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  1. "87-person group who decides who gets nominated, does not include a single Black person" yet you see this as coincidence ?" Clearly you think the panel NEEDS a black person on it to have any credibility or the ability to recognize someone of color.
  2. The bigger question here is, do you really think that in 200 years anyone will be talking about this post, the OP or whatever?
  3. So you're saying that only people of color can recognize other people of color? That's interesting because we see self-hating people of color all the time. Perhaps you're blind to the fact that people of ALL races can fight discrimination and it's not required to have a "trophy black" on a panel to gain credibility. As a Hispanic with a Mexican-born father and a Spanish-born mother, I see how much hate my mom's side of the family had for my father because they considered Mexicans to be dirty, but yes, based on your logic, I should trust my Spanish family more to represent me simply because they too are a minority. Yet, my white friends show more tolerance to my Mexican roots than my Spanish family does. I'm not blind...I'm actually quite aware...
  4. In other words, we need to start issuing participation trophies just so we can meet our racial diversity quota. I'm all for ensuring that talent is equally celebrated (no matter gender, race, ***ual orientation, etc.), but it gets a bit ridiculous when your default is "OMG, there are no African American people nominated, it must be racially motivated." Or perhaps, there weren't any African American performances worthy of celebrating. But go ahead...call me racist...
  5. It’s not though. Here’s the thing, I like Britney because she has good music and I love her as a performer, but as a singer...I’m sorry but she’s not good. She strains and you can literally see it in her face. There is not one video where Britney sounds good all the way through. She’s just not a good singer. She knows her voice and its limitations, but let’s stop trying to make her out to be some powerhouse. She’s an average at best studio singer who can rarely (if ever) reproduce what’s on her albums in a live setting. There’s a reason she never sings live.
  6. Such a stupid comment. Britney is not the first and only pop girl. You act like Britney is the first to ever have a Las Vegas residency.
  7. I agree. The fact that some fans call it "amazing" shows how tone deaf they are. She is soooo pitchy and like you said, it's cringy. I feel the same way about her "Everytime" performance from the Onyx Hotel Tour in Miami.
  8. I hope she kills it! Younger ended up being one of my favorite shows and it's soooo good! Honestly, she knows how to pick good shows and scripts so I'm hopeful.
  9. Yah, and its been shown that she does write on her songs. The fact that people who she's worked with are part of this campaign does not mean that she herself is stealing credits. She may not write the entire song herself, but it's pretty obvious she's there and plays a big part of the lyrical process.
  10. You totally missed the point of the letter. Nobody is coming for Dua. Dua didn’t write New Rules and she’s not credited as a writer on it either. The fact that writers who have worked with Dua are part of the campaign doesn’t meant she specifically took credit for any songs she didn’t write. Dua IS involved in the songwriting of the majority of her songs.
  11. That's my stance on it to be honest. This fan base reads into things far too much rather than take things at face value. Britney has ALWAYS been a walking contradiction so I'm no sure why people are so shocked that she posts mixed messages. This has been her entire career. She's also never been the most eloquent speaker either. Remember, "I like these jeans because they're faded." I think that the conservatorship is far more complex than what everyone thinks and to some extent, Britney probably does want it.
  12. Liking her is such a chore. I’m so over the redundant “I struggle with this and I’m coming back better...” schtick. It’s been going on for years. It’s like she thrives on the attention and turmoil. I honestly can’t take her seriously anymore, like just go enjoy your money.
  13. Last time I checked, she’s not holding public concerts and getting people to congregate in large groups so I’m not sure why her traveling is such a bother for you. Seems to me like you’re just fishing for a reason to not like her which is fine, but just say so instead of trying to blame it on something irrelevant.
  14. So you’re annoyed that someone is working and succeeding? Wooooow....
  15. I agree with the article. Pop was always criticized for its "lack of substance" but that was also part of its appeal. In the early 2000s during the pop craze, artists like Pink and Avril Lavigne were the anti-pop artists because their whole schtick was based on the "I make real music with real meaning" persona. People forget but while Britney was popular and successful, she was also the target and frankly the poster child for manufactured music. Nobody ever took her seriously. Some would argue that she started to be taken seriously around the "In the Zone" era but even that's debatable. Pop music was sort of taboo - you weren't supposed to admit that you liked Britney, even though you did. It wasn't until the late 2000s when dance/club music started getting more traction that I think we started to see pop music on the forefront. To be honest, I would credit dance music and DJs for bringing pop music to the charts and making it "cool." Between 2007-2012, we saw pop music actually being socially accepted. But of course just like we saw in the early 2000s, there was a group that felt they needed to show their opposition to it. Only difference is that instead of alternative rock, we saw the underground indie scene come up. Interestingly enough though, the indie scene was more pop than they realized. The result is that 5 years later, we have an over-saturation of artists from all genres trying to be on top. You combine this with the ease of being able to listen to what you want on streaming services and you get a very boring and underwhelming music scene of disposable artists. I'll say it, I think the days of impactful artists is long gone. Of course we'll have waves of successful artists but none will bring anything new because let's be honest, it's all been done at this point. Nothing is shocking anymore and nothing is fresh. Everybody is going to rehash old trends and try to put a "fresh spin" on them.
  16. Oh geez just stop... Hun, skip to :30 seconds... Clearly Britney WANTED the fame, so don't try to turn the narrative into "Britney just wanted to play for small crowds and not be famous...." Your double standards are showing and it's clear you bought them at the dollar store. Bye...
  17. I couldn't have said it better myself. I honestly feel that jealousy drives these "haters" like the one you were quoting.
  18. I will never understand this fan base... We've seen how manipulative the media and those close to celebrities can be, yet, when someone else is vilified, you jump on the bandwagon and do the EXACT SAME THING that the public has done to those celebs you often defend. I have to wonder if y'all are the problem...
  19. It’s definitely cute and not the worst thing in the world BUT...this song deserved an amazing and heartbreaking visual to go with it. She could’ve made a video as impactful as Katy’s “The One That Got Away” video and really sold the song, but I get it, times are different.
  20. This woman can do not wrong. From her cover of Gwen's Misery to JB's Lonely, she makes me love the songs even more.
  21. It's crazy how Kanye's male privilege continues to allow him to be free of those constraints. Had a female (or Britney for that matter) had the episodes that Kanye had, it would be perceived as someone who needs help and should be put into a conservatorship. Instead for Kanye, we just hear that we need to allow him time to heal, to cope, that he's just passionate etc.
  22. Have we forgotten the awkward response she gave when James Corden asked her what "Oops!" was about? She clearly does not care for any of those songs haha!
  23. Are you kidding me? I LOVE the live take on it. It works great as a live/rock song.
  24. Blah blah blah...go put on Future Nostalgia and forget about your self-righteous self....
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