for her, but if not, then it's nobody's business. I'll ask you, should Britney hunt down the photographer she called a "fat ****" and said to "get on an effing diet" to apologize for making a fat joke? I doubt you'll say yes...
  4. What a backwards way of approaching life. We have all wronged people in our lives, but do we spend our lives tracking them down to make right by our actions? No. Would it be nice? Yes, but is it necessary to "grow" and "mature?" No. You can very much grow from a situation without involving yourself in it again. Katy's past actions, while not positive, do not need to be revisited and it seems like the only ones that are bothered by them are the Britney fans in here. I get the impression that the apology you all desperately crave is really more for yourselves than for Britney. I highly doubt Britney is even aware of the comments she made.
  5. For everyone saying that she's past her prime and should call it a day, I have a question/comment... There are so many indie artists out there who are not known for album sales, but still have a strong enough following that they can make a decent living on their music - maybe not living it up in mansions, but they make money and live a decent life. If you're implying that the only reason to stay in the business is if you're selling out arenas and millions of albums, then are you saying that all indie artists should give up and find a day job? That's like saying that unless you work for a Fortune 500 company, then you're not capable of having a career. Doesn't make sense...
  6. I'd be interested... I currently run my company's social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and post our content with the help of our PR team. I have a personal Twitter account but I don't use it much simply because I spend so much of my online time doing work projects. That said, it would be nice to actually take some time throughout the week to post content outside of the realm of my job, so this could be a cool outlet and hobby. Let me know! p.s. I'll share my company's info/name in a DM (not in public)
  7. Pretty much all of Robyn's catalog, lol! One of my favorite's though is "Call Your Girlfriend." The concept of the song in itself is original and genius. Most songs are about losing someone, but in this case, she's singing about stealing someone's man, HOWEVER, she wants to make sure the other girl isn't hurt.
  8. By far, one of her most iconic songs of her career...BUT how dare you post about it without acknowledging one of the most iconic performance of our generation? I don't care if it's bad...this performance is a MOOD in itself...
  9. And that "thing" is work ethic and drive that Mariah clearly lacks.
  10. Well she can sing well enough to build an empire worth more than you and your future generations will ever see. Those are facts...
  11. Again, you have no actual evidence of abuse or manipulation. What you know is what has been drafted in court documents, much of which is ambiguous and can be easily taken out of context. I think what has actually happened is that a certain segment of the population has projected its own feelings and opinions on the matter and found excerpts to help validate those thoughts. I get it, everyone is upset about it, but pretending that you're an expert on the matter is quite ridiculous.
  12. My take on the situation is that while I personally may not agree with the conservatorship and the length of it, I also recognize that I don't have all of the facts and details surrounding it and for that reason, I don't have any right to spread "information" about the ordeal to others. For over a decade, stories and details about the situation have been unclear, yet everyone acts as if they've been a fly on the wall throughout the proceedings. The FACT is that nobody outside of the "Britney camp" knows the full details and I kind of side with Facebook on deeming these stories about the conservatorship as "fake news" because they're not based on fact. They're based on random court documents pieced together to fit a specific narrative. "Britney's made it clear she wants out of it..." Well of course she does...I mean, tell me the last time a kid volunteered to put themselves in time out. Just because she wants out of it doesn't mean it's not the best option for her. Again, I personally don't like it, but I'm choosing to be objective about the entire thing. For all we know, Britney could be completely inept to running her own life. God knows we've seen how well she does on her own...
  13. All I have to say is that the Electoral College is antiquated and needs to be retired. The fact that more Americans voted for Hilary yet Trump still won just doesn't sit well. All the same, when George Bush won, he too lost the popular vote. Seeing a pattern here...
  14. "I'm not being agist, but the world needs younger people as leaders." Um, that is the CLEAR definition of being ageist...
  15. Dua's song "Cool" gives me the same Summer vibes that Britney's "Sometimes" gives me so I thought they would make a cute mashup. Enjoy! (p.s. I had to make Dua sound like a chipmunk for the chord change at the end...sorry! Even Melodyne couldn't handle it hahah)
  16. I honestly think that she just really tries to give the LGBT community what they want, which are typically dance anthems - although I like them, so I don't know what you're talking about. She has said from the beginning that the gay community was the only community that supported her when it felt that the whole world turned their backs on her and she'll never forget about them. She is honestly one of the most beautiful, humble and talented artists out there. I came across this video of some fans watching her do a soundcheck from behind a fence and she leaves the stage in the middle of it to go greet her fans. She truly loves her fans which makes me love her even more. QUEEN!
  17. I know some people already beat me to the punch but I took some time to edit the vocals a bit so they mixed in a bit better. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6ZbUK4O4qY
  18. I don't like it! I'm actually going to "re-do" the original version and incorporate the new Madonna and Missy Elliott vocals into it so it's more like the original ft. Madonna and Missy.
  19. Meh, they were cute but that was about it. In a time when we had Destiny's Child, they really paled in comparison and none of them were "outstanding" singers or dancers. I feel like they were an attempt to revive the TLC image with the singers/rappers but it just didn't click. Their departure to do Cheetah Girls only solidified that they were nothing more than a fad. They had some bops though...
  20. The ones criticizing her were likely BORN in the last 20 years. You can say she’s narcissistic or self-centered, but if anyone has earned the right to boast and be where she is, it’s her. This isn’t about the battles of generations, but people tend to forget the true struggles she had to overcome in her time AND the things she did for the LBGTQ community. Madonna was the epitome of controversy and created what we see today as true performance art. Her contributions to both music and society are honestly too much to actually be listed here. I implore everyone here to actually do your research and get to know who Madonna is. She truly is THE queen.
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