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  1. Yassss! She just keeps on SERVING!!! This is her Teenage Dream era!
  2. I hate to say it, but I much preferred Kelly’s delivery and rendition. It actually sounded like a classic Kelly song!
  3. Since this forum is all about cancel culture let's also cancel Britney... For anyone who is struggling with weight problems, here is how Britney feels about you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGyQY8RtDfY
  4. You can call me weird, I'll call you WEAK... I mean, since to you there is no spectrum when it comes to bullying or saying the wrong thing, let's just cancel anyone who has ever said something hurtful to another human being REGARDLESS of the circumstance. So while we're at it, let's cancel Britney. I recall her calling a paparazzi a "fat ****"...I mean how could she say something so mean and degrading to an overweight person? Ugh the nerve of her...she clearly is all about body shaming.
  5. Our society is in a state overcorrection which will only result in a long term resentment that will, ironically, only make racial tension much worse. Cancel culture truly is a cancer.
  6. Am I the only one that forgot about The Weekend performing in the first place? I'll probably catch the highlights next week...
  7. I’ll use my situation as an example. I control and take the lead on all company posts to our social media accounts, but other executives, including our CEO/President also have access to our accounts. If they want to post, then they can and I can’t veto them. I can advise, but ultimately it’s up to them.
  8. And then you'll say she was forced to do so and read it from a script. Honestly, this fan base is beyond toxic.
  9. I won't say what company, but as someone who works for and manages a social media account for a fairly "large" company, I can attest to how toxic the general public can be when it comes to social media and how much energy we have to spend in "fighting" false info. People like to hide behind their keyboards and throw out accusations, but God forbid we defend ourselves and then we're labeled as a company trying to bully our followers into retracting what they've said. It's a no win battle. At some point, you have to start wondering if it's even worth responding anymore, but then of course, we'll get ostracized for staying quiet and not saying anything. The reason I bring this up is because sadly, this fan base (and others too) do the exact same. You all have your theories and thoughts so engrained that any idea that opposes yours must be a lie, a cover up, or another conspiracy. You simply can't accept the fact that you could be wrong or be severely misinformed. Do I think there are some shady dealings going on with Britney's career and life? Absolutely! But do I think that everyone around her is in on some conspiracy? No. To be honest, there could be legitimate reasons for why things are the way they are and Britney and those around her just feel that it's none of our business to truly know what's going on. I mean....it isn't...
  10. Did you just watch her performing at the inauguration? She had wrinkles for days on her forehead.
  11. Am I the only that laughs when I see these videos? They're just a hoot! Anytime she posts a new one I think, "Oh dear, here she goes again..."
  12. I think what bothers me the most here is that everyone would rather accuse her of having Botox or having work done rather than acknowledge the fact that she could look so good because she lives a VERY healthy lifestyle and has access to the best treatments (facials) out there. She has said numerous times that she doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, she eats healthy and she excises regularly. I mean have you seen her body? She’s been a dancer for 30+ years and has NEVER been out of shape. Again it’s sad that everyone would rather discredit her hard work at living a healthy lifestyle and would instead assume she takes the same shortcuts that most people would because they have no discipline or no other alternatives. Have y’all seen Gwen Stefani? She’s another older celeb who lives a healthy lifestyle and looks incredible.
  13. Here's what I have a problem with... 1. We know that she doesn't actually speak any Spanish (I'm not mad about that) but why make a song in a language you yourself don't even speak? 2. Her Latin roots are Mexican, yet she's emulating a Puerto Rican accent in several of the words. While both are Spanish, the dialect is different so the fact that she's singing in an accent not even native to her, just shows how out of touch she is with this song. 3. There is ZERO passion or emotion in this song - again, because she probably doesn't even know what she's saying. 4. The song is boring...
  14. What people seem to forget is that before anything else, social media platforms are private companies. Social media platforms were not established by the constitution as vehicles for people to voice their thoughts. The fact that people would say things like “social media is silencing free speech” shows just how much power you have given them over your life. It’s quite scary. If all social media platforms became obsolete today, would that mean that you are no longer able to express yourself? No...you would find a different outlet to share your thoughts. Facebook has every right to control what is shared on their platform. If I kicked someone out of mY house for making racist comments, would you say I’m censoring free speech? No...you’d say that I have every right to control what type of people are in my home. The same applies to these social media outlets.
  15. Sia

    Cancel Culture

    Exactly! People will sometimes tell me I’m argumentative or rude if I don’t like someone, but it’s quite the opposite. If I have a problem with someone, I don’t see the point in not confronting them, rather than disliking them and then talking crap about them behind their backs to my friends. It just doesn’t make sense. It’s the same with dating though. Everyone meets on apps, but then wonder why they can’t keep a relationship. I wanna be like “well, your introduction to each other was artificial so what do you expect?”
  16. Just a thought... Cancel culture is the result of a generation deprived of... - skills to have in-person confrontation to tell someone to “eff off,” so they resort to online bullying - the ability to slam shut a flip phone or slam a phone back on the receiver on someone - validation, so they need to get it by getting a group of people to validate their own personal anger against someone else
  17. Sorry, but back then, we let people speak their minds without the need to “cancel” anyone. Funny how that was the last decade of actual iconic artists.
  18. I honestly don’t know what you were trying to accomplish with this post. The show itself was great and rather than “bashing” it for being dated, you should celebrate its creation in the first place during a time where being openly gay was even more taboo than it is now. Perhaps those characters weren’t real for you, but they were real for others and continue to be for a newer generation.
  19. Agreed! I'm behind Tom here. Sometimes the best way to get through to people is this way. Like he said..."no apologies."
  20. If I have no indication or clue of whether THEY are male or female then I would call that person I don't know, THEM. However, if I have a visual representation of who THEY are, then I adjust and switch to the gender norms that are in place. Using "They/Them" has NOTHING to do with how the person identifies, they are simply gender-neutral pronouns that can be used when referring to someone or something - hence why I just referred to the pronouns themselves as "they." I see what you're trying to do there, but sorry...won't work here.
  21. I’m so over this politically correct culture... If anything, it makes me want to purposely piss people off.
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