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  1. RIGHT?! People claim she's had work done but if you compare old photos of her younger self, she doesn't really look different. She's always had very prominent cheek bones, but one thing I can say by going through photos of hers is that she seems to ALWAYS be in good shape. So she probably just takes care of herself and she's over 50!!!!
  2. Meh...it's okay and cute at best, but I don't know, it could've been recorded by any other female artist and it wouldn't be any different. Gloria Trevi and Monica Naranjo did it better ;)
  3. You nailed it, you can always change the channel. I suggest you do and let the rest of us enjoy what we find funny.
  4. What are you even talking about? Adele has ALWAYS been a foul mouthed, outspoken singer who gave not one single **** about what others thought. To say that the "old Adele" would never do this is such an idiotic statement to make. Speaking of the "old Adele," do you mean the overweight self-admitted alcoholic who also struggled with substance abuse early on in her career? It's a shame that you're using her weight loss and journey to having a BETTER and HEALTHIER life as a weapon against her, all because you lack a sense of humor. The only "problematic" thing about her are the people like you that she has triggered.
  5. As others have mentioned, who cares? It’s humor, get over it.
  6. Zero originality and hardly fresh. I’d rather keep listening to Dua’s album...
  7. As others have echoed, this show was hard to watch and I was there! I saw her Vegas show in February of 2016 right after the revamp and to see her go from this...(my video) to this...(also my video) ...was so underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, we still had fun (it's Britney after all), but as I stood there watching her last show in Austin, I felt sad that the crowd behind me never had the opportunity to experience the show as it was meant to be seen.
  8. This is clearly just for fun and part of the skit. I can't at y'all thinking she's actually going country.
  9. I'll start off by saying that I go to Vegas probably 3 times a year, I love to gamble and see the shows so I'm pretty familiar with things to do on the strip, but this year has been different with the pandemic. Some friends and I are going next month for a quick weekend getaway just because we're tired of sitting around doing nothing, but for those of you who live in the area (I'm looking at your Jordan), what are some places to go to on and off the strip? We're coming from Texas where everything is practically still shut down but I feel like Nevada has more leniency so we were hoping to make it to some bars/night clubs, but are those even open? If they are, what are some fun spots? Open to suggestions! Oh...and this is Britney related because she had a residency there.
  10. I'm here for it! While I'm not a "huge" fan of hers, I can appreciate that she does experiment and works well with what she has.
  11. He turns me on when he talks like that... He seems like the type of guy that'll **** you raw then bring you a warm towelette to clean up with afterward.
  12. I've thought this since I first saw photos of Christian Serratos as Selena earlier this year, but to me, it looks more like a tribute to J.Lo's portrayal of Selena rather than a portrayal of Selena herself. I grew up on Selena and while I think J. Lo did a phenomenal job in taking on the role, I do feel that the general public often confuses J. Lo's portrayal with the actual Selena. I've even heard some people say that growing up they thought J. Lo WAS Selena. I won't deny, in some photos, J. Lo and Selena had similar characteristics that were uncanny - even the voice (not signing) but style of talking and tone was similar. I'll still watch though...
  13. I have no idea what's going on or who this person is, but I'm putting on my jammies, making a cup of hot chocolate and refreshing this thread all night.
  14. And this is why I've always favored Celine over Mariah. Celine has given nothing but praise to Mariah over the years. It's sad because Mariah and Celine are the two left from the vocal trinity and rather than come together and own the world, she continues to say things that further separates them. Queen Celine!
  15. People need to find better things to worry about, but in response to the OP, no, she's not Latin. Spain is a European country. I mean Canada has it figured out, you have French Canadians but they would never identify as strictly French just because they speak the language.
  16. Jordan, I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way (although it probably will), but I find it very difficult to take your views and thoughts on body positivity seriously. I follow you on Facebook and while I commend you for your dedication to health and fitness (I am too), the photos and images you present don't scream "love yourself the way you are." They scream, "the only way to be happy is to look the way I do." It's a difficult topic because on one hand, living a healthy lifestyle does usually involve looking a certain way, but it's when we put so much emphasis on the image rather than the lifestyle that fitness enthusiasts lose me. I don't blame you though, if I had your body, I would probably flaunt it like you do, but you have to be real and true to what you're doing. You're not "showing off" to motivate others, you're likely doing it to actually "show off" and people can see right through that. Am I saying that you should be ashamed of your body or your accomplishments? Absolutely not...but please don't try and be a poster boy for body positivity when everything you do and post suggests the complete opposite. Still love you though!
  17. I couldn’t agree more! I love her but man girl, get some good producers. She really kills the dance pop genre
  18. Sure! I can post it when I get home from work later today. Glad you enjoyed it!
  19. YouTube cut out the first 40 seconds due to the intro, but the rest is there. If you want to hear the full version, click on the link in the original post.
  20. Enjoy! Note: YouTube cut out the first 40 seconds of the video because of the Chromatica II intro so it starts kind of funky, but you can download the full version HERE!
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